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League of Legends Build Guide Author azenkiskarim

My strange Jungle 'Guide' Season 5, 5.16

azenkiskarim Last updated on August 29, 2015
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HI! MY NAME IS... Nop just kiddin'.
I'm just a no name player, who realized that some junglers doesn't do really well in the jungle and I want to share my thoughts.

You can find exactly this guide at too:

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I usually use AD and AP, for tank junglers (Amumu, Sejuani, Nautilus etc.) I use AP runes but Tank Jungler Masteries.

AD Runes:
Ap Runes:
Tank Runes:

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It's clear that for AD champions I use AD Jungle Masteries, for AP champions AP Jungle Masteries, for tank champions Tank Jungle Masteries.

AD Masteries:
AP Masteries:
Tank Masteries:

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If I'm an avarage AD jungler I buy Stalker's Blade (blue jungler item), if I'm an Attack Speed jungler (Yi, WW etc.) Skrimisher's Sabre (red jungler item), and if I am a jungler which doesn't have a good sustain I buy Ranger's Trailblazer (pink jungler item).

I never buy Poacher's Knife (whtie jungler item), because I personally think it doesn't worth the gold... Maybe I'm wrong, but this is what I think. :)

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Early Game

So in the beginning of the game you are probably starting Gromp or Golems.

My route is to take Gromp, with smite in the beginning, then take blue, then Scuttle Scrab, then wolves and if I think I can take chickens, if it's possible without smite. If I think the enemy's jungler doesn't took Scuttle Scrab I take that too, but only if i feel myself in safe. I don't like to be First Blood... :D Afterwards if I have low HP I go back and buy my updated smite (you should decide which you like better), some HP Pots and a pink ward! Then I take Golems usually with smite for first time, then Red again with smite. If I play Yi I clean the jungle till I'm almost 6 and then I go back. With Yi I usually back that time and when I got enough gold for Devourer.

My other route is the same from the other side, ofc not the enemy's side :D So I take Gromp with smite in the beginning and then I do what I dont see from other junglers. I go to take chickens (I hite the little ones, cuz if I do I'll kill them with more HP, there is a foxdropLoL - Be a Better League Player video about this, go and check out his channel), then I take Scuttle Scrab and I got smite for Red so I won't lose that much HP. So take Red with smite. Afterwards I usually go to clean my jungle, cuz usually for this route I take champs which can heal themselves like WW, Yi, Xin etc.

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Mid Game

Let's pretend that we are with Yi. We just got Devourer. We have got 3 options to stack it up. The easiest way is to keep cleaning the jungle. The middle way is to counter jungle, and the hardest I think is to take kills/assists.
Don't forget to kill Scuttle Scrab, cuz it gives you 2 stacks. If you are cleaning jungle only move out for easy kills. I mean that easy that you don't even need to even use E R only Q and Auto Attack. If enemy's bot is dead take dragon, and be sure that the enemy jungler cannot steal it. If you got Sated Devourer then gank every single time you can.

Let's pretend we are with Amumu, and w are very very sad in the jungle. You should gank top and mid till you dont get level 6, with ult gank bot and ult the both of the enemy's bot laners, ofc u can use it to escape but it's better to your wallet if you use for more people.

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Late Game

In late game do your job.
If we are with Yi take out enemy ADC/APC or even both, but with Sated Devourer and red smite we can easily take ou tanks too, but in teamfights it's meaningless

If we are with Amumu or Sejuani ult for more than 3 people if it's possible, then you can do anything with your W E keys, if your team is good they can end the teamfight easily within your ult ROOT (some people thinks Amumu ult is a frickin stun...)/stun time.

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So just as I said, I'm a no name player, it's only a newbie guide or even a normal guide for not so good junglers.


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