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My Tiamat Shaco

Last updated on May 3, 2011
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This is my first guide, so don't hate too hard. However, constructive help is always appreciated!

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This is my Shaco build. I'm not going to say that this build is right, and that yours is wrong. That being said, this is my way of saying "Shaco is really fun if you play him like this"

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I AM A ROAMER. So this method may not work for you, but if you roam alot during matches (Roaming means to gank consistently during the laning phase), then this is for you.

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Since this is all I can afford, this is what I use:
Armor Penetration Marks
Mana Regen / 5 Seals
Magic Resist / per level Glyphs
Armor Penetration Quintessences

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I like to run a 21-0-9 build
These are which ones you should take
3-1-0-0 0-1-3-0
4-4 4-0
0-0-3-2 0-0-1-0

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To start, I get a Doran's Blade
After I have farmed up some gold, i make sure to pick up Level 1 Boots, before rushing 2 Tiamats. Then, I upgrade my boots to Boots of Mobility.
CHECK: 2 Tiamats, 1 Boots of Mobility
Sometime thereafter, i make sure to get a Starks Fervor as my next item. This is EXTREMELY helpful, for it gives bonus AS, lowers enemies' armor, and gives you lifesteal. If possible, i make sure to get an Infinity Edge right after the Starks Fervor.
CHECK: 2 Tiamats, 1 Boots of Mobility, 1 Starks Fervor, 1 Infinity Edge
Most of my games don't last after that, but if they do, be sure to grab a Phantom Dancer to top it all off. And don't forget to sell your Tiamats late game for better items, they are only temporary farming utensils.

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Skill Sequence

My order is:
Q-E-E-W-E-R 6
E-Q-E-Q-R 11
Q-Q-W-W-R-W-W 18

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Summoner Spells

I like to use Exhaust and Ignite, for they both are EXTREMELY beneficial when it comes to ganking. Ghost could replace Exhaust in some cases, but usually Decieve and my Boots 5 are all i need to get to where i want to be.

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Well, thank you for reading my Shaco guide.
I hope you enjoy! (Add me if you want to see me use it)
Your fellow gamer,
DE xHydrogenx