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Mystic Archer (AD)

Last updated on August 17, 2010
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This is my guide to building Ezreal as Attack Damage.
Originally I used to build AP and laugh at Ezreals during free week building AD. Eventually as they buffed it more with the 120% increase on mystic shot, it started to become more viable for me, and now is my main build.

*NOTE* When playing Ezreal if possible, Always go mid lane.

I generally build Offense with this build, but I have seen others that use Utility, So really base it on your own personal preference, but to me Havoc is important for any Attack Build.


Mystic Shot
Your General Harass skill shot, does damage at a flat rate, and bonus damage based on 120% of your base damage, This is also procs on Sheen, Trinity Force, etc.

Essence Flux
For this build, this is generally your least useful attack. Its another skill shot, and it does probably the least amount of damage, but it is useful for its Haste/De Haste.

Arcane Shift
Second most important skill. It is an essential for good get aways combined with Flash, and good for initiating with the attack it shoots out on usage.

Trueshot Barrage
Your ultimate. Less useful while using an AD build, but if used correctly, you can always pick off a few extra kill for enemies that seemed to of just gotten away.


Sword of the Occult
Great item for this build, gives high damage output, and if you can manage 20 stacks, and nice movement buff.

Boots of Swiftness
Other boots can apply here, but I use Swiftness for later game, combined with Sword of the Occult, Trinity Force, and Phantom Dancers for a huge 500+ Movement Speed Passively.

This Eventually turns into Trinity Force, but its nice to get early on for the proc on Mystic Shot, which by then should do roughly 300 damage.

Youmuu's Ghost Blade
Great item overall, gives good attack, good armor pen, and cooldown reduction, and using its active boosts your Movement Even more.

Trinity Force
Another great item. Gives great stats all around, and gives an additional 120% of your base damage more to Mystic Shot.

Phantom Dancers
The crit rate is nice on this, but I like it for the Movement and Dodge, letting you gank a lot more, and a lot faster.

Blood Thirster
Luxury Item, Gives a nice attack boost, and some life steal, which by this point in the game will be nice when you are dishing out tons of crits for 600.