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Last updated on February 12, 2012
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sorry for repost

Welcome to the most popular and visited Tryndamere Guide for laning top on Summoner's Rift available by no other than Apotheosis! Here, you will find all of your Tryndamere questions answered and explained very thoroughly. What you are about to read is how I personally play Tryndamere. I have taken all of the knowledge that I have learned over the vast amount of time that I've spent playing Tryndamere and have condensed it into an epic read more than worth your while. I highly encourage all strong criticism for it helps keep this guide in the shape that it's in. Having said this, please do not come here and act a fool in my threads. I've dedicated a lot of my time writing and keeping this guide updated, so please don't show disrespect.

Please Subscribe, Comment, Vote and +Rep if you find this guide more than helpful!!! Ask Questions here and/or Add me in-game (Apotheosis I) if would rather talk with me via chat or Skype. I will not ignore your requests. To get in a game with me will be a bit harder, as there are a large sum of you already who ask to play with me regularly. Again, please remember to Subscribe to get this Guide's updates as soon as they're released. I appreciate the continued support and appreciation from everyone. Without all of you I wouldn't find the motivation to keep going!

Visit me at Solomid to help my rating if you do end up voting here. Thanks!

jhoijhoi wrote:
An amazing Tryndamere resource. Everything you could possibly want to know about Tryndamere is here. It is fantastically in-depth, and should occupy the reader for a good half an hour.

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Need A Quick Reference?

Starting Items

The general item to choose is Boots of Speed, which will be your best choice against those who have a series of skill shots and/or just for having extra personal mobility. If your top lane opponent is Attack Damage based, then you may want to get Cloth Armor. I highly recommend playing Tryndamere as solo top lane, in which case Wriggle's Lantern is almost always prime for lane sustain. What's also good about Wriggle's Lantern is the ward that it provides to grant vision for aiding against ganks.

Returning From Lane

OR if you can completely afford it.

Core Items

Reasoning: Again, Wriggle's Lantern provides amazing lane sustain while Phantom Dancer allocates for proper early game Attack Speed for Fury build-up to raise Critical Strike Chance. Also, with these two items, you will better excel at pushing minions for gold to obtain future items because of the Wriggle's Lantern procs you'll be earning from the Attack Speed from Phantom Dancer. This is why I choose Phantom Dancer before I choose B. F. Sword. Since you'll be dealing a decent sum of damage, especially now that you'll Critically Strike more often, Vampiric Scepter is a cheap item to purchase for returning some of that damage back in health. Don't forget that it'll also be paired with the Lifesteal from Vampirism and Wriggle's Lantern which adds to the lane sustain and better keeps us on our feet in team fights. Infinity Edge is obviously an item that we need to obtain as soon as we can in games for heavy damage.

What An End Game Build Should Look Like:

Sell Wriggle's Lantern when you need space for a new late game item. Get Quicksilver Sash if you absolutely need. Heavy Crowd Control teams and/or even teams with multiple Exhaust carriers would be great indications to get it. Check out the "Item Build Explanation" section for much more information.

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Pros & Cons


Deals large amounts of melee Attack Damage
Has a decent utility as far as abilities are concerned
Is extremely mobile which allows for great jungling and the ability to catch or escape an opponent oftentimes with ease
Is provided Fury which increases the amount of Critical Strike Chance he can obtain without items
Can slow opponents to provide the team with kills or ally escapes depending on how the ability is used
If triggered correctly, becomes immune to death for 5 seconds through his ultimate


Unfortunately, is more of a late game based champion due to the reliance of items for damage
Is easily harassed by other champions who are provided with Crowd Control abilities, those with large amounts of early game damage and ranged carries

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why not

Ability Explanations & Proper Usage

Battle Fury
It is very important that if you are jungling or even laning that you hold onto your Fury if at all possible.

Jungling: When you Elixir of Agility (Most efficient jungle/gank experience without getting Madred's Razors) you will hold your Fury until you gank or return to base to get item(s). The reason for this is maximizing damage output on both minions and opponents when you choose to gank. Trust me, if you're any good you can abide by this.

Laning: When laning, you need to make sure that you're maintaining your Fury. It needs to be as close to full at all times if possible. Don't waste your Fury on Bloodlust, it's close to worthless early game anyway. You'll find that your lane will be much easier to maintain, last hits won't be as hard to get and when the opportunities for ganks via the jungler are available, you'll be ready to deliver optimal damage.

The key to using this ability is paying attention and forseeing events happening. Trigger timing is important in team fights. Too many people use Bloodlust way before they should. Obviously, if you don't need to use it then don't. THE ONLY time that you shouldn't use Bloodlust after using Undying Rage is when you're sure that you won't die and you want to continue pushing minions. This will come with practice.

Mocking Shout
This ability can be used to catch an enemy, flee from an enemy, save allies and find hidden/stealthed enemies.

Spinning Slash
I shouldn't have to explain Spinning Slash too much. Basically, the ability is used less as a way to deal damage and more for mobility and catching up to/escaping enemies. Later in a game when the ability is properly leveled you're items provide more Attack Damage and the ability scales better for damage. This is the primary reason why it's leveled last. It's an efficient jungling tool because it allows for faster clearance times. Keep in mind that it will lower its own cooldown when you critically hit an opponent or minion. This is nice when your trying to catch someone. You can critically strike a minion in a wave you're passing by to continue on to your opponent via Spinning Slash.

Undying Rage
Not too much to talk about here. Primarily, don't stall when using this ability. Team fights are usually where individuals can fail to use their ultimate properly to avoid death. Familiarizing yourself with other champion's abilities can better help with this. Keep in mind that this ability can also be used to grant Fury when you need it. Some of the only times that you'll want to prematurely use Undying Rage are when you're boosting your Fury to kill a minion, dragon or Baron quicker or have a sure kill on an opponent with a boost in Critical Strike Chance.

Recommended Spells & Spell Explanations

Teleports your champion to target nearby location.

Mastery: Reduces the cooldown by 15 seconds.

Flash is one of those spells that you normally see everyone using because everyone can benefit greatly from it. The difference between normal champions and champions like Tryndamere is that the possibility of having two Flashes is available and extremely nice to have in several scenarios. Spinning Slash would be the other ability that acts like a weaker version of Flash (the types of walls you can go through varies in comparison to Flash).

Now, I've discovered that Flash is not the best spell for dominating your lane solo top. It's a great spell to have once you're out of your lane and you can depend on other ally spells to help you get kills, such as Exhaust, but I'm finally putting this spell to rest I believe. It's just not extremely viable for early game kills which is what is needed not only to win your lane, but carry the rest of the team when you all start grouping up for team fights. It may be hard for some of you to dispose of the spell altogether, but I'd recommend that you start using Exhaust or Ghost (I personally prefer Exhaust ).

Removes all stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares, silences, blinds and immobilizers and lowers the duration of new ones applied by 65% for 3 seconds.

Mastery: Increases duration of disable reduction by 1 second.

This spell is almost what I would consider mandatory. I wish that I could say that Quicksilver Sash was all that was needed, but early game helps establish the rest of the game. I preach this all the time, and it's entirely true (unless people **** up by feeding). Without this spell, you're susceptible to exhaust and a myriad of different abilities from jungler/enemy lane ganks to set you back so that you lose your lane. When this happens, the enemy team gains a greater edge against your team because they establish more ground.

I do get a lot of questions asking why I would consider Quicksilver Sash when I already have Cleanse. There are many Crowd Control abilities in this game. You can't expect that by just having Cleanse that your automatically safe the entire game. That **** goes on cooldown after you use it. Put yourself into different scenarios where you can see yourself needing both Cleanse and Quicksilver Sash. If you can't, play a few games so that you get the idea. Also, eye these things out when the enemy team is selecting their team composition. At a higher ELO standpoint, it becomes more necessary to have both.

Exhaust slows movement speed by 40% and reduces auto/basic attack damage by 70% and ability/item damage by 35% for 2.5 seconds.

Mastery: Improves Exhaust to also reduce the target's armor and magic resistance by 10 for the duration.

This is an universal, amazing spell for all Attack Damage carries. This allows teams to help shut down other enemy carries in team fights so that they're all around less effective at their job. Using this spell, you can also catch up to or escape from enemies to obtain kills or saves other allies, including yourself.

Why is this spell so necessary for us? It's another spell that I've hand selected primarily for winning my lane. Exhausting the enemy forces them to counter us with either another spell of their own, ability or a dash for their turret. If they decide to counter with their Exhaust, then I hope you have Cleanse to counter their Exhaust and continue the damage output on them for a kill.

Your Champion ignores unit collision and moves 27% faster for 10 seconds.

Mastery: Increases movement speed bonus to 35%.

I've grown more fond of this spell because it helps you stay on target or escape death threatening situations. Having said this, I do not personally use it nor do I usually recommend it to contradict my previous statement. However, this spell is subject to personal preference, as are the rest of the spells, and many choose to use it in addition to ganking and escaping. High ELO Tryndamere players choose this as their primary spell. I can see where many of them are coming from, but again with the whole personal preference thing, I choose Exhaust instead.

Smite deals 420 + (lvl x 25) True damage to a enemy minion, pet, neutral monster.

Mastery: Improves Smite to reward a bonus 10 gold when used.

If you're the last resort for a jungler, then I'd recommend getting it. It makes your jungling faster obviously, less intimidating, and allows you to get to ganking right away.