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Udyr Build Guide by Guest

NamanYou's Udyr Build

NamanYou's Udyr Build

Updated on May 30, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 1,504 Views 0 Comments
1,504 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Udyr Build Guide By Guest Updated on May 30, 2014
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Early Game

Main Start

Start at whatever side your ADC and Support are on. Ask mid and bot for leash. After buff, take tiger stance and head over to wraiths. After wraiths complete second buff, and then observe and see possibilities.

Alternate Start

Head over to your blue buff or your red buff. Look to see what lane the enemy jungler started on. If he started blue when you did blue, then after your blue head over to his red. Ward his red and stay in the brush until he shows up. Let him attack the red, until smite-able, and then possibly kill the jungler. (make sure top and mid don't come to help enemy jungler) After taking buff, and maybe killing him, steal his big golem and then look for possibilities.

1. Head over to lane for a gank. Look for lanes that are pushed out.
2. Watch for a countergank by the enemy jungler. Look for lanes that are pushed out.
3. Head over to other camps if lanes are neutral.
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Ganking and getting kills

When ganking look and see if the enemy targeted has warded. Ask your ally whether or not, or look into his items and see if his wards or trinket has been used. Position yourself well.

1. Go into bear stance. Keep spamming it until you stun the enemy.
2. Go into tiger, and hit the enemy twice.
3. Go into phoenix. Hit the enemy about 2-4 times.

The enemy either blew an escape ability, flashed, or died to you or your ally. Always make sure to look at the minimap for the enemy jungler or the mid laner.
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Feral Farming

Keep on farming and farming and farming until you get your feral. You should try to aim for the feral by at least 15 mins into the game. Go from main buff (red or blue) to wraiths, then next buff (red or blue) and then your wolves or double golems, and then your last camp. Keep rotating the camps over and over again, making sure to look at the minimap for possible gank opportunities.
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Split Pushing

After your feral has reached about 20 stacks, then focus on your split pushing. Split push the heck out of the enemy team, they wont know where in the world to go. If they waste time going to try and get you, bear stance and then get out of there, using your ghost if necessary. While they wasted their time trying to kill you, your team should have been doing something (taking turrets, pushing a lane, or taking dragon. If not, tell them to do exactly that. Always push either top lane, or bot lane. NEVER MID. Mid lane is the lane that the enemy will always look to. And also try to split push when a small skirmish is going on. For example your team is facing off 4v5 at your turret. The chances of the enemy team diving are very very small. That is the best time to be split pushing. While the enemy team is focused on trying to kill your allies, you should be split pushing their top or bot lanes. And most of the time they wont notice until their turret gets destroyed and suddenly your in their base. If they start to come after you then simply back, or run away using bear stance and ghost. Make sure to use turtle stance to block some abilities as well.
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Getting Objectives/Playing smart

Always always get objectives. A turret down is worth more than a kill. A dragon is worth more than a kill. A baron is worth way more than a kill. Go for objectives over kills.

Also learn to play smarter. Dont be baited by champs. Dont disrespect unless your sure you can get away with it. Above all, dont get cocky. One bad play can lead to losing the entire game, and wining the game is exactly what you want.
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Start to type into chat, or keep a record of the times that you take buffs.
Mark it by (time-our red, our blue, their red, their blue)

Red and Blue buff: 5 mins
Dragon: 6 mins
Baron: 7 mins

Flash/Teleport: 5 mins
Exhaust/Barrier/Ghost/Ignite: 3.5 mins
Heal: 4 mins
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Always buy wards. Dont depend on your trinket to ward, only use your trinket when you need to check brush (way safer than facechecking and possibly dying)

Always be warding. No matter what how long the game has been going. Always ward.

Make sure to ward dragon and baron (both pink and sight wards for baron)

Try to ward the enemy junglers buffs. If you ward it, and you saw the time that he took the buff, then when it respawns you might be able to steal it.

At around 25 mins, sell your trinket for a trinket scanner thing. Make sure to do this, enemies will be dropping wards everywhere, its your job to get rid of them.
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Stealing Buffs

If you ever see the jungler leave his jungle and go to another lane, for example he goes down to his bot lane, you head straight to his jungle (unless you need to help your bot lane). Take all the camps that you can, making sure to leave behind the smallest creep to cancel the timer, and make sure to ward their jungle while your at it.
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Always go for the ADC, no matter what happens. If the ADC is dead, go for the mid laner. If the mid laner is dead, go for the next least tankiest champion. Make sure to protect your ADC, thats one of your main jobs. Always be in front of the ADC, dont let any skillshots get past you. If you see a jinx ult or an ashe arrow coming in, block that mofo. Dont let it get anywhere near your adc.
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