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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Nami, Nami, Nami will never fill your tummy.

Last updated on December 9, 2012
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Nami Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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YAY \(^.^)/ MERMAID!!!! Although they should have made her a siren with an allure stronger then Ahri's. Anyway's support build's usually tend to rely on the partner with this one I tried to move away from that to give more flexibility in which lane she can play although this was built and tested in the bottom lane. Nami is an awesome support character with the abilities to heal your allies and speed them up as well as hurt the enemy, slow them and stun them, giving her some helpful getaway tactics as well as damaging and ult stopping abilities. I tried hard to build this build off of her abilities because she basically has absolutely no auto attack, so land your abilities with Nami and all will be fine. I did a lot of my talking in the notes but I will copy and paste them lower for those who would like to print this off.

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Spells are so liberal take which ones you want as well as which ones that you would think best for your play style with Nami. I take heal even though I have an ability for it because occasionally I would rather have more area for my heal then three people one of which has to deal damage. And I take flash big surprise there for the escabability and maneuverability, thus allowing me to move in to support my allies or move out when it's futile.

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Items (This was all done above in the notes)

Wards are good and if you know how to use them use them I'm not very good with them, but I keep trying. I actually don't usually start with a ward and grab a mana potion instead.

First Back:
I try and grab the sight stone taking only one Faeries charm rather then two but since I'm not very good at wards I judge my opposition first. If they keep jumping out of bushes (Jax) I will grab the sight stone before either Faerie charm. If not I go for the Faerie charms to make sure I can keep buffing my ally.
P.S. The fiendish codex is there for if you absolutely despise wards or just don't know how to use them in which case you grab one faerie charm and the codex.

Speed is your friend:
I like speed and CDR is a must with nami's lengthy cool downs, which is why I get my boots nearly as early as possible.

Mana and Health:
These items can be switched around if you feel you are lacking mana but I always tend to go for the emblem because it will heal my allies. And that's what supports do.

These items are just the upgraded version of the previous items (Save the Morellonomicon) get them in the order that pleases you I usually get the grail first for the MR but will quickly change it if they are doing a lot of damage to the Banner. The Morellonomicon is just more CDR and AP to boost all your abilities. YAY.

This item is important: I repeat THIS ITEM IS IMPORTANT
This item is to make sure nami is no the first to go when it gets to the massif team fights at the end. I can suggest that you sparse pieces of it throughout the build but I can usually hold off to keeping it as my last item.
P.S. If you want to sell the or upgrade the sight stone at any point in the build is that fine I'll sell mine if I'm dead and just short enough for the runic bulwark and then from there I just look for more defense to fill the last whole with no real care. But you can place Rabadon's there as the last slot to boost your abilities.

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Skill sequence

This is a preference kinda thing with Nami. If you prefer the Tidecaller's over the ebb because of the slow take it second but almost always take the aqua prison first. Scratch that always take it first. You don't have to max it first although I suggest you do but this is her best ability as a stun to help keep the enemy in place while your teammate is charging them. All in all any order is good but YOU MUST GET AQUA PRISON FIRST trust me it really helps with first blood and escaping giving up first blood.

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My gameplay

I am a very reserved fighter playing any character but Yorick thus I play Nami in a reserved quiet elegant sort of way, but sitting back and doing small amounts of damage to minions and occasionally trying to trap people in my aqua prison so I can burst them and utterly and completely destroy them with my partner MWAHAHAHAH. Anyhow with Nami it's best to stick a little bit behind your partner just by a couple of paces and follow him/her wherever they go so that is they get attacked you can freeze the enemy with your prison and power up your ally once it drops to slow them down and if the friendly looks low on health heal them whilst trying to damage the enemy with the exact same spell. The only strategy left if for the tidal wave which is an excellent chase item but it's also a good start by pooping them in the air you know exactly where they will be in a couple of seconds so you can cast a prison to guarantee a land and them they are stuck for an even longer time giving you a bigger window to finish them off with the aid of your allies. This is how I play her and the strategies that I use hopefully you can take from my strategies and build your own to make it fir your style of fighting.

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Just thought I'd let you know that I don't do runes because I'm too busy trying to buy all the characters I want to have all which seem to be 6300 IP so I have no money for runes but just do a little research and build it for your play style I'd most likely grab lot's of AP and Armor to limit the squishyness and to strengthen her abilities further.