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Nami - s4 - Support - Queen of the Dunks

Last updated on January 23, 2014
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Hey this is my first guide for a LoL champ. I have no idea how to make it all fancy with pictures and whatnot but imo the advice here is solid.

Never rage at your teammates no matter how bad they are. It's a game of skill and some people are not that skilled. You don't need to bully them for not being as good as you. If someone is trolling or feeding on purpose that is different but never ever ever ever talk **** to your teammates. If they die twice early on and you feel like saying "stop feeding ffs" say something nice and encouraging instead "Don't worry man you can still get back in this, just play passive and farm under your tower" Being a positive teammate will get you more wins and even if you lose that person will feel much better about themselves not having been raged at over a video game.

Remember if you are reading this guide you are not that pro. My 2 fav players to watch are Anklespankin and CRS VoyBoy and they never rage at their teammates.

If you want to get better at LOL just watch their videos, learn how to play passive and CS properly. Watch videos of your fav champs going up against their hardest counters and see how to win in a ****py situation. (For instance today I bought swain and i've carried all 3 games against hard counters with him because I watched anklespankin play 2 games with him. Simple as that. Copy the pros!

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Best Marks to use:
1: 9x Hybrid Pen - The best, but expensive.
2: 9x Magic Pen - Almost as good as hybrid if you cant afford those.
3: 9x Armor - Can never hurt to have a lil more armor if that's all you got.

Best Seals to use:
1: 9x armor - Best seals in the game
2: 9x mana regen/5 - only if you don't have armor seals (why wouldn't you?)

Best Glyphs to use:
1: 9x Ability power - Give you more damage and more healing power
2: 9x Magic resist - only if you don't have ability power glyphs

Best Quints to use:
1: 3x Ability Power Quints - Again, more heal and damage. More lane sustain, better for securing kills and saving your adc.
2: 3x gold/10 Quint - These are kinda bush league imo but they are cheap.
3: 3x Movement Speed - Good for your short solo trips into the jungle to ward and escaping when things get hairy.

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4 - 0 - 26

Get the 5%cdr from your offensive tree then put the rest into utility.

I get everything except Phasewalker, Scout, Summoners Insight and Inspiration

You will be getting kills with this build (tho not many) so you got a good chance of getting a buff so it is nice to have the extra 20% time with that.

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Start: Spellthief's Edge, 1 ward, 2 mana pots and your ward trinket

Item builds all kinda depend on how the match is going but basically you wanna rush your Chalice and your Lucidity boots then start building your Zhonya. When I play Nami people focus me like mad because it's so easy to make plays and cc people so having a Zhonya really helps.

Once you get your Zhonya build either a deathcap or a randuin depending on what your team needs. Turn your chalice into a crucible when you get the chance for the extra heal and cc removal.

Basically build what your team needs just make sure you get a Zhonya, Lucidity Boots and a Chalice. That's all you REALLY need the rest just makes you OP :P

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Skill Sequence

Q First
W Second
E Third

Take your Ult when ever you can.

Max W then E then Q NO EXCEPTIONS

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Flash, obviously.

2nd spell I rotate between Exhaust and Ignite. The better I get the more I find myself bringing Ignite and not needing exhaust for escapes like I used too.

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Stay behind your minions and your ADC. Heal your ADC whenever you need to but always try to dmg an enemy champ with it at the same time. Cast it on your adc, it hits the enemy then bounces back to you. It's like casting 3 spells for the price of 1.


It's fkin impossible to gank a warded Nami lane.

CS Whenever you can! If your adc backs kill every creep you can.

Constantly be harassing the enemy adc with your AA. Your spellthiefs edge will give you like 7 gold every time you hit an enemy champ with this guide. (once per ten seconds anyways)

Don't expect praise for your amazingly timed, life-saving, game-changing plays. No one will acknowledge how hard you carried even tho you did.

Anytime you see that your bubble is going to hit someone immediately use your E on your adc. Guaranteed kill most of the time.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Dunk Scrubs, Gain ELO
Cons: Only 1 skin!

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Team Work

Once you win your lane (and you will) feel free to roam and help mid while your ADC farms waves by herself for a bit. Always be ready to run to their aid if you see anyone near them.


This will get you behind in lvl's around 11-13 or so but its worth it. Keep your jungle/river warded at all times.

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Unique Skills

Hide behind walls, dunk scrubs with bubbles.
Hide in bushes, dunk scrubs with bubbles.

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Attack the enemy adc as often as possible for extra money

Kill any creep your adc can't get

You will never be good at farming waves of minions. Deal with it. Steal every cannon minion that isn't in bottom lane (leave those for your adc)


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