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Nasus Build Guide by KaKaKoeTa



Updated on March 17, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KaKaKoeTa Build Guide By KaKaKoeTa 1,239 Views 0 Comments
1,239 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KaKaKoeTa Nasus Build Guide By KaKaKoeTa Updated on March 17, 2012
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More Nasus Runes

Introduction / by me noob player

my first game champ was nasus * #-# victorys
= first 50 games always recomended items... not very convincent
+ 50 - 100 nasus dps - nice mid game, and need a litle skill to control it xD
+ 100 - 150 nasus ap - nice early game push push push, but late game useless *E
+ 150 - 200 nasus full hp - nasus is unkillable but not fun... iv no dmg xD,
+ 200 - 300 nasus farming Q... using MIXES thos upside.

+ 300 - actually ... trying new builds...
now thingking this upside... i dono if it-ll rock it-s a cheap build i think and ur role is tankkkkkkk, Run ur *R in a teamfight, use *W on dps, *plant a *E in the batle, then *Q festival xD, UR UNKILLEBLE!!!

full build..and over 300Q - 100 lasthits...

so many activetes possible...
/make ur *Q shine 1rst
/shine a secound *Q... its cooldown is maybe 2s? /600? per 1s? dps?
/then *W ... *E
/more *Q *Q *Q...
/then for kiking ...

u have

+ i wana know advices to improve my nasus game...


first item is situational, depending enemy and ur style of game
doran is a save choice , blade or shield
u just practice ur skill by last hiting minions until ur lvl 6 then u...
tear is good because ur Q's farming is compatible with it and it fullfill ur mana pool... then u get ur mercury boots next u get ur glacial for its cooldown and mana for ur final manamune, then u get ur shen and next shurelia it active is perfect and its cdr is perfect 2 at this point if u got ur q farmed quite with ur R u are a bit scary... people use to run away by seeing u if ur teamate didnt feed anyone...
preventing ganks u always have ur ghost exaust and W... and ur R!!!... nearby unkillable by 2 champs but 3... it will be hard 2 avoid xD...
now compleet ur manamune ... and then lich ban or trident ur ur rich enougth... complete ur frozen, then the last hex idono ... if u thing u need more live, mr, or whatever...
but i thing hex feeds ur ulti and his active is fine 2...

pff hard to say , nasus is 4x4 everything fits him...

FINALLY, ty for reading
League of Legends Build Guide Author KaKaKoeTa
KaKaKoeTa Nasus Guide
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