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Nasus 5 minute guide.

Last updated on November 10, 2011
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This isn't for pro players. I am not pro, and I am not perfect. If you find any flaws. Post it in the comments, but don't flame. Be nice. Also I suggest this from about level 5-20ish players. More for public matches, and not hardcore going pro. Just for fun. If you find any flaws tell me! Questions etc.

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5 Minute guide on how to play nasus 2 v 1

Nasus. The curator of sands. He is built on his siphoning strike, and is dependent on his ultimate to finish the 2 v 1. This is my first guide, but a 5 minute guide. So I'm not gonna post tons of pictures for you to look at, because I'm guessing 95% of you know all the items/skills/runes etc. Here's a few quick tips on Nasus

Build (Last hit) siphoning strike all the time (Very important)
Don't push past half at the start, or you'll get ganged (stay a bit behind the bush)
Abuse siphoning strike (Low mana/High damage if builded)
Don't take on to much, and use your ultimate to your advantage
Watch your mana if you choose to harass

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Skill Sequence

For Nasus you have to make a few decisions on what items and skills to take first. I'll talk about items in the next chapter, but for this one it will be skills. Now you have to choose do you want to "harass" or "build"

If you want to harass first: Spirit Fire -> Siphoning strike -> Spirit fire -> Wither -> Siphoning strike -> Suggested either Siphoning strike or Spirit Fire

If you want to build: Siphoning strike -> Spirit fire -> Siphoning strike -> Wither -> Etc.

Now the main reason why is because spirit fire is good for harassing, but I highly suggest you build siphoning strike first.

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The items really depend on what the situation is.

If there's not much DPS: Cloth Armour + 5x Health potions -> Boots + 2 potions -> Glacial shroud + Cloth armour -> Frozen Heart -> Ionian boots -> Sheen -> Zeal -> Trinity force -> Chain Vest + Cloak of Agility -> Atma's Impaler Thornmail -> Sunfire cape

If there is a lot of DPS: Cloth Armour + 5x Health potions -> Boots + 2 potions -> Chain vest -> Thorn mail -> Cloth armour -> Glacial shroud -> Frozen Heart -> Ionian boots -> Sheen -> Zeal -> Trinity force -> Atma's Impaler -> (If DPS goes hard) Chain vest

Frozen Heart: Cool down reduction/Slows enemys (siphoning strike)
Ionian boots: Cool down (Siphoning strike)
Trinity force: Just a usual thing for Nasus
Atma's Impaler: Good for damage/defence
Chain vest: For those DPS champions.
Sunfire cape: Just to drain life away.

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Runes I don't focus to much on, because I take the best defence seals. I take some attack marks, and defence glyphs. Masteries are crucial, because they do help in close fights. You don't need to be level 30 to do it, but I just suggest that.

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Siphoning strike / Fury of the Sands

I can't push this anymore. BUILD SIPHONING STRIKE. Build it to at least 150-300, and you should be good.