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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Nasus: Anubis Tanking

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on November 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 21

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

One of the best tanks in game, if played right, and here is my spin on tanking.

Masteries & Summoner Spells

Ive gone 9/21/0 for bulkiness, some AP as I lvl, and some CDR. Now most people would go with Utility for regen and mana but I like to play the aggressive tank.

I take and . This build wili be a lil mana dependant thats why I took . But with the right lane partners that mana chugging will be worth it. is great for chasing, fleeing (which as a tank you should never do), and keeping people in range of and .

Other Summoner Spells: , , , and if you want to play longevity.


My skill set is based on his ability to harass and farm. By taking as my 3/5 skill, I can keep people from farming, unless they want to stand in the ring of fire. Which suits me fine. They take dmg and have an armor and MR debuff. Thats just fine. Now add crippple from , and with the right lane mate, you have a kill. Add and you raise the chance of getting that kill. This will cost mana, but punishing someone for farming is worth it. You have to spend mana wisely, since he has a shallow mana pool.

I dont invest much in since Im not going for DPS. Its still nice to lvl up though since late game his dmg will be awesome.

Of course grabbing ult when its up.


Marks are flat armor. Im building a tank so armor is good and makes him more durible.

Seals are health per lvl. That is always a bonus for tanks yes? Unless there are and .

Glyphs & Quintessesnces are mana regen per lvl. Nasus is a mana chugger and these will help with his mana issues. Again mana management is key when playing Nasus.


is a great item. combine it with his ult and you have nice dmg to anyone close. With and that wont be too hard to do. It gives health and armor so thats good too. Also works great if someone if standing in

is another item that I like for bulky champs. Now this is where some of his power will come from. And it will get better with each rank of his ult. Not to mention he will gain more from his passive. He not only gains dmg from his ult, but he gains more from having this. A great item and if you work on last hitting with than you will have great hitting power. And who said tanks cant smash face.

is a great item for tanks IMO. This will make sure that people stay close, and will save mana in the long run. You will be able to spare the mana by not having to use , and you can save for team fights. It gives health which will power Atma's and the slow will will keep them in range of SFC and Ult. Its a great item, and I think that tanks should concider this more often.

is a great item for tanks. The extra life can save the team from an ace. The MR is nice against casters and magic dmg champs. Not much else I can say about this item. Its just awesome.

is one of the better items in game. This gives a tank all they need, aside from MR. The active is great too. This build gives it a total of 3.5 seconds of slowing power. Just what the build needs... another slow? Hey tanks are suppose to help set up kills and what other way than to keep people slowed? They cant run, so that saves on mana usage, and summoner spell usage too.

are the best tanking boots in game. So there is no need to explain.

Items that can help also: , , incase there is a healer on your team, and if there is a nuke that you need to avoid.

TIP: Start building and early. These have smaller parts and getting those smaller parts will help you early game.

Next tip: Mana is an issue, so its best to build a catalyst the protector ASAP. This will provide mana and health upon leveling. That means you can stay in lane longer. With your harassment, you should have no issues farming. Once you have enough gold, or feel that its run its course, sell it to complete the more expensive items.

Game Play

Early game

Simple harassment. Farming creeps is no issue, and of course no one will enter the ring of fire to get that last hit. If they do, make sure you and your lane mate punish them for it. Force the recall or potion and keep pushing. As for starting items, and as many mana pots as you can get. Remember mana management is key. Farm as long as possible and when you recall, get catalyst and boots if you can. You will want to work on and . These items will give you an edge. You will want to try and last hit with while you arent being harassed. Using ONLY to keep them from farming. Or if there is a massive creep wave in a lane.

Mid game

If all is well than you should have half of FM and Randuin's, and Merc treads. Repeat the early game strategy, but with your ult being up now, work on Atma's or SFC. You will want to rush the completion of FM so when you make Atma's you will have great power. Now if you are playing the tank role right, you should be saving the team. You will want o make sure that the team follows you into a fight, not the other way around. With FM,SFC, your Ult, and a killer team, you have the making for owning team fights.

Late game

Work on GA, and getting Randuin's. These will save you and give you the power you need to tank. You might be a tank but you need a strong team too. If you start a fight here and you arent the first to die, or you dont set up some kills, than there is an issue. You will want to have FM, Randuin's, SFC, Atma's and Merc treads. If you are feed or you are just farming like a beast you wont complete this build.

1v1 & Jungling

1v1 with this Nasus will be something else for sure. With the power in his ult, SFC, slowing power, he will be diffcult to drop. Unless madred's is involved. Tough, passive LS, high life and great hitting power, this is a tank that needs to me engaged carefully.

Jungling is something that I think tanks can benefit from. I like to get the Golem buff when I can. Mana is an issue and even though there are many ways to save mana, its nice to have the buff. If you get Lizard you will hit much harder. Buffing the tank isnt bad, just make sure you arent taking your teams buffs.

Ganking & Team Pushing

When it comes to ganking, the slows you have can almost garuntee the kill. I mean with the right combo of mates, your slows will set up kills left and right. is also a great ganking tool. Lead the target with it so they either run thru it and take dmg OR they run around it. Either way they are in for a world of hurt.

Team Pushing is simple. You lead the team to battle. Enough said. Watch your flanks... If you can stop a gank early than you will save the team.

Homies & Haters

Homies I find that most ranged champs are best when combined with a tank. is one of the best IMO. I find that Stunners are a lot of fun. and are ones I like to have in my lane. If you are feeling lucky, grab a .

Haters there are few haters for Nasus, but when you find them, they are usually melee dps champs and they are packing a . There is no better tank killer than a fed Madred's wielding melee DPS.