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Nasus Build Guide by marioreis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author marioreis

Nasus in midlane with runeglaive ? FTW!

marioreis Last updated on July 21, 2015
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Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

Threats to Nasus with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Teemo The most important thing is that you are a melee, tanky mage. So we start with Flask and 2x Health Pot. Nasus does also have 10 / 20% lifesteal. This is massive sustain. The main aim is to farm as much as possible in early. Dont get poked down, and look out for ganks and all ins.
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Hello guys,

my name is marioreis. I am a Gold 3 player in EUW at the moment. I also want to say that i am from germany and my english is not that good.

This guide is a fun guide, but feel free to try it out.

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MARKS: This build is about AP so we take 9x Magic PEN

SEALS: We take 9x Scaling Sealth because we start with Flask, 2x health pot and one mana pot + The 10/15/20% lifesteal in early game we have massive sustain, so we dont need that early life.

You can take 9x Flat Armor if you play against AD Assasins like Zed.

GLYPHS: This is crazy, but if you play a good early + (mid) then this rune build is great. 3x Magic Restist because in most cases we play against AP.
3x Ability Power for the Q and E.
3x Scaling CDR is because in late game the Q will have such a low Cooldown that you can spam it.

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This is are 21/0/9 Masteries because we want to deal damage, but we also need some utility and we are very tanky in late so we dont need defensive masteries.

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We take this for the sustain in Early game.

This is what this build is about. This is a cheap Lich Bane, that gives us AoE damage. Sheen is also very usefull because if we cast our main damage source Q, then the Sheen will also proc and we do massive damage.

This gives us AP, CDR and heals us 15% for all the damage we do. This, with Nasus passive (10/15/20% lifesteal) gives us massive Sustain (lifesteal and spellvamp).

Because we are AP Offtank, we need that Magic Pen. If the other Team dont gets Magic Resist in whole game, than you can take CDR Boots.

This is an Offtank build. So we need Magic Resist. You can also get banshee's veil, but i think this item is the better choice.

We take this because off the CDR, the Mana and the Armor. The passive slows the Attack Speed of near enemys.

This item revives us, in case we die. It also gives us 40 MR and 50 Armor.

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Skill Sequence

Soul Eater:
This is Nasus passive. It gives you 10% Lifesteal at level 1, 15% at level 6 and 20% at level 11.

Siphoning Strike:
This is what makes Nasus Nasus. Try to get as many Stacks in Early game as possible.
We max this out first.

This slows the enemy┬┤s Movementspeed and Attack Speed. This, along with Frozen Heart is a massive Attack Speed slow for the enemy ADC.
This is the last ability we max out.

Spirit Fire:
A mid range AoE damage spell. It is good to clear waves, but its very usefull in teamfigts because u can easily hit 3 people or more with it.
We max this out second.

Fury of the Sands:
This is his Ultimate. It gives him massive health, the attack range is increased by 50 and he gets himself a sandstorm :P that does AoE damage. If you cast it right, it can get you a team fight.
We skill it whenever we can. (6/11/16)

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Summoner Spells

We take this for Runeglaive and we have massive Drake and Baron controll with this.
This is standard Summoner Spell. We can use it as an escape or offensive to chase someone.

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Thank you for reading my guide. Its my first one aswell. I hope you enjoyed it.

See you next time.