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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Nasus Jungle: For the first time!

Last updated on September 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Nasus - Where the dogs walk free!

This is my Nasus Jungle guide and I hope someone will enjoy it (this is also my first post).

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In this guide!

In this guide I will try to show you how you can jungle and go for a effective gank.
I will also give tips on what to buy and how to build your Nasus and how I prefer to build him.
I can also give some ideas of what jungle route to take.

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Letting the dog out for a walk.

I have done the normal runes and builds for junglers on Nasus but in the end he almost always lacked either armor or the damage to actually start of with a blue buff unfortunatly. So I mucked around with some runes and masteries and then went for wolves to start with.

The most important part of Nasus is to stack his Q ability, the more last hits with it the stronger you will be once you start with the early gank (this might take some time to master).

So first I get my Long Sword and Health Potion, take the Wolves (without Smite) and use the pot as I walk to the Wraiths, once I reach Wraiths I use Smite on the large one (instant kill) and it will make you lvl 2, which allow you to take ur first point in E ability use this to make a fast clean of the rest -> go to golems and finish with hitting lvl3 and get your W ability which will open up for ganks!!

Go to the pool get your items (cloth armor and some pots or maybe boots instead).
At this point you have choice to either go back in the jungle and become lvl5 or to go for a gank whatever suits your team!
In any case with this guide you will be able to make some huge hits at lvl3 already so don't doubt to go for a gank!

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What bones I find!

Well now I'm going to talk a little about what you can buy and what you might enjoy buying!

!!getting a madred early might cause you to fail a lot of your last hits if you like you can always aim to complete boots before!!

First off I almost always buy a [*] Wriggle's Lantern just to be helpful to the team and make everything go smoother. [*] Mercury Treads is a safe choice but I always love to buy a pair of [*] Boots of Mobility in order to run across the map fast, all depending on which team I face. Once you get enough gold buy a [*] Trinity Force this togheter with my cooldown reduce will give me a very early 3sec cd burst. finish with Warmong's Armor and a [*] Atma's Impaler.

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What runes you dig up!

In this chapter I will introduce you to my runes and masteries!

I use:
[*] Greater Mark of Strength * 9
[*] Greater Seal of Resiliance * 9
[*] Greater Glyph of Focus * 9 (This one is change-able)
[*] Greater Quintessence of Strength * 3

8/3/19 = this mastery will give us Speed!, CDR!, and some other goodies! In any case you dont really want to switch these masteries because Nasus depends on them a lot in the jungle and also if you want to go for the early gank you need the speed you get! You want to benefit with your control not with your OMFG!! dmg (you will get this as well dun' worry my sweets! ^^) Nasus can get very well rounded with Hp, Burst and Control!

Summoner spells are pretty limited as jungler Ghost/Smite or Flash/Smite is alright! otherwise dont enter the jungle with Nasus.

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In the end they will all die.

Your role as the jungler and as Nasus is as I said earlier to get those ganks and help your team with wards.

I have noticed that with the Lantern Nasus might be able to take solo dragon lvl6 with his ulti and smite (maybe pots and buffs). cant be sure of this as of yet anyway!

And when you jungle with a hero for the first time try him in a custom game!

I'm not a pro and neither do I say that I am good! BUT I love jungling and I love to make diffrent masteries/rune builds etc. and I wanted to post this guide to jungle Nasus because I see some potential in him and want him to become a bigger part of the game!

Thanks for reading and commenting (nice stuff) this is my first guide and I enjoy playing as Nasus!