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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Nasus: One Man Army

Last updated on November 4, 2011
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This Nasus build plays heavily on the idea that some players never consider Nasus a real threat. Most people hate him for his slow or for his Q skill, but either way, most people play Nasus either too far on the tanky side or too far on the damage side.

This build uses the bonus stats of every item to it's advantage, and will let you tear through the enemy team in no time.

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The item choices are as follows:

Regrowth Pendant: This item is a sure-fire way to start an awesome Nasus build. It works so perfectly with the character that not buying this item may come around to bite you in the *** later. It will let you stay in the lane longer, even when forced to solo a lane against two enemy champions, and will let you hug your turret for around a minute before you are back to full health, ready to continue laning.

Mercury's Treads: This build is mainly focused upon running through the middle of the enemy team (taking surprisingly large amounts of damage) and focusing one high-value target into the dirt. Mercury's treads (with it's tenacity and decent MR) will let you ignore most enemy CC and take down that carry that everyone wants dead.

Force of Nature: This item, along with the Triforce, is a cornerstone of the build. It gives you a ton of health-regen on the way so that you never have to stop farming your Q early game, and once it is finished, it will give you a fair amount of MR to help with that CC keeping you from your squishy targets. The best part about it, though, is that it gives you bonus movement speed, letting you catch up and use your Wither (W) to devastating effect.

Trinity Force: This item is easily the most important of the build. It gives you everything that you will need to be a good Nasus. The phage component will add a nice slow that will help after your wither inevitably wears off. The zeal component adds yet more bonus movement speed, allowing you to catch up and use that wither even more. The sheen is the most insane part, however. Every skill you use causes your next basic attack to deal an additional 150% of your base attack damage.

Seeing as Nasus' Siphoning Strike (Q) is cast before a normal attack, the SAME normal attack will have the added damage from Siphoning Strike as well as the Sheen proc.

The Bloodthirster: The Bloodthirster is thrown into the build to take advantage of Nasus' incredible farming power. If you were able to farm your Q enough (which is actually rather easy, depending on the enemy solo laner), your Q should be able to one-hit caster minions easily, and finish off melee minions before they even get close to dying any other way. Use your AOE when your Siphoning Strike (Q) is on cooldown, or when there are a lot of low-health minions around, and you should be getting free Bloodthirster stacks like crazy.

Guardian Angel: This is an easy choice for such an abusing build. There is only one thing that will piss off an enemy team even more than a Nasus ignoring them, running in, and killing their Carry. That one thing is when they finally kill him, and he stands back up.

Frozen Mallot: If the game has lasted long enough for you to get this much money, you obviously have been needing some more slow to finish off your enemies. The slow provided from this item could be overkill, but if you don't need it, get another Bloodthirster.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: This is good for catching up to enemies and quickly withering them. Use this only when you know the kill is assured, or for when you just need a little bit more distance to catch a dying enemy. Remember, Nasus is not ranged, but he is just as good as any ranged champion, seeing as he can close any gap with wither.

Ignite: Simple finisher and works well with Nasus' ult, you know how it works. No meta-game here.