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Nasus Build Guide by pablo1216

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pablo1216

Nasus - The Carry Eater of Sands

pablo1216 Last updated on August 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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What's up guys. This is my first build I've published, and feedback and the like would be much appreciated. Here we go.

Here is Nasus, the Carry Killer. This guide will ATTEMPT to guide you from leaving the spawning pool to forcing the opponents to surrender at 20 minutes. So we'll start from the very beginning.

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Q is one of the best farming tools in the game.
Best single target slow in the game, hands down.
Q allows for huge item-independent damage output.


Besides single target slow, lacks escape skill.
Trying to be modest here but I can't really think of anything else...

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For marks, armor penetration is the way to go. With a lot of squishy champions starting with 15 armor or less, you'll be doing basically true damage at level 1. You could substitute these with attack damage for a more DPS Nasus, or health for a more tanky one.

As for seals, go crazy. I personally believe that lane-sustain is really important for Nasus, and doing so requires mana. I also believe that Nasus lives and dies by Siphon Strike, which is why I prefer mana/5 seals. You could replace these with armor or health if you want a tankier champ, but I don't care for a tank guide right now.

For glyphs, simply for more lane-sustain, magic resist per level is a great idea. Actually it's a great idea on any champ. DON'T FIGHT THE TRUTH.

Quintessences. I personally play with flat health on almost all of my champs. You could change it up with armor pen, or something else, but I wouldn't recommend it for reasons I will cover later.

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Although you are going to be dishing out decent damage, 0/21/9 masteries are still the way to go with Nasus. Lane-sustain the right way and the rest of the game will fall your way. The last point in utility can be put wherever you'd like, but I prefer the minute gold bonus simply because the build I show you isn't all that cheap.

If you're feeling right, 21/9/0 and 21/0/9 is still alright for your tree, but don't expect to be the big bad boss that you would be if you had stayed true to the defensive setup.

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You know those reasons I would cover later? Here they are.

I would say my starting item depends on who I lane against, but we cannot always be 100% sure who we're going to lane against, so I usually prepare for the worst, the AD carry. I start the game with cloth armor and either 5 health pots or 2 health pots and a ward, depending on the laning partner and actual lane. Combined with defensive masteries and health quints, you can farm like no other with little to no real resistance from your opponents. If they do hit you, it doesn't really matter, you will get it back in about 5 seconds (thank you passive).

If you don't wanna go cloth armor, a dorans shield works. If you feel like a total pro or don't think that you're opponents are gonna do **** to you in lane, a meki pendant is almost a respectable choice.

Assuming you lane-sustain well, you can go back and buy ninja tabi or mercury treads, depending on what opponent is doing well, if any, along with a tear of goddess.
yes. you'll see later.

Here is later. You're eventually going to build a manamune, but not until after you have buffed your bonus on the tear for a good while. While this is growing, build an aegis of legion and a trinity force. If you can fend off death for a while, rush trinity, but if you're expecting to take ****loads of damage, build aegis first. After that, I would get frozen heart and banshees for tanking purposes, and finish off the manamune. When you decide to fix your 'mune is up to you, wait to long and you could be dealing approximately 0 damage, rush it and risk defenses that could save your *** in a fight.

I also understand that I have named 5 core items (minus boots), but I truely believe that these work together very well. Of course you can't follow this to a T every time; if you're opponents are for some reason 5 ap burst champions, you have no use for frozen heart and the like. Always keep in mind what kind of punch the other team is packing.

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Skill Sequence

I love Siphon Strike. If you are going to lane-sustain like a pro, you're going to see lots of minions. If you're going to see lots of minions, you sure as hell better see a lot of siphon strike last hits. I get my 3 basic skills levels 1-3 and then concentrate on Siphon Strike and Wither, of course taking points in my ult when I can. This is all dependent upon the fact that I believe that the lower cooldown and higher base damage on Siphon Strike is going to significantly increase my late game damage from itself while not losing much damage output by leveling up Spirit Fire. I know it lowers armor, but I still don't think it's worth leveling up again until I'm forced.

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Summoner Spells

Flash. Flash is flash, a great escape/gap closer/team saver/(insert anything useful in the game here).

Are you trolling? If so, take exhaust, wither your opponent, then exhaust when wither goes away, and have at it.
Not really. But on a serious note, having wither and exhaust means that you can nullify mobility and attack speed from an AD carry and lower damage and mobility for the AP carry, or vice versa. Or just use it as a fight-finishing tool. It's not a bad spell to have.

Ignite? This is for the heavily offensive Nasus, never a bad item for finishing an enemy like Tryndamere or Mundo, and usually a viable option.

Ghost? Eh, it's a slower flash to me, but if you like playing movement speed Nasus, I'm not going to stop you.

Anything else, you're probably not fitting into the somewhat-tanky/DPS role that for which this guide is built.

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Team Work

You're not called the Carry Eater of Sands for nothing. With Wither you can almost single-handedly take an AD champ out of a fight for a while. If you have exhaust to go with it, you are just one big, hulking, constantly disabling, damage dealing nightmare for the other team. If you start taking down the carry, most likely you'll get focused. Turn your ult on if you haven't already and just let your team tear **** up as you sand blast the ***********ing daylight out of some carry. Then proceed to feel like a badass as your actions have single-handedly won the team fight. Yeah, you're that good.

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All in all, Nasus is a really fun character to play. Whether it's mowing down minions and towers or withering your opponent's Tryndamere into dust, he's really a great champion. If you can last hit (big if, I know) Nasus is a pretty simple character to play, and dominating the other team will start to come natural to you. Maybe it's not with this guide, but I do hope that I see more badass Nasus' in the future because of this guide.

Thank you for reading my FIRST GUIDE EVER. Feedback/help is always appreciated. After all, if I was pro, this guide would be in a different section of this website.