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Nasus Build Guide by FireDrake

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FireDrake

Nasus, the Champion of Anubis

FireDrake Last updated on August 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction to the Curater of the Sands

Nasus, the Curator of the Sands is a 1350 (IP) champion. He uses a variety of skills to weaken his enemy before finishing them off. He can be built as either a Bruiser, where he can deal extreme damage with his Q ability and still be able to take a punch; or Nasus can be built as a Glass Cannon who will destroy an enemy with one single blow with his Q. This guide however will show you how you can start to make your own master build for Nasus.

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For Runes on Nasus I like to have some Flat Armour and MR Glyhps and Seals with some bonus Health from your Marks so you can be pretty tank-like early game so you don't have to focus on builder your defense stats first thing.
For Quintessences I like to have some Armour/Magic penetration so his abilities will still do a decent amount of damage.

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In Nasus' masteries I prefer to have some points in all categories so you will be very well balanced in team fights. From what I have made I believe Nasus should have 10 points in offense, to give him some bonus damage from his attacks, 11 points in defense so he can have the advantage at top lane so he can last longer than his opponents, and 9 points in utility so he can get some bonus Mana, movement speed, and a longer duration on buffs so he can do some bonus damage and last longer.

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Nasus should mainly have defensive items, given the fact that he has to first after getting tear 2 boots a Sheen to do double damage with his Q, but he should always focus on the defensive items and have your abilities be your offense (will be explained better in next chapter).

Some of the main items you MUST get are the Heart of Gold, for both health and extra cash; a Philosopher's stone for Health/Mana Regen and extra gold; and a Sheen to do Triple damage when Q is activated. Aside from these items the rest can be decided on the enemy team and who their carry is.

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Skill Sequence

Nasus' skill sequence should focus on his Q but adding points in his W and E at level 2 and 3. Most of these spells may seem weak but in a combo they can be devastating. His Q does more damage the more you have killed using it, his W wither is the best slow of the game and can make a carry nothing in but a few seconds, his E does very little area of effect damage but lowers the enemies Armour and MR when they stand in it giving Nasus' team a window of opportunity to easily score an ace, and lastly his Ult is to make him incredibly tanky and make his abilites do more damage and gives him the Sunfirecape ability to do area of affect damage while near enemies.

These abilities allow both him and his teammates get kills faster than the enemy team.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells that I would suggest while playing Nasus are, ghost + teleport, or Flash and Ignite. The reason behind these choices are for 1.) When Nasus is solo top you would want to go back to the store to get your items and then teleport to your turret so the enemy team cannot advance, or 2.) if you want to take the offensive route taking flash and ignite when you're on top lane with another champion to give you a chance to recall and not have to get back immediately so you can help other lanes if need be.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Cons:
-Nasus does not need to go back often -No Escape route
-Has passive life steal -Can only go Top Lane
-Has best slow in game -Weak Early game
-Can change team-fights with his E -His Q is weak without farming with it
-Fed Q can one-hit enemies -Never leaves Top Lane for another Lane
-Has natural high health -Hardest Champion to Master
-Good Nasus + Ult = Ace -Needs a Sheen/Trinity Force early/mid game
-Easy to pick up
-Cheap Champion
-All skins are boss

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Team Work

When playing as Nasus early game you have to never change lanes or roam until you destroy the enemies first top lane turret. As you would always do tell your team is Top is M.I.A to make sure that they do not pull-off a successful gank and get a kill.

When Early Game is over and it has turned into Mid Game you as Nasus now need to get a partner to help you get kills or help them get kills so you can easily get fed. However if your a good Nasus and you have your ult. you can go and get a Pentakill for your team.

When playing with your team in teamfights you have to remember to get most of the enemy team in your spirit fire to lower their Armour and MR and Wither their Carry to slow them down to get the kill. Focusing the carry is essential with Nasus once he has withered him, use your Ulti. to make sure no one can stop you from getting to the Carry and one-shooting them with your Q (Siphoning Strike). After the carry is down go the enemy champ with the lowest health or the enemy champ who does the most damage to the team to make it easier to get your team an ace.

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Unique Skills

Nasus is different from all other champs with his abilities. His Passive gives him natural live steal the more he levels up giving him an advantage in lane.
His Q, Siphoning Strike, is his only real power attack that does extra damage on the next hit, this abilities extra damage can be increased by the amount of Minions/Champions/Neutral Monsters that have been slain with his Q. This is his only real attack from his abilities so it has a low cool-down of about 4 seconds at max level.
His W, Wither, is used to slow down an enemy champ by 95% over 9 seconds to make sure that Champion cannot escape you, or to make sure they can't kill you.
His E, Spirit Fire, does minor damage in an area over time to both health and the enemies Armour and Magic Resist over a short duration, this ability with Q can do insane damage with one attack making the enemy champ either low health or dead.

Finally Nasus' ultimate move, Fury of the Sands, makes him as big as Cho'Gath with 6 stacks for about a minute, while in this form he does damage to enemies standing near to him, he gets bonus health in this form, and he also does extra damage with his abilities in this form.

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Nasus farms like an animal. While farming he HAS TO last hit minions with his Q to give it even more damage than before for the rest of the game. Do not engage the enemy unless needed to keep your mana for the enemies Minions to get your Q fed.

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That is it for my Nasus build. If you have a different build you think is better please share the ideas with me so I can make a better one.

Thank you (^-^)

(P.S. If you are wondering why I gave him the nickname the Champion of Anubis, it is because he is a jackal warrior, and his brother Renekton resembles Anubis' father Set (Lord of Chaos) so I thought it was clever with the Egyptian mythology.)