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Nasus the God of Twisted Treeline (Chaser The God of Pain)

Last updated on November 15, 2014
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BOOM THE CANE (About the Author)

Hi guys im "Chaser The God of Pain", I became lvl 30 god challenger Nasus on 3v3 draft ranked soloQ.

My build is simple and its the best I will explain you with this works this well to get best challenger afrika.

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Summoner Spells

You get Clarity cause you want the mana to boom the minions with your Q so you get dem stacks.

You get Ghost to chase, because you are CHASER and thats what you do.

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You want to start with Boots + Pickaxe + Pots.

Why is this ? Because you are Chaser the Nasus god.

After this you wanna rush Guinsoos Rageblade to help you lasthit with the attack speed and miss more minions.

The rest of the build is pretty easy and logical, Sorcerer boots to add the pen you need. Youmuus Ghostblade to help you chase and more att speed. Essence Reaver to not run oom. And Maw of Malmortius coz Hexdrinker is OP. Same logic for ROA.

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How to win??

Expect your teammates to carry you.

If you are a man you should try this build, it actually works.


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