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Last updated on November 10, 2012
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Hi there LoL freaks! This build is about Jax the Grandmaster at Arms...for many players the most ''OP'' champion of the game!!! I play Jax A LOT and he is my main ''Honorable Opponent'' point generator! :)) I have tried so many builds,runes,masteries,items and experimenting with Jax till i found the perfect build for me!
This is NOT A GUIDE ON HOW TO PLAY JAX so i aint gonna explain strategies,plays,abilities and therefore this is for players who already have a decent experience with him.I just wanted to share my secret build recipe while keeping this **** short, clear and easy! :P
My Jax build philosophy is about hybrid penetration on full speed! I know soundS weird :D...''Nerfing'' the enemy champion and shredding their defenses via high Armor AND Magic Penetration while hitting like an idiot on max AS (I LOVE HOW THE 2,5 AS SOUNDS!)

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Jax is THE hybrid champion! This means that he is totally dependent from AD AND AP at the same time and 3/4 of his abilities scale with AP and/or AD.I hate seeing players who treat Jax like an ADC, buying items such Infinity Edge,Phantom Dancer,Bloodthirster and so on..NO THIS IS TOTALLY WRONG GUYS! If you play Jax with no AP then you lose all the bonus magic damage from Empower and Grandmaster's Might PLUS you lose the extra bonus magic resistance! You totally cripple 2/4 abilities! Its like you nerf Jax by yourselves! :P
The perfect way to play Jax is to balance between AD and AP mixed with tanky hyper attack speed! An all around AD AP AS FREAKING TANKY BEAST!

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I explored many Hybrid champions and i found that runes of Destruction really fit well with them! They are quite expensive but PLZ buy them! They WORTH EVERY IP POINT! I never let Hybrid champs without them!
I fill the rest of the page with seals of Alacrity to boost even more early game Jax's attack speed and glyphs of Potency for some AP.
Quints of Vampirism let you survive at low levels and equalize late game your lifesteal gained with spellvamp from Hextech Gunblade.
I know that many players believe that putting 30 points in one mastery sucks and i totally agree...BUT this is the exception! Just put 30 points in offence and the results from Runes n Masteries for the 1 lvl Jax are:

+11% AS (+51% while Surge)
+7% Lifesteal
15 AP (26 while Surge)
62 AD
17/10% Armor Penetration
6,5/10% Magic Penetration
4% CDR

As for the summoner spells...Surge n Exhaust gave me soooooooooo many first bloods!!! :D especially if your teammate has Ignite or Exhaust too.
Surge and Exhaust is a devastating spell combo cause you are extremely buffed and your opponent is extremely nerfed! Give them a try... and ALWAYS CAST THEM AT THE SAME TIME! Surged Jax and Exhausted opponent is a total nightmare for any enemy champ and ofc... a dead enemy champ! :D

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I think that Jax's REAL weapon is available at the League of Legends!!! YES! TRUE! and its called...Guinsoo's Rageblade! I believe that this item is specially designed for Jax himself! :D DO NOT EVER PLAY JAX WITHOUT IT and ALWAYS rush for it! You have to build it around 7-9 lvl and always buy first the Blasting Wand to balance your AP with AD. This item offers you AD plus insane AS AND AP boost and stacks SO WONDERFULLY with Jax's passive!!!
Proceed with the Nerfer Weapon Combo! Malady and Black Cleaver gives you AD and AP plus insane AS...with full stacks from passive and Rageblade you should have around 2,3 AS and ofc maxed AS when Surge!!! BUT...!!! the REAL reason i choose those too are ofc their unique abilities!!! With your hybrid penetration (from masteries,runes,boots) these weapons totally shred the defenses of your enemies! In 1v1 situation nobody cant stand you!
Your build is finished with Warden Mail and last item Hex Revolver for some good defense, regeneration AND for nerfing even more your enemies slowing them on movement and attack speed!!!
If the game goes really late then upgrade to Randuin's Omen and leave last Hextech Gunblade.

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While in full build (or almost full without upgraded Warden and Hex) you should be able to kill ANY ENEMY CHAMPION in 1v1 situation! (REMEMBER JAX IS THE NO1 1V1 CHAMP!) Imagine this you roam you see Ashe wondering in jungle...hide in a bush...Surge, Counter Strike ,Empower and Leap to her...Stun her...Exhaust her...end of story unless she flashes! You totally cripple Ashe's defenses in 2 secs and nerfing her movement and attack speed by 35% while you are maxed in AS and super boosted in AP! It s like facing an enemy champion 6 levels less than yours!!! You can obliterate easily even 2 enemies at once if one of them is a squishy guy.
In teamfights when you have Randuin's Omen your goal is to land yourself in the faces of the enemies! Surge,Grandmaster's Might,Empower,Counter Strike,Leap and Stun as many as possible while you activate Randuin's Omen! This is DEVASTATING for the enemy team! 2 secs of hellish global nerfing and proceed on shredding anyone in your path!
And remember that LoL is a team game...your nerfing factor counts for your teammates too! Your teammates will find even more easier to kill a tankbeast Cho Gath while he is 35% slower on AS , MS and on half of his half Armor AND Magic Resistance ;)

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this build is dedicated to all Jax lovers! :D plz be free to comment and share your thoughts with us if you tried this ****! :P

see you at the Fields.......I will NERF YOU DOWN! ;)