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Aurelion Sol Build Guide by Guest

Middle New Asol battlemage guide

Middle New Asol battlemage guide

Updated on February 11, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,404 Views 0 Comments
2,404 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Aurelion Sol Build Guide By Guest Updated on February 11, 2023
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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

New Asol battlemage guide

By Guest
abilities overview
passive: you gain stacks blah blah

Q: channeled. range increases with level. max duration is 3.5 until its lvl 5, and infinite at lvl 5. its your main source of damage in game, focusing it on someone makes it burst (or crit as I call it) and deal nice damage + max health damage that scales with stacks. 1 full sec of focus into someone deals 30-90 (based on lvl) + 15-55 (based on rank) + 60% ap, and a crit deals 20-40 (based on lvl) + 40-80 (based on rank) + 1% of the target's max health per each 32 (roughly) stack. also deals 50% of the damage to other targets around the primary target which doesnt apply crits at all.

W: after 0.4 sec cast time, fly into the location (will be cast on max range if cast beyond it) with 335+normal ms speed. you can cast other ablities in flight. while flying Q will

1- have no cd
2- have no max channel duration (even if Q isnt max ranked)
3- deal 14-20% increased flat damage (based on W rank)
4- half the dash speed

while you can cast Q while flying, you cannot start to fly while channeling Q.
also takedowns within 3 seconds of damaging the enemy reduce this ability's cd by 90% total cd.
also most importantly, W range scales with 7.5*stacks

open a blackhole after 0.5 sec delay and 0.25 cast time. also cast range scales with level and blackhole size scales with stacks (center to total ratio is fixed) the blackhole lasts for 5 seconds, pulling enemies toward its center ( the mechanic thats used here is kinematics, the one used in rell's ulti) while dealing a bit of damage to them. it also executes targets (other than epic monsters) who hit the center below 5 (+ 1% per each 38.5 stack) percent of their max health. it drains champions inside, collecting 1 stack per second they are inside the blach hole. also collects stacks for each enemy died while under the effect. 5 per champs and epic monsters, 3 per large minions and monsters and 1 per small minions and monsters ( I have no idea about the medium rock thing). the stacks are granted after the blackhole collapses. also spell shield will block only a single instance of damage. its your main source of stacks.

R: crashes down a star into the earth (no cast time, size scales with stacks) after 1.25 sec delay, stunning enemies for 1.25 sec, dealing damage equal to 150-350 (based on rank) + 65% ap. also collects 5 stacks per champ hit.
after you unlock ulti, after collecting 75 stacks, your next ulti is empowered. after you cast your empowered ulti you start collecting stacks toward the 75 stacks again.

R+: hits in a larger area, deals 25% increased damage, delay is 2 sec and knocks up instead of stun. also creats a shockwave that explands to 5000 radius (!) over 3 sec, dealing 150-350 (based on rank) + 60% ap, slows by 50% for 1 sec and reveals them for 1.5 sec.
laning phase
you gain stacks by E ing minions. early game you are weak and play nasus style. farm and stay safe. try to 1- not ruin minion wave stage so all melee minions take the same damage, 2- keep all melee minions health close to each other by AA ing them. when they are low E on them (dont pull the caster minions so u dont push more, unless if u can kill them too). and try to hit the enemy laner with it too, so you proc comet and mf band. after lvl 2 u can start to Q tap the enemy, procing comet and mf band wihout going on cd. dont cast W in lane and keep it for escape from enemy jungler or even enemy laner. back at 1100 (if you must) or 1400 gold to buy catalyst (or lost chapter) and boots. then tp back if u have tp, or push wave with E+Q, recall and walk back to the lane. then you can start Q ing on minions too and get all 6 minions with E. you never engage the laner, unless you are super confident that you can kill him. keep farming stacks and gold and buy ROA (or your mythic) and pen boots.
the rest of the game
after you get scepter you can start to truely fight. you can roam and help top/bot laner (should result in a kill, for any of u). you can also fight for epic monsters as R will cover most of their pit easily. while fighting defensively, you stay back, Q into enemies and use W to escape. while fighting offensively, you fly and Q on enemies, and secure kills with E. your R+ can be really game-changing, stunning enemies fighting and help champs like caitlyn, akshan or jhin catch enemies running away by revealing the with the shockwave. dont forget to perma farm as you need stacks to scale well, and to get R+. dont be afraid to cast R if it isnt R+, hitting 2 or even 1 enemy with it is fine as long as it can change the fight or enable a kill. but R+ is better used on monster pits or 3+ enemies. as the game passes, you gain more stacks and become more and more a monster, and can easilt carry endgame on yourself, just be careful to not die.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Aurelion Sol Guide
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New Asol battlemage guide

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