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New Moon Rising

Last updated on December 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there Folks!

I've been a League player for a year now and I thought about starting to create guides in order to make champions to u guys more fun.
In this guide I will show a few different builds for Diana, who actually became my main from the moment of her release.
So I hope u guys can use this and enjoy.

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For Runes I take magicpen marks, manareg/5 seals, flat AP glyphs and flat AP quints.
The magicpen marks are really useful since u take out the enemys magicresist almost completely at early levels. In my opinion Diana is an incredible snowballchampion. Get 1 kill, get 2 kills and u almost cannot be stopped unless ur team fed like crazy.
The manareg ist quite useful early too. Laning Diana does not have huge manacosts, but if u use ur q to get those 2 lasthits at the end of the lane , so do it. The runes will regenerate ur mana quite fast and as soon as you have ur 2 dorans ist all abaout harrasing the enemy and farming ur lane with Q > W. The flat AP ist also good for ealy fast kills, which u need in order to dominate ur lane completely.

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Masteries are pretty standard apcarry with manareg and longer buffduration. There is nothing really special about that. U might try out to use the speedbuff in utility instead of the additioinal mana, in order to land a q since u r faster than ur enemy, but that is totaly up to ur playstile.

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Now this is also pretty staightforward on Diana.
You start wirh boots and hp pots. Don't ever even think about anything else with laning Diana, its just a bad idea. U then recall as soon as u have about 1000 gold and pick up those 2 dorans or if u have about 1200g get 1 dorans and the magicpen boots.
After that u just rush ur Deathcap. As soon as u have ur needlessly large rod u should be able to 100 > 0 ur enemy midlaner as far as he isn't a ****ing galio, swain or vladimir, those guys simply suck. The most important thing on Diana is to land ur q but more of that in the gameplay chapter.
After D-cap and after ur first 2-3 kills go over to abyssal szepter. this item grants u the macicpenetretion u need to continue to oneshot ur enemy with 1 combo and is also incredibly good on teamfights due to the aura. The additional magicresist sinpmly makes this item OP on diana.
Rylais for slow and additional HP. Zhonyas after a comboif u get focused since u should be like about ON the enemy ADcarry. In the end lich bane to autocombo ur enemies for even more damage.

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Skill Sequence

Easy as well: Max q asap but get ur w twice before u hit lvl 9. The good thing abaout w ist not only the damage, but also the fact, that this makes trading with meele apcarry easier. U hit them but u have ur shield to block their damage.
Get e at lvl 4 if ur jungler wants to gank or u want to trade with a fast q>e>w>q.
As soon as u hit lvl 6 skill ultimate and either try to destroy ur own lane or just go gank top or mid and **** them over. Diana was mainly created as a jungler, so her gankpotential is insane.

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Flash Ignite... exhaust might be ok if u have an ad enemy mid, but ignite still is my prefered summoner. It helps to secure kills and let ur enemy die a painful death if he flashes to escape ur deadly combo. Flash simpls either to get out of a fight after angaging, or to flash > r and get that ****ing ezreal who just flash > e'd away and is almost imppossible to catch.
U might think of TP since she can gank that well, but actually in lategame ur splitpushpotential kinda sucks. Therefore stick to flash ignite, ur doing nothing wrong with it.

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Diana is probably one of the most mobile ap carrys together with katarina. As u might expect kata is one of my favourite champs too but just one stun simply kills her. Diana is a bit different. She has a brilliant slow + shield combo which can be used offensively and defensively, whichever is needed at the moment.
There are 2 really important things on diana.
First u need to farm in the first 3 or 4 levels... get about 30 cs in those 5-6 minutes so u can get that dorans or mpen boots. then u have everything u need and just wait for ur lvl 6 and nuke the **** out of them.
The second thing on diana is your q... not only that it does a decent amount of damage, it also gives u the reset on ur ult if u hit the target with q and then r onto them. Not many enemys expect u to ult twice to finish the kill, so they will actually try to trade after u q > R them. Thats when u simply destroy them. turn on w e and just lett all those little balls pop onto the poor guy ur fighting against... he ist slowed so he will either flash or tank the damage... now it depends on if he is lo enough to kill him with r + ignite or if u simply wait for ur q to come off cd , hit him again and then double ult him... he should be ****ed...
In Teamfights u actually need to hit ur q ... in the best case u land it on a carry... jump in to the marked target w >e ur enemies and let ur team do the rest while u auto and wait for cd's... ur autos will do insane dmg if u get 3 of them off due to her passive and since it is an aoe autohit all enemies get damaged. If u see that the enemy carry is running away, check if u can risk to ult and kill him , without his team suddenly turning onto u and killing u... diana ist tanky, but no tank, always remember that. if they fight, q ult agin and by then u can use ur ult just to finish them off... with d-cap and abyssal and without having a feeding team, u shoud kill all of them fast.

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Pros / Cons

Dianas strong skills:

Insane gankpotentisl
mobility that only few enemys expect
tankyness through ur shield
decent range with q to farm
huge burstdamage

Dianas weaknesses:

- no escape (take flash)
- if she gets snared u must have gotten ur shield of before or u will probably die since the enemy team will have noticed ur crazy damage
- since she is a meely champion u micht get poked by enemys like lux with long range speöös and autos... if u really cant do anything get philo and kages, sit back, farm with q and wait for lvl 6.. then u have ur gapcloser and u destroy them

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So all in all I have to say that diana is an incredibly strong ap carry and that people do wisely when banning her in rankeds.
I hope I could help u guys with this build and that u enjoyed it

So have fun and see ya sometime on summoners rift!