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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxJEWGGURNAUTxx

New strategy for Summoners Rift

xxJEWGGURNAUTxx Last updated on April 10, 2012
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New Stratagy

Me and my friend thought this up after taking a severe loss form the enemy's AP carry. Ok so here's how it goes if the enemy has a really strong AP carry you want to go 1 top, 2 mid, 2 bot. The trick is though you need a really strong top such as Irelia, 2 ranged mid that don't use mana such as Kennen and Vlad, and a very strong bottom duo such as Kog/Nunu. Now as mid you want to be extremely aggressively against there AP carry and prevent him/her from farming. Also you want to push the lane really hard. Oh and one last thing there should be a slight difference between the 2 mids. There should be 1 "Primary" mid and 1 "Secondary" mid but we will get into more on that later.

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What to do!?

To Do:
- Be very aggressive against there carry
- push mid lane so they are very vulnerable late game
- Whenever someone leaves there lane to go mid start pushing that lane
- Ward around mid and enemy blue
- Dont let enemy get blue

- Set yourself up for ganks (REMEMBER TO WARD)
- tower dive

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Roles of Primary Mid

The most important part of the primary mid is to non stop harass the enemy champ (BUT DON'T TOWER DIVE) The primary mids money should be generated off of champion kills. The Primary mid should be going for raw AD/AP to really take down the enemy.

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Roles of the Secondary Mid

The secondary mid should Be generating money from ASSISTS and minion kills. The secondary mid should be buying support items like Sight Wards (or wrigglers lantern), Aegis of Legion, Ect...

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Team Work

Make sure you stay in contact with your teammates. If something is going wrong send 2nd mid to help them. this also works vice versa, if mid gets ganked bad or is getting pwned by the enemy bottom lane should send someone to help clear up the situation.


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