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Newest Yasuo build guide by XilentHunteR!

Last updated on April 13, 2015
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Hello :) Im XilentHunteR. I main yasuo for about 4 months and i can say that i have learnt him.I will show you my preffered build and guide on Yasuo

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For runes i usually take 3 lifesteal runes 9/8 attack speed runes flat hp seals or bonus health. You can take armor runes if you vs an AD champ like riven or zed. Or you can take mr if you are against AP -Lifesteal runes combined with a dorans blade will give you a lot of sustain ealry,so you dont need to back.

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For 21/9 is a must. Yasuo is a meele carry so he needs 21/9.This gives you nice offense and defence too!

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Now for the items....: Alwyas Start with a Dorans blade and 1 hp pot...this is the most picked early items.Ofc you can take boots or dorans shield if the enemy has a lot of poke dmg. After you finished shiv go for berserker bootswith a homeguard enchant. This will make your Q-s cooldown lower so you can do more steel tempest attacks. After you should build his next main item. The Infinity Edge....this gives yasuo a huge powerspike and with shiv it gives you 80% crit.Since IE was Nerfed,you can achieve 100% with 1 more crit item like youmuus or tryinity...but better to skip it. For 4th item you should buy 1 lifesteal item...I like to go with Bloodthirster cuz it gives you nice dmg. But you can switch it for a Hydra or Bork. after that i buy 2 tanky items. Yasuo does sustain damage and not burst damage! never forget that.

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