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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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NewNew Geerd(Solo Top)

Last updated on September 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide is strickly for my self remembrance and for the use of mah buddies(prolly jake) for a SOLO TOP nunu guide.I play solo top as my role and i have to say, nunus sustainability in the top lane makes him a fantastic choice for when your junglers can dish out some damages on ganks.
(Pleaste Note: Because he can survive longer top lane, the trade off is that the damage output for ganks isnt viable unless your jungler has good CC or good damage output. Hence why the items i have listed are more for somewhat harrass/good late game items.)

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Build order MAI way :)

The Build order for this nunu guide goes into better damage mid and late game then it does for early game. Which is Why the Ability Sequence before lv6 is E,Q,E,W,Q. Allowing yourself to get 2 ranks in consume and ice blast allows for the sustain top lane, as well as at least a tad of damage output incase of early ganks from your team, or to prevent the enemies solo top to go in on their ganks with full health. the 1 rank in Blood Boil is used in this case for an escape mechanism. After you get your R(Absolute Zero), and after you have acquired more items with Ability Power, Maxing out your Ice Blast now becomes priority. The 2 ranks in consume will be viable enough to help your CS, so getting to the point where Nunu can actually start pushing turrets/killing the enemy becomes priority. After The Ice Blast has been maxed, you then should work on getting consume maxed to help with the near future dragon/baron fights and to also get your CS to the maximum capacity. Once both of those moves have been maxed should you then start getting your W(Blood Boil). Mobility will become a great and important role as you move into late game because laning phases are over and team fights are breaking out. With the movement speed your getting from the Blood Boil, you will be able to travel across the map in no time. Plus this is to the point where your AD Carry hsa gotten incredibly good and stable AD items, and buffing their attack spped makes them deal the damage needed, and beyond.

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Items for MEH

Some guides will recommend that you buy a Dorans Ring first but i feel like nunu wont be dishing out good damage before Lv 6. So instead of that i go for the Boots of Speed and 3 Health Pots. The Boots because your not going to be getting your Blood Boil till lv 4 and you wont be maxing it until last. Consume will help with your health problems, but Nunu is easy to harass early game. Once after getting CS up and at this point you may be maxing your E, Ability power starts playing a big role as Nunus Scaling with AB is insane. Buy 2 Dorans Rings and Haunting Guise to start making your lane even more dominant. Why go Haunting Guise? The Health and Ability Power acquired from this item makes it a viable choice itself, but to top it off it also gives you 20 Magic Pen. This is good. One of the things that will make Nunu incredibly good mid/late game will be the fact that he will be getting his Ability Power, and his Magic Pen at the same time, and will be melting tankier/MR characters faster because of this. Next 2 items you should be getting is the Boots of Swiftness and Deathcap. Boots of Swiftness will make up for the lack of maxing Blood Boil last and give you good mobility through out the game. People may go for Sorcerer's Shoes because it will add to their MP, but the items you will be getting later in the build will make up for this fact. Plus Helping teammates and escaping ganks will become ALOT easier. The Deathcap for OBVIOUS reasons. 140% Ability Power + 30% Ability Power + NUNU = God. Now for the Crystal Scepter and the Void Staff. Crystal Scepter will make you even more tankier and allow for the Ability Power at the same time. Plus an additional slow with its passive will make your Ice Blast a hell of alot deadlier. The Void Staffs magic pen is insane, allows to completely dominate the tankier champions at this later level. Plus, well obviously, MOAR ability power. And lastly, a Lich Bane. More Ability Power, More Mana, Magic Resistance, More Movement speed. It passive makes nunus basic attacks a hell of alot better, as this this help with a Ice Blast/Auto attack combination that is obviously a no-brainer.

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Obviously using your Consume to get the minion kill is required, and also using your Ice blast to last hit can be good while your mana isnt to low. When it does get low, using basic attacks to get your passive stacks going will be better, at which point when yo ugain the passive, you use the Ice Blast OR Consume. I wouldnt use the passives proc on a Blood Boil. The Early rank in Blood Boil will allow you to hit quicker to secure CS faster.

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This is my first guide and for anyone wondering, no, i dont give two ***** about your opinion. If you dont like it, then gtfo. After all, this guide is only for me and a couple of buds and since your eyes have read this, then maybe you will be seceptable to using it as well :)


(P.S: I dont feel like, or just dont care about listing why i chose my masteries or runes.) If You can read and you have eyes then you can see/scroll over why these are listed and needed if you want a Good Sustain/Damage output nunu.) :)