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Nidalee a one way ticket to escaping.

Last updated on November 12, 2011
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Hi everyone, fist of all I want to thank you all for reading this guide. I will try to make an in depth guide on playing Nidalee while getting the max out of capabilities. I first learned to play Nidalee through the guide made by HotshotGG though I quickly found it was a hard champion to play and though HotshotGG is the best Nidalee play.
Now there are some others around but they didn't satisfy me well enough. Therefore I am writing this guide in the hope it will help many new (Nidalee) players in their quest on to the battlefields of LoL.

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Pro's and con's

Now of course, just as any other champion Nidalee has got her pro's and her con's. Here I will put together a list why to and why not to play Nidalee.


Nidalee's got THE best escape in the whole game.
Her heal can reach up to 600-700 late game even while it's been nerfed.
Her spear does MASSIVE damage and is a tool of death upon the other team. (In a good snipe I could hit around 2000 on my target champion)
She is a 7 skill champion which makes her extremely fun to play.
She can give a great solo top.
She has got great pushing capabilities

She is extremely squishy.
Nidalee is extremely hard to master correctly.
She is often focused in team fights.

Of course I'm fan of Nidalee so I can't really see too many con's and I am sure I'm leaving some out on the pro's too so if you've got something to add jut post is in the comment section and if I agree I will add it.

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Pregame setup

First things first, before you start to play Nidalee you will have to tackle your base build, meaning your runes and masteries. Those I will be threating in separate chapters though here you will find some basic information.

I'm not yet level 30, what should I do???
No worries, the sooner you start playing the better, after all everyone has got their main. Though if you look at runes and masteries it usually brings forth some problems but nothing too serious. Your masteries will just have to be added while you level up and though most others will say that runes are worthless beneath the level 20 I don't agree. Use your IP to buy tier 1 or if you're above level 10 tier 2 runes. They aren't as powerful but not as expensive either. So in the end it's just an extra boost.

Why are there so many runes in your build while a rune page doesn't support as many?
Well though the question is quite complicated the answer is simple. I do not believe in one page being the best and therefore I've put together different builds so that everyone can judge for themselves which suits them best.