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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mic

Nidalee AP Beast

Mic Last updated on January 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build with my best champion, Nidalee. First I will tell you something about Nidalee and the summoner spells i chose with her, then her spells, the masteries and runes. Then in the end I will tell you about the whole game with Nidalee.

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Nidalee is one of the best champions to escape ganks and so. I choose ghost and flash as my summoner spells to safely get away from ganks, and get out of a team fight if they focus on me(and then of course go in again after, so it will be hard for them to focus, as they will have to swtich target at least to times). Cleanse is also a good choice. Ive seen some with clarity as well, but if u got the runes and you dont spam your spells too much in the beginning, you should easily keep up the mana. Remember to get the mana buff sometimes to be able to spam heal and javelin.
Mind that Nidalee is creating the most awesome team ever with lux. .. Just keep that in mind :D
Enjoy (;

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Javelin Toss/Takedown

Javelin Toss is probably her most dangerous spell. Nidalee throws a spear that deals massive damage depending on how far away you threw it from the target. Use this to harass the enemy when you are in lane. When you are chasing an enemy, and you have damaged the enemy alot, switch to normal form again and use Javelin Toss. If your aim is right, and the enemy has a bit low hp it will often give you the kill. But this of course depends on which champion you are chasing.

Takedown is her main damage spell in cougar form. This deals massive damage, depending on how much health the enemy target has. The lower it has, the more this spell damages (up to 250& of the regular damage). It is awesome to gain kills. Some people might call it kill stealing if you didnt do more that use this spell, but this is a team game, and you are the teams carry so it is just better the more kills you get. But of course the whole team should get some kills too. I recommend using this spell as the last in cougar form, for example, use pounce, swipe then takedown, because it will deal more damage, which is very important.

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Bushwhack is, in my opinion, her weakest spell. BUT its still awesome though. This spell is a trap that decreses magic resistance and armor when triggered. It also makes you able to see the target that triggers it and the enemies around the target. It is very nice to have, as it will make you more comfortable when laning. This is also great to ruin an enemy gank. When you are mid, place them in the bushes on the left and right, and/or in both side, next to the bushes. When bot and top(hopefully your not), place them 2 in the river. Imagine if evelynn or twitch tries, while they are invisible, to gank you, but then they walk through the bush/river where you have placed a trap. Then they will be visible to you, and it just saved your ***. It is also great support for the friends, as i will make it easier for them to kill the target that triggers it, as it decreses armor and magic resistance. Also is it a good idea to use Javelin Toss, on some1 that triggers a trap, to deal extra damage. So its not weak, but the weakest she's got.

Pounce is a VERY effective chasing/escaping spell. This combined with you running through bushes, makes almost nobody able to follow you. If they should get in on you, just use ghost.
Pounce also deals a bit damage, which is effective when your chasing somebody, as it might just take their last health and kill them, if not it will just help you kill them (:

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Primal Surge/Swipe

Primal Surge is the spell that keeps nidalee in lane for a long time, and it also makes her push towers very fast. This spell heals the friendly target for an amount that increses with Ability Power. It also gives the target alot incresed attack speed, for a short duration.

This spell is extremely effective late game, when you have got alot of Ability Power. It helps your whole team, but i will tell you about that later.
Use it when pushing the towers, and just heal the targets that needs to be healed. It's very simple. Just dont spam it too much before you have got Archangels Staff.

Swipe is a great farming ability, and its also great for team battles as it will strike multiple targets. Just spam it as it recharges to deal damage.

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Aspect of the Cougar

Use Aspect of the cougar to farm minions from lvl 6 and for very high melee dmg.
To farm minions use Pounce then swipe and last hit the minions if they are not dead yet(this only happens from 6 to about 9 if you follow this build.

When Ganking jump in with Pounce, then use swipe, then takedown.
Keep in mind that Takedown deals more damage, the less health the target has.

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Greater Mark of Insight: Magic penetration is awesome for Nidalee. It will boost the damage your Javelin, which is what we want :D

Greater Glyph of Potency: The more Ability Power, the better it is. I choose flat Ability Power instead of Ability Power per level because i really like to be better than my enemies in the beginning, and I want to deny as much exp as possible for my enemies, by making them recall, stay back or so.

Greater Seal Of Clarity: It boosts your mana regen ALOT. This is extremely helpful for early game, as it will of course make you heal and throw javelin more often.

Greater Quintessence of Potency: Same as glyph

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I choose 9-0-21. The nine in offense is of course because magic penetration is just what you want with Ability Power (;
Utility is for less cd on flash, the regen and of course the buff.

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Pros / Cons

Massive Dmg whole game.
Great escaping skills.
Awesome chaser as well
Has great heal spell (Primal Surge)
She is still pwning while she is out of mana.
Can easily keep up the stacks of Rageblade
Awesome pusher
Has the ability to stay in lane, very long

Quite squishy
No Crowd Control
I cant think of more

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Early Game

Start out with Amplifying Tome. Take middle lane if possible. But please dont start getting angry on each other.. this will just start a bad teamwork, so just take it if its okay for ur teammates. Just start last hitting minions and throwing the spear at champions. But dont spam the spear, because you will be out of mana in a few seconds. Heal when needed. If you are killing enemies, go back to get soulsteal as fast as possible. When you have soulstealer you should try to get in as many combats as posible to get the stacks. (They help ALOT)
When you are level 6, remember that if you go oom(out of mana), you can just turn to cougar form and farm until u have regenerated some mana.

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Mid Game

Start ganking if you havent yet. This is very important to get stacks in soulstealer and money. If the enemy team has alot stun/snare/slow, just take the Mercury's treads, if not, go for swiftness/Ninja Tabi or sorcerer's. If u like ninja tabi, set 9 talents in defense to get Nimbleness. Remember to run through bushes while escaping or chasing(But be careful if the enemy team has a teemo). When you get Archangels staff, you shouldn't need mana buff anymore. When you have got the Archangels staff, just swap to cat-form and spam spells to charge it, when you have nothing else to do :D

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End Game

In end-game your AP should be very very high, and you will heal about 1000hp with primal surge. If this is the situation, just stand with your whole team outside their base, and trying to get in it, while killing the enemies. You will easily be able to keep up the preasure on them, as your team can just stay and get their health refilled at you, and you have got the most awesome mana regen so you wont go oom :D This will lead to victory :D

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I hope you liked the guide, and i will see more and more pwning Nidalees :D
Please comment. And tell me if you've got any advice to make this build better, and just tell me what you think of the build ..
Thank you (;