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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reinbach

Nidalee(AP) - Spears, Claws and Heals...Oh my

Reinbach Last updated on July 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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That Crazy Cat Lady
Nidalee is by far the most interesting champion I have come across.
Her shapshifting allows her to turn from ranged caster and healer type champ, to a melee and chasing champ. A successful Nidalee must learn to constantly be changing forms.

Rewarding Champ
Nidalee is a very interesting marriage of Range Magic Melee, all these must be utilized correctly for a good game. Nid is hard to use, but with enough practice she is very rewarding. Nothing quite as magical as picking off a champion at half health safely tucked next to a turret. Nid is a much harder skillshot hero to play then Ezrael, easily. His just have to hit, yours have to have that distance. But, when you land that perfect max distance kill, people will be singing much more praise than if an Ez did it.

Your Job?
Well, there is several ways to play nid. I play her as a support/Dps stacking as much AP as I can and harassing the hell out of the enemy team with HUGE max distance spear hits and insane heals. Nid's heals can do way more than a Soraka easily with enough AP. You're job is to wait until your team is in a fight before you waltz on in it. The enemy team will want you dead, your spears are pissing them off.

Use ALL them skills
Not a single spell Nidalee has is useless, they are all very important spells.
Let's start with her first one, Javelin Toss.
Javelin Toss
Javelin toss is your favorite skill in this build. You can harass very well, and your enemy will almost always underestimate it. I've had several enemies who completely ignored my toss move, get hit and almost die. And just when they thought they were safe to port out next to their turret, a javelin would come out of the jungle to the side and finish them off, classic. A good way to see your target is to use bushwhack, you gain vision over the area for a brief moment, which you can gauge your distance and target location.

This skill makes me smile. You walk into a bush, grow leaves, and start walking a lot faster. Truly annoying to enemies, important for you to use in all situations. If you are running, you must be looking for a bush to take a quick dive into and make your pursuers work just a little bit harder. And it's one of the best ways to get around the map

Bushwhack is a great skill for finding Teemo mushrooms and finding Toss targets. Something truly heartwarming about seeing an enemy across the map stumble upon your trap at low health, and a TF on your portaling to him and murdering him. It's a great way to test bushes for ambushes and important for getting that extra damage in on the mana golems.

Primal Surge
This skill is amazing, I've been able to outheal enemy Sorakas by INCREDIBLE amounts in team fights. I can bring a tank to almost full with 1 heal. Usually my heals get up to about 900 and the longer games see my heals climbing up the 1000s. And if the heal wasn't crazy enough, it also gives the target attack speed. Great for casting on Jax for added lulz or even a twitch that is doing his ulti for that extra POW. Or just cast it on yourself as you run from the angry hoard of baddies trying to murder you for all those javelin tosses.

Aspect of the Cougar
This spell makes you truly unique, the ability to shift between forms is VERY important when playing as nid as both intimidation, escape, and stacking your max mana increase per spell cast item.

This is a interesting spell doing more damage based on the enemy's hp. Lower it is, more it does to a max of 250%. Great for executing that running fruitcake or mowing down the golems.

This skill is by far the most important skill in Cougar form. Being able to jump forward to escape or chase is one the best chasing moves. If you are not spamming it to get around, you should be, your mana stacking item benefits from the constant use. Also makes a great distance closer with pounce, flash, KAPOW. Or Flash, pounce, KABOOM.

This is your other skill that works very well with pounce, great for minion farming with a pounce swipe combo and to top it all, it has a little range on it. Very short, but it's gotten me some surprising kills just by using it on the very edge of its radius.

Dangers To You
Your greatest danger is of course, angry players. People will be screaming at their team for you to die so you must anticipate this and try to fake jumping into a fight to make their team get confused when you go in the other direction and a couple follow.
Your best defense is: intel, intel, intel. Traps are a great source of intel that you need to survive. Using your passive to your advantage at all times is important too. And don't get cocky.

Why Cleanse And Flash?
People will hate you, they will want to make your skull into a goblet, you must be able to foil those nefarious plans and if need by, make some goblets of your own with your insane chasing ability.

If you think you can do it, make one of the first items you get a soulstealer. This build works very will with it.

Thanks for Looking
Thanks for looking, will problem add even more later but for now I'm satisfied. Please leave any comments you have about it, and if you think something can be improved in this guide, please tell me, I would love to hear it.