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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chellex

Nidalee Carry (levelling)

Chellex Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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When i level i usually play as nidalee cause the mobility and damage just makes it so much fun playing and experimenting with, but remember, this is just a levelling guide, i wont be covering the the arranged team strategies or anything close to that... this is just a small guide wich shows what items you might wanna get first to make abit easier to start out with this champion...

so basicly try and follow this build, dont act tankish ever cause you're nothing close to that, enter the fight as a carry or as a 1v1 gank or you will get massacred...
Tower solo'ing is very possible already early in game because of the haste buff in your heal, so use this wisely already very early in the game...

besides that just have fun with nidalee and experiment with your own playstyle...

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How to pick your items

Okay so, apprently i have to write atleast 5000 characters to publish this shizzle so ill write some shizzle to make this shizzle work...

So, Always start out with a Health Potion and a Doran's Ring, this will give you the edge with regen and outlasting you need in the start....

Boots of Mobility: these are usually my choice for Nidalee, i find them way more useful for getting around to push towers, gank solo laners or junglers, escape, or just get around in general

Sheen-->> Lich Bane: Cause its fo'shizzle...

Guinsoo's Rageblade: This can be a really big help, early game, but if you dont feel that you are ahead of the game, you shouldnt buy it ever...

Mejai's Soulstealer: This is kind of the same as Guinsoo's rageblade, only thing is that you shouldnt really ever get this unless you are getting alot of kills on the enemy in the start... so if you feel you are really getting the kills in early game, you might wanna considder getting this

Guardian Angel: to get the resist and armor that you really need to just take the top off the damage that you will most definently take, also the on death ability isnt too bad either:)

Rabadon's Deathcap: this will make ur AP go crazy, which is just what you need to still be top ganker in the very endgame...

SO, with items, i generally use the build which i have shown earlier on this page, but there will always be some variables which may make you need to change your choice of items...

An example: Mejai's Soulstealer is one of these items, from time to time, while learning this champion, you might experience games where getting the killing blows you need is just not possible, wich would make the purchase of Mejai's Soulstealer a very bad choice and basiccaly a huge waste of gold... its the same thing with Guinsoo's Rageblade, i usually only get this if i have a really big overflow of cash very early in the game, wich shouldnt be so hard if you master this champion... Most of these things shouldnt be pretty self explanatory when you get the hang of the champ, and once you get to that point, carry'ing your team to victory shouldnt be a big issue...

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Summoner Spells

These Summoner spells are pretty basic for Nidalee, the Flash gives you the very edge of mobility you need to get away from almost Any situation, but to really give you the EDGE of escaping, even from 5v1 ganks, You gotta have Cleanse... This allows you to get out of ANY situation, as Nidalee its even more crucial not to die than with most other champs, cause your damage advantage decreases with all downtime you have, and since its your only real advantage you really dont wanna do that... you can experiment with other Spells too if you want, but from the setups i have tried, i have always found this the most useful...

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Skill Sequence

Javelin Toss: is my first choice, getting it to level 2 as fast as possible will give you the damage advantage that you need in the start

Primal Surge: is the Heal/tower push spell, it gives you a haste buff with the heal that is really key to getting the edge even when it looks like you might have lost the fight already...

Bushwack: Place this in every bush you see, it might not give alot of damage but its really annoying to run into a trap, and the debuff is a pain in the ***

Aspect Of The Cougar: COUGAR IS THE SHIZZLE! low Cd means making ur enemies go crazy when u bounce around and catch them so easily...

Takedown: Amazing damage early game, even when going for AP items, really key to burst down your opponent quickly

Pounce: bounce around like a pimp, this makes you extremely mobile and even does damage on impact, GOODNESS!

Swipe: Great to farm minions, but also does a great deal of damage to your opponent!

All spells in cougar form are free! remember this, go nuts!

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So this was my guide to nidalee, it was ment to be shorter but apparently i needed to write atleast 5000 characters, so i tried to do that, if you have any questions about the guide just leave a comment

I've tried to add all my own views of this champion, but of course there will always be alot of different ways to play a champion, this is simply the one i find most viable, mobile and suitable for me...

Please also feel free to comment any improvements to the build, if its about runes, masteries, anything

Chellex over and out... PEaZ!