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Nidalee - Get Sniped.

Last updated on October 18, 2010
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Please keep in mind this is my first SERIOUS build.. If you do rate down, please tell my why and what I can do to make the build better, Comments are appreciated and I will take those who have "bad" opinions thoughts into consideration.

As everyone who has tried Nidalee knows, she is not an easy champ to play. She is 2 champs in one, and is extremely versatile in almost all situations. I don't consider her a "hit or miss" champ, if you do everything correctly, you will ALWAYS be a "hit". I hope my guide works as well for you as it does for me. So lets get started shall we?
Some stuff you may be curious about.. for those who don't actually read the build, and just look at the items and level sequence and continue to fail horribly, you may skip from here on out, and continue to facepalm yourself for not reading :) for the rest of you, some important stuffzors.


-Can 1v1 effectivly on most if not all champs, including tanks.
-Some serious beast-mode heals Mid/Late game.
-Chuckin' 1.3k spears at the squishes to K.O. them :)
-Descent survivability.
-Amazing tower pusher.
-Super smexy pole dancer. (You were thinking it, I know it.)


-Fairly squishy.
-Things can go terribly wrong for you very quickly.
-Has a skill shot. (Yes that means all you "Right Click" loving champ *****s will fail with this champ.
-Sometimes have issues escaping.
-Hard to time when to enter a team fight.
-Last hitting is crutial, and you need to farm a S@#T ton. (hence why you get mid :D)
-Not a right click champ, hard to play, takes time to learn, I believe, hardest champ to play period.


CD reduction is a very nice thing to have on Nidalee.. and of course defence because she is pretty squishy. I see no reason to go down the offence tree unless you want the 15% Mpen. But meh, Not really needed all that much.

- Armor pen is a FTW for her. Helps out so much early game when you harass in mid.- Once again, Armor pen for early game. (And a little bit for late ;))- Dodge runes, yes oh yes. When in cougar you have an extra 10% dodge, so adding on the runes is a BIG help.- CDR is a must for her. Every champ would love to spam abilites as fast as possible, this will increase that for you :D

Summoner Spells

- Ghost is a definate must have. Either gets you away (duh) or can get you back into the lane, or up top/down bottom for a gank.- Also a very nice spell to get you in or out. Prefer to use it to get out as you would pounce in, but flashing to last hit someone (assuming you wiffed a spear) is a positive thing too.- If you get it, I'll find out where you live and slap you. Literally.- Same concept as Revive, I'll smack you. Your not mana hungry, don't be spammin' heals at level 1.- A possible option, but not really needed either. Always nice to get out of a stun/slow though... Could be used.
Early Game(Lvls 1-6)

Your main "objective" early game is to focus on last hitting. If they don't let you have mid as Nid (ha it rhymes, ironic.) you stay there until they boogie out. Mid is your territory, you NEED to farm. Even if your pushed at your turret, don't get over excited and just attack minions until they die and you end up with 2 creep kills while Tristana is stackin' 30. LAST. HIT. When you hit 6 you'll be rollin' in creep kills. So be patient in your lane, and continue to last hit. If the oppertunity comes around and you have whoever your facing in your lane about half health (give or take) hop into cougar form, Pounce(W), Swipe(E), Takedown(Q), Human form(R), Chuck a spear(Q), And odds are they are dead. *Please remember, it happens alot faster than you read in the description, so feel free to push the buttons fast ;)* Remember to always do Takedown last, lower their health, harder it hits.
You DO NOT leave your lane until you have enough to buy your booties straight up. Idc how long it takes you, if you blue pill, you better be walking back into your lane with some Treds. (Unless you died, but you shouldn't if you are following directions :)) Continue to farm, and last hit, maybe help with some ganks, etc.. Until you have your Guinsoo's Rageblade. Buy the Wand first for extra heals. After you get Guinsoo's, WELCOME TO...

Mid Game(Lvls 6-11)

Around this time, you should have your lane's tower down. If not, you should have a few kills under your skirt. (ha its funny, cuz Nidalee is a chick.. get it?...jerks) You'll more than likely aquire a few kills before you get your SoulStealer. But after you get that, DO NOT GET GREEDY. Yes, you want stacks, but don't forget you also get stacks for assists, this is a team game, and you technically are a support class, just saying..
Team fights will start happening soon, your MAIN objective in a team fight is BOTH: Keep the tank alive, and skull **** the squishes. Your spear, at mid distance will take about half their health away, so keep in mind you really only have to spam your cougar abilities once, take a few steps back and chuck a spear.. It's quite easy, just need to be quick about it :). IF you do your job correctly, they will have some serious issues winning team fights.
Take control of the jungle, Your an amazing jungler once you get cougar form. If your minions are pushing, jump back and take out the wraiths, or grab a buff. It will go quickly, trust me. You can easily solo dragon, use all your CD's in cougar, switch to human, spear, heal, Go back cougar, and repeat. Same with all buffs.

Late/End Game(11-18)

So, you got your Zonyas. You got your Lich Bane. And you have a damn good amount of AP. Now is about the time people start getting cocky because they KNOW they hit like a truck. But you, not you.. You play conservative and still KNOW you hit like a truck. You can basically take out squishes in 4 attacks. Q>Auto>Heal>Auto>Trap>Auto.
You may have noticed I havn't said much about her traps until now.. When your in a team fight, drop one of those puppies in the middle, It actually has a nice de-buff in it, and it puts a stack on your Guinsoo's. It's also a ward basically so its nice to throw em around :). Make sure to continue to have those handy Elixrs on you also, as a bonus they make you GLOW, I know right? You shine both ways ;).

Core Build

Yes, you keep that Dorans ring for quite some time..Now those who are familiar with most of the items in the game, will understand why the Spirit Visage is a damn good pick. For those who dont, 20% increased healing.. Your already healing an amazing amount, so adding 20% to that.. Your a beast. Literally. A damn beast.

Other Item Options
- Slows are annoying, and extra AP- Drop your Soul stealer if your not getting stacks, and pick up another Zonyas. Puts you at around 700 ap.- For all the right click *****es.- Not fair for them. Funny for you :).
Please be gentle on constructive criticism.. If something doesn't seem right, or is wrong, please point it out, Comment and Rate. Also, If I'm forgetting something remind me. Thanks and enjoy.

Remember to jungle :)