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Nidalee Hybrid Build - I'll show these House Cats Real Claws

Last updated on November 22, 2012
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Welcome to my short and simple Hybrid Nidalee guide! Nidalee is a melee/ranged champion that is really fun to play if you play her right. I know what you are thinking: hybrid Nidalee??? Just try it out and watch as you faceroll the other team. Nidalee has been one of my favorite champions from the first day I began to play League of Legends. When using this guide, I recommend going to top or bottom lane. The main reason I dislike mid lane is because there are less places to put traps. Also, you don't really have a good angle at spears (unless you are a boss ;)) With this build, you are able to deal decent damage with your spears, and have TONS of AOE with your cougar form, including a Tiamat. After reading this build, I hope you realize how affective hybrid Nidalee can be! :D

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    Amazing burst with her spear
    Great mobility and escapes
    Good Lane sustain
    Both melee and ranged
    Nice AOE damage in team fights and for farming
    Her dance <3

    Squishy if not built right
    Easily focused in team fights
    Hard to land skill shot
    Not many targetable spells
    Easy to kill steal with
    Gets shut down by CC

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Runes are an important part of hybrid Nidalee. I recommend you use 3 Greater Quintessences of Strength for strong melee attacks, 9 Greater Marks of Desolation to tear downs those tanks, 9 Greater Seals of Resilience to make you harder to kill, and last but not least, 9 Greater Glyphs of Warding to sustain in team fights. You can also replace the Quintessences of Strength with Swiftness, to be able to catch up to low health champions/team fights. Instead of Marks of Desolation, you can throw in Strength to add that extra boost to early game.

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For masteries, I recommend putting 21 points in offense, and 9 points in defense. The extra attack damage is helpful, but if you want your spears to take down a bit more health, you can add some ability power. Also, you can put some points in utility. Having some mana could help, but seeing as you will be in cat form most of the time, it is not necessary.

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Your core items while playing hybrid Nidalee will be:

Ninja Tabi- I recommend Ninja Tabi for those AD heavy enemy teams. These boots will allow you to sustain more in team fights and get out with more health. For AP heavy teams, I would buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity. These help throw more spears, lay more traps, etc.

Guinsoo's Rageblade- The AD and AP combined in this item works great for Nidalee. On top of that, you get a nice attack speed boost to your auto attacks, which is always good for tearing down those tankier champions.

Tiamat- Although it doesn't seem like it, Tiamat helps A LOT with this build. In cougar form, you auto attacks splash, on top of the massive AOE coming from Swipe and Pounce. This item helps very much in teamfights, ensuring you to at least deal some decent damage. The regeneration is also a nice touch :).

Lich Bane- This is what makes Nidalee's spears so powerful. With this up, your spears will deal TONS of damage. You could always use some extra AP, MR, and mana. The movement speed helps when you are chasing an enemy, or running away from one.

The Black Cleaver- Once again, this item is great for AD heavy enemies. The attack speed and AD on this item make it perfect for many AD carries such as Fiora, or Caitlin. You wouldn't think that it would work on Nidalee, but think again. This item is GREAT for Nidalee. She needs the attack speed and AD!

The Bloodthirster- Believe it or not, life steal is very powerful on AD Nidalee, as with hybrid Nidalee. It's good for those intense 1v1's, where you need the life steal to survive. Don't worry about the stacks, you will be getting plenty of kills, no matter if you get them on your own, or you kill steal. :P

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Skill Sequence

It is best to max your spear first for amazing poke damage at low levels. Next, your heal should be maxed. It can be extremely helpful in team fights, especially when you are getting focused. The trap is usefull, but is not worth maxing first, As always, level up your Ultimate whenever possible. :)

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite are popular Summoner Spells for any champion.
Flash, combined with Pounce, makes a nice escape when you are low health. Both spells can go through walls, so plan your route carefully.

Ignite works amazing against tanks with health regeneration, such as Dr. Mundo or Volibear. Ignite and a spear can also take your enemies health down a ton.

Another option for a Summoner Spell would be ghost. With ghost, you can catch up to enemies and constantly be in range for your auto attacks, which is important. Along with Nidalee's passive, it makes her very agile in escaping, and ganking.

Instead of Ignite, you can choose Exhaust, to slow fleeing enemies or reduce damage from those annoying AD carries.

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I hope this build has helped you become a better Nidalee player! I have worked very hard on this build and I have made it as accurate as possible. Please test out this build and leave your comments and scores!

I'll show these House Cats Real Claws!