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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cavedens

Nidalee - Jack of all trades!

Cavedens Last updated on January 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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A lot of people do not select Awareness. I choose this due to the fact that Nidalee starts out as one of the slower champions and isn't really productive until level 6 when she can turn into a cat. The rest of the points I put into Offense. A combination of spear damage and cat damage.

-I start with Javelin Toss. Most people seem to start with primal surge but I find this much more useful in harassing and keeping your distance. It prevents people from farming mobs while you can still say close enough to get experience and gold quickly.
-Next I learn Primal Surge. This is a great turret destroyer and also prevents you from having to stack so many health pots. Anytime you are attacking a turret use it because it increases your attack speed and helps take them down faster.. even if you haven't lost life. Keep in mind you can use this on other players as well. So if someone else is turret attacking with you and has low life use it on them. Your roll is to also keep other people up!
-If you have stealthers such as Evelynn right off the bat you can switch this to your second skill learned to plant in bushes and what not to keep an eye on everyone. This is a VERY helpful skill throughout the whole game. Every time it is on cooldown throw a trap in a bush. You will be surprised what kind of advantage this gives you to have vision through out the map.
-When you hit level 6 this skill is what makes Nidalee Pro! But keep in mind it is not your only ability. She has just as much utility outside of cat as inside of cat. This is where your massive damage output is most of the time. When you change into cat your abilities change. You get 3 new abilities that are free of mana charge. When you get lifesteal off Hextech this form will leech like crazy.

Runes are pretty simple but you can also switch them quite a bit with Nidalee if you wish for different builds. I find Fortitude Quint to be the best. You can never go wrong with more HP. The mana regen helps.. Nidalee can be very mana intensive beginning games. Dodge also helps because when you go cat and go for a kill this bit of survivability could mean life or death. And last but not least Mag Pen is always good. Most of your abilities have Magic Damage attached to them.. Cant go wrong.

I like to start with getting Ninja Tabi. The increased speed helps Nidalee's survivability as well as the dodge attached to it. Next I get Hextech Gunblade. I believe this item is completely underestimated. You get leech as well as increased damage. Overall a fantastic item for Nidalee. Trinity Force is the most well rounded item with a ton of damage added for her and move speed. Next I get Frozen Mallet.. when you get powerful with her people tend to run. You can stop that in its tracks with this item. After that I tend to get defensive items situationally. Banshee Veil is always good if there is a lot of spell damage and stuns or Thornmail if there is an abundance of melee.

Alternately, you can get Rylai's Crystal Scepter instead of Frozen Mallet. Essentially it does the same thing except its more for slowing with your spear as opposed to getting up in the fray and slowing with your claws. They are interchangeable and should be switched according to what kind of situation you are in. If you are getting owned in melee, pick up the scepter for some long range slow to help the team from afar. If you are owning in melee, get Frozen Mallet.

Heal - I get Heal and Flash for survivability. You need to keep alive at the beginning of the game for as long as you can to farm as much money as you can that way when you go back you can buy as much as you possibly can.
Flash - Same as above.
Clarity - This is also another one to get if you do not want to spend the money on mana pots. Flash helps but this can be just as good in any situation.

* Buy health and mana potions every time you go back at low levels. They will help out so you can stay out and farm more money. I usually start with 2 health potions and 1 mana.
* Shapeshift! Shapeshift! Shapeshift! Make sure you use Nidalee to her full abilities. Everything she has is for a reason. There are no dead skills with her like some champions.
* Pounce! Amazing skill for not only attacking.. but getting away and moving faster. If you are running use it everytime it is up.
* Bushes.. These increase Nidalee's movement speed. If you have to flee run through the jungle. Your chance to escape will increase 100000%.
* Do not pounce after you run through a bush. Wait for your speed increase to wear off before you pounce or you will actually slow yourself down.
* If killing a turret cast your heal! Turrets will drop quickly.