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nidalee owns u top

Last updated on February 9, 2012
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first of all I want to say this is my first guide. When that is said, this build is the 1 that works best for me, and i have tried alot.
This isnt an in dept guide, but still give an insight how i play nidalee, and think she should be played.
The build ensures u high survivability from start till end. The only thing u need to do is play defensive till u are lvl 6.

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Laning phase:
Before lvl 6: stay away from enemy champ as much as possible and throughs your spear often. lay traps in the bushes to give u a good chance to see u get ganged before the enemy is ready to attack u. also lay traps in the 2 top bushes at your lane, so the enemy wont go in there. that makes sure u own the bushes when u get in lvl 6. Why is that important? WHen u get to lvl 6 and have bought wriggles lantern, dont hesitate to attack enemy with all u got as cougar, go back in bush, wait a couple of seconds till enemy stand around the minions again, and start attack again. that goes on and on till he (/she) got less hp than u. if u dont get the enemy to less hp than u, u heal yourself and wait minions to get to your turret so u can make auto attacks to get hp again. Remember, the more hp the enemy champ miss, the more dmg u make with takedown. when/if u both low life, use heal and exhaust, and almost always sure u get a kill.
When u get enemy turret, before or a little after laning phase over, its good keep on push. It disturbs enemy team, and they may go for u 2 or 3 of them. here u ofc got traps in all bushes and places they may come from, that gives u 90 % chance to get away, or keep them busy for long till your team come for help or destroy a turret mid or bot.
U also got good chances for gang mid if u are pushing down to 2nd turret, always keep an eye on mini map.

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Summoner Spells

WHy heal and exhaust?
I dont take flash, because when nidalee is in lvl 6, she got a flash every 4 second with her longs forward as cougar. Therefore the best alternative to flash is heal. its not only helping u, but all teammates around u. Both heal and exhaust can help u get away if u are court by 1 or more enemies u cant defeat.

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My runes i have experienced alot with. The way i play, this is the best option.
The ability power is to get a strong spear in early lvls (spear maxed early). i like to stay away from the enemy champ and through the spear every time i see a chance to hit the enemy champ. Nidalee isnt that strong early in close combat.
I choose armor pen to hit a little harder with auto attacks on both minions and champ.
The armor in seal: 5 out 6 games u will meet an ad champ top, again survivability.
CD reduction is choosed in glyph, beacause when she is cougar, no ability cost mana, so its good to have the ability to use them as often as possible.

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Power, power, power and a little mana and mana regen for stay longer on lane.

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I build nidalee ad tank, because her best dmg output is melee as cougar, and u are often the 1 who initiate.
Shoes I choose magic resist shoes, it ensures u not to be stunned for long, and in my build there is most armor with complete build.
The rest of the build ensures u great survivability and u can hunt the enemies all day long under turrets.
The lifesteal early is pretty needed, so u can stay on lane longer. ALso the early lantern gives u free wards.

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Thats all i wanted to say for now. This is my way to play nidalee, and u are welcome to vote it and comment it.