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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Nidalee: The Savage Support

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on January 4, 2011
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This is a new spin on Nidalee. It can be played as AP, but its support. This Nidalee is built to be laned with someone like Tryndamere, Mordekiasier, Garen, or any other great tank/carry.

Masteries & Summoner Spells

Its the basic 9/0/21 build for casters. Nothing to special about this.

Ive gone with and . These are great for Nidalee. She can light up areas like River, Buffs, Dragon, and Nashor. Not to mention you can use it to see who is laned where on the enemy team. That is always useful info to have :D You can slow the target and if they hit a trap, they get even less armor and MR. Thats a great way to boost the dmg output of you and your team. So far thats great support.


The thing about my skills is they can go one of two ways.

1) you can have Javelin Toss/Takedown at 3/5 at LvL5
2) you can have Primal Surge/Swipe at 3/5 at LvL5

Either way is good, but they depend on your lane partner. If you have a tank or tanky carry, Option 2 is best. This will keep the carry alive longer, and the AS is always nice. Olaf is good to have. You can heal, and he still gets AS. Garen is good too. Judgement into faster Auto-Attacks is great fun. Tanks like Shen are good for the taunting and . That combo is always fun for laning lol.

If you get a DPS like Pantheon, Ryze, etc Option 1 is best. You two can deal great dmg, and that will help you be more like AP. You can get those powerful hits on runners, or have greater dmg while scouting brush.

It all depends on your lane partner.

You will always want to LvL up Bushwhack/ Pounce after you choice Option 1 or 2. This will work well with . will be nice to keep the target close, and if they hit a trap, they will still have the Armor and MR debuff. Again making for more Dmg output.

is for mobility purposes. You move faster which is always a great thing for support to be able to do.


Marks & Quintesssences are Mpen. This will make those long distance throws hit harder, and traps will do more dmg too. Cant beat that kind of support ;).

Seals & Glyphs are flat AP. These will make early game spells more effective. Harder Javelin Toss/ Takedown and Bushwhack/ Pounce, and stronger Primal Surge/ Swipe. I know that AP per LvL might be better, but its all about the early game.


will be the first item. Its cheap to make, and if you play the build right, you will gain stacks fast. Its a risky item, but it can make a difference early game trust me. You will get more power behind all your spells, and you will shine as a support. Your team will be happy to take a hit for you.

will make everything you do a heal and mana regen bot. Javelin Toss/ Takedown= heal and regen, Bushwhack/ Pounce= heal and regen, Primal Surge/ Swipe= uber heal and regen. Even will give you the uberness. Now if you are a Cougar fan, you can spam your skills, and maintain life. If you get Lifesteal, you will be more of a beast. But this is Nidalee Support, not Cougar Ownage lol. A thought for those that love Cougar ;)

or will be next. These will help you and your team. You can sit back and open with > to get back>Human form>Primal Surge/ Swipe>Javelin Toss/ Takedown>GG. I mean there is a lot of pain in that. Now will be a must. CC will target you if they notice that you are Support. So its always nice to have. After you should get a Catalyst the Protector. This will sit till you have . That way you will have health and mana when you LvL. That random LvL can save you ;)

Zhony's Ring is gonna save you. It gives great stats, and if you get in a tight spot, its active will be nice to have. Not to mention that its another safey measure besides . All great support must be protected :D

are what you will want. You have powerful spells so these will help. Now if you find your-self against a lot of CC, will help you there. Nidalee gets uses from all kinds of boots. It all comes down to personal preference.

Other great items are the typical Aura Bot items. , , , etc. and are great too. These are all situtational, so feel free to customize your Nidalee support.

Game Play

Early game

This will be Option 1 or 2.

Option 1 will be the AP like play. You will be going for dmg, but with you will still be support like. Now once you go Option 1 you will want to get Primal Surge/ Swipe over Bushwhack/ Pounce. This will help you be more like the build is set. Plus, you only really need Javelin Toss/ Takedownone rank of Bushwhack/ Pounce early game.

Option 2 you will play support. Why will Option 2(the main build) not LvL Javelin Toss/ Takedown? Option 2 is the main build, and Bushwhack/ Pounce is Support. Javelin Toss/ Takedown is more of a scouting/harassing skill. This build will be great played either way so choose what fits you best.

must get finished in this game. It will help you greatly if you can get it early.

Mid Game

This is where you will get to see the greatness of Nidalee Support. You will be able to keep up your partner and push lanes very well. Remeber to use to check River, Buffs, Dragon, and Baron. These will make you very useful to your team. You will be able to spot and co-ordinate ganks, stop Dragon or Baron pushes, and let your team know if buffs are up or not. Building and are priority here. You can help burst down and keep your-self safe at the same time.

Late Game

Try to finish the build, and have fun. You will be getting compliments from the team, and QQ from the other team. Nidalee Support is Savage. Again, if you have to Cougar, you will get the best out of during team fights.

1v1 & Jungling

As this kind of Nidalee, you wont be doing a lot of 1v1. Now if you do, Cougar is your friend. You can jump in and out of it. You can use to open>Bushwhack/Pounce to get the debuff> > and spam away. That will get the most out of . It sounds crazy, but it works.

Jungling isnt your thing, but be sure to visit the buffs. Trap Lizard buff, and get Golem. Golem is your friend.

Ganking & Team Pushing

Ive covered this. When it comes to ganking, its your job to spot them, or spot ppl to gank. It will help you and your team if you can spot these early. Not to mention, if you lay traps and in the jungle, your team can steal buffs ;)

Now team pushing you will be throwing heals, placing traps, and spear chuking. not much to that lol. Just dont go in head first. Save in case someone flanks you, and use when you have to.

Friends & Enemies

Ive mentioned some of the best people to lane with. , , , just to name a few.

But if you want to have some fun. Lane with . Primal Surge/Swipe + Frozen Arrow= Great Chasing

Enemies are many... If they can catch you lol. Change forms and pounce out lol

I like this build and its a good way to play Nidalee. Its a unique build, and can be played AP if you dont like Support. Take it for a spin :D