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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dirty Goolash

Nidalee, The Unkillable

Dirty Goolash Last updated on August 10, 2010
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This is an amazing Nidalee build that makes you pretty much unkillable. You are able to constantly spam your heal, giving you amazing staying power, and since your cougar doesn't take mana, you are able to harass amazingly.


Doran's Ring-The perfect starting item for Nidalee. It gives you health, which is always nice, mana regen to spam your heal, and ability power so your heal will heal more.
Guinsoo's Rageblade-This is a great item for Nidalee. She benefits from all of the stats you gain from it. Also, it is really easy to get stacks and to keep them. Since she uses skills a lot, her stacks should gain pretty fast, and you can keep them simply by spamming your pounce.
Sheen-Great for her Cougar mode. When you use your takedown skill, it can make the bonus damage jump through the roof with it's passive. It also adds mana and AP, allowing her to use her heal and spear more.
Ninja Tabi-Why upgrade boots this late? Since Nidalee gets a passive speed boost from cougar, you can go ahead and wait to upgrade boots. YOu will be faster than most champs even without upgrading your boots when in cougar anyway.
Phage-Survivability and a bit of damage. The slow is always nice too. You mostly get it just to work to your trinity force.
Trinity Force-Since Nidalee benefits from all stats, Trinity Force is a great item for her.
Bloodthirster-Since none of these items have much of a damage boost, The Bloodthirster will make up for this. By the time you get this item you will need more damage, and due to its stacking ability, this is the one you want. Since Nidalee is such a great farmer, it should be easy to stack. The lifesteal is always nice too.

Summoner Spells-
These suummoner spells contribute immensely to the "unkillable nidalee". Cleanse is just a great spell always. Exhaust/ ignite? Cleanse + Primal Surge= Rape Face. Ghost along with cougar and pounce will make you uncatchable.

Masteries-You're probably thinking "Why not offensive Masteries?" Well, the utility tree just works in such great synergy with Nidalee. The mana regen will help her stay in lane long enough early game, and the defense is just for survivability. And since most of Nidalee's damage is in burst, she doesn't benefit well from the offensive tree.

Primal Surge-This is the skill you want to upgrade first. Just such an amazing skill. A heal and an attack speed increase? This will make you able to stay in lane for as long as you need.
Bushwack-This is a pretty nice skill, but you only want one point in it. The extra damage you get from upgrading it isn't worth it. Mostly used like teemos mushrooms, for map awareness and gank prevention.
Javelin Toss-This skill does RIDICULOUS damage at the end of its range. When you use it, try to get the enemies as close to the edge as possible.
Cougar-Simply amazing. A new set of skills that kick *** and a passive movement speed increase. What more could you ask for?
Passive-Nidalee has a great passive. It makes her impossible to catch. An enemy chasing you? Run into a bush, run out and pounce to the next. They will never catch you.

Early Game
You want to solo, but it isn't necessary. I personally like soloing because you don't have a teammate you will have to worry about healing, and they should never get your turret since you never have to leave your lane. Basically, just go ahead and harass the enemy with your auto attack and heal when necessary. Early game is pretty slow until you hit level 6. Also, DON'T SPAM JAVELIN TOSS! I can not stress this enough. Most Nidalees I see spam the **** out of their javelin toss. This will waste your mana that you need for healing, and it doesn't even do much damage. This doesn't mean you can't use it though. If you have a clear shot on the enemy and they're at the edge of the range, fire away. You just don't want to spam it.
Mid Game
Nidalee is extremely strong Mid Game. Once she gets Cougar, she is a very good killer. Once you hit 6, start harassing your enemy. Switch to couger, pounce at them, swipe them, and get in a takedown if possible, then pounce away. Switch back to human and then heal up, and get ready to jump back in in 4 seconds. Feel free to gank as long as you don't let them get your tower. A tower is always more important than a kill. You want to stay in lane until you have around 2600 gold, and then go ahead and go back. Buy your rageblade and boots of speed. When you get the rageblade, you can dominate everything. Pushing, farming, and killing. When pushing a tower, use primal surge for the increased attack speed and it should go down fast in combination with rageblade.
Late Game
During team fights, have someone else engage, then pounce in, swipe, take down, and get out. Then switch to human, heal yourself/allies, and use your javelin toss. Nidalee is a great pusher with her pounce and swipe, and can take down towers really well with primal surge. Use this to your advantage to push a lane that nothing is going on in.

-When being chased, go into cougar and take advantage of your passive. Go into a bush, and when you come out, wait 2 seconds and then start pouncing into the next bush.
-A good combo is to activate takedown, then pounce at the enemy, swipe and auto attack to get the takedown bonus damage in. When they start running, just pounce on them repeatedly.
-Don't be selfish with your heal. It's a great heal and if one of your teammates is low heal him. Your healing can really help with pushing and team fights.
-Place your traps in bushes. They can be seen if they aren't in bushes, so bushes are the primary place to put them.
-Focus on last hitting minions a lot early game. You want to farm up that rageblade as soon as possible. If there are no enemies nearby, go into cougar to farm the minions. Your pounce and swipe are great for killing multiple minions at a time. Also, you should be able to last hit easy early game due to your heal, since their harasses have almost no effect on you.