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League of Legends Build Guide Author shab

night fury

shab Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Hi, I have found great success with these builds, i have yet to find a reason for nocturne to not be solo since he pretty much has the best ult in the game. I have shown both my jungle and solo lane build but i have yet to duo lane with him and probably never will.

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i chose the attack speed marks and glyphs just because i like them better you could probably go with armor pen but that is your choice, i chose the dodge runes because he is a melee champ and its is nice to be able to dodge a few shots altogether while battling. glyphs you could probably go a number of different ways but i chose the CDR runes because his ult is has a monster cooldown.

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Summoner Spells

i chose flash always because nocturne is often initiating and taking many hits and it is nice to be able to get out and let your tanks do their job, also flash is great to use on the attack to either counter flash or just ganking.
ghost i use again to wither chase down or run away and with a PD no one is going to catch you especially wit the movement speed buff yo get from q

if you are more comfortable with other spells go for it thats your choice

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masteries are fairly self explanatory i go with the defense tree when laning becuase i am confident enough in my ability to play nocturne that i will not have trouble lanning. but i choose the experience when jungling for obvious reasons.

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If going against a heavy magic or cc team i will get merc treds but if they only have one stun or no true ap carry then i will not even bother with MR and go strait for the CDR boots, but if building merc treds I will finish my Wrigglers first for both the life steal while both junglingand lane and to g=do dragon faster wither by myself or actually helping our jungler.

then i get brutalizer for CDR and ARM PEN and i eventually build it into yomus so it works out nice.

then i start proceding to getting my zeal or if lucky my PD, this is great for nocturne since it gives both AS and movement speed

then i finish my yomus and dpending on how i am feeling on the game i will go for either infi edge or PD number 2 personal choice here but if u get one get the other next

last i sell my wrigglers for blood thirster if it gets to that point in the game (rarely does)

last get elixers

my build is identical for both jungle and lane

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Skill Sequence

Now for jungling you may winder why i choose the get e before w simply because with the runes i use i feel i have eough attack speed at the time and think that getting blue buff golem to stop attacking me for 1 second is more beneficial than the minor attack speed boost.

But i lane get spell sheild since you are surely to get hit by somthing and is a nice lttle bonus to know that you van get out of an anivia stun or any other type of cc

I get Q first because of the attack damage boost it gives as well as the trail it leave for you to pass over a minion crowd or chase down an enemy champ

E is next because i only use w as a get out of jail free card and fearing someone for 2 is just ridiculous once maxed and you are fairly deep into you build

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i just auto attack, because once i get to level 2 i should not be able to take heavy damage form the other champ because i can throw up spell shield and get away, also i have boots and can just out run them and then heal up with one of my 3 health pots.
I throw the occasional q just to actually use some mana but i try to control myself since you are not panthoen and cannot completely nuke people down to nothing so i do not even bother getting mana pot.
Nocturne is great at harrasing throw q then w and then e and if you do not kill them you did enough damage to get them to go back and thus allowing you to farm freely and out level them or go back to buy

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Creeping / Jungling

MY jungle sequence is mini golem wraiths wolves blue golem then either back or go do wraiths again then red lizard then back and begin ganking.
If i see that the other team has over pushed and your teamate has bith enough mana and health to attack i will gsnk once i have my fear because it is almost a sure kill or it at least gets that person to go back or use their flash or ghost or whatever summoner spell them have

has the jungle sequence i use and is where i base most of my jungling ideals from. jungle

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Team Work

try to set up team fights wherw you either use your ult to initiate or finish of that teemo that decide to flash out and try to go back under his tower with 200 hp, also if you see someon try to gank someone use it to help them out and it will giove you an assist too.
also it can help your teammates out of a gank by blinding the ither team helping your teamate juke his way though the jungle and not die.
when team fighting just spam your q,w,e as much as you cansince they will all help your team out
q because it leaves a trail, w keeps your *** alive a bit longer, e ends up fearing them into a sure death

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I've played a handful of games with him and with all the movement and attack seep he has i just do not see any other way to get the other team to QQ as hard even though for the most part it was totally their fault for over extending or trying to take me on 1v1 or 2v1 or whatever.

I am open to suggestions, and feedback.


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i know that many of you may think nocturne belongs in the jungle

I think the overall general consensus is nocturne is the most OP champ in the game right now and i have not seen domination like this since Xin Zhao fist came out. With that being said why not just dominate at mid out farm the guy and get your ult faster. You are going to end up carrying anyways and if u can get another champ to jungle you can just super gank.
the first time i went mid was a complete accident because my team was dumb and did not pick any ad whatsoever so i was the best choice.
I laned against anivia and was thinking to myself "**** this is gunna suck anivia is so gay plus she has her egg" boy was i wrong i got all 6 minions at the beining and even harrased her a bit while she was trying to hit me with her stun and with boots i was just too fast for that slow *** ball of ice. I ended up out farming her by quite a bit and forced her back a few times.
From this stand point i see no reason for nocturne not to mid unless there is not a jungler on your team.