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Nightmare Evelynn Build

Last updated on April 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys, I'm deprivedfish and I've been a HUGE fan of eve even back in the day when she was something to be feared. Over time eve has been underestimated as a champion and has been stigmatized with fame in the form of "troll pick", "noob", "Easy", "most underpowered champion in the game, and even "Just get rid of her". True she could use a small buff but I have to say she's not as weak as everyone thinks infact with this build and these stigmas I'll teach you how to use them to your advantage. I do want to point out I do not recommend this build for ranked due to me having not tested it myself.

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What is Eve?

Well Eve has many variants mostly due to players trying to keep her alive as a viable pick.

*Jungle Eve
*AD Eve
*AS Eve
*Glass Cannon
*Hybrid Eve
and now with my build I called (Nightmare Eve) as a tribute to how she struck fear in the old days.
*tanky lane eve.

Before you go off thinking your boss as Eve understand her strengths her weakness which I will go into in depth later. Eve is made to be an assassin and you will most certainly understand that role with this build.

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Runes and Masteries

I run a 22-0-8 spread focusing on AP damage masteries in offense and movement speed and reduced death in utility.

Why do I do this?
AP masteries give me some serious hurt cooldown reduction, AP per level, increased damage, and what I'll be making the most of Executioner which deals extra damage to enemies with low health.

Utility Points ensure that I have lower flash cooldown which is one my best escape or chase tools. Lower time spent dead means I'm back in action sooner, and movement speed allows for easier roaming, running away, and chasing.


For Marks I use 9 Greater Marks of Insight. My reasoning behind this is Eve needs to hit hard and confirm her kill. These marks reduce enemy MR and aid in damage output.

For Seal I use 9 Greater Seals of Resilience. Since your a lane Eve chances are you'll be fighting AD champions this gives a little extra armor on top of your first build so you won't just melt.

For Glyphs I use 9 Great Glyphs of Force. I suppose a good variant of this build could use flat AP glyphs but I personally like that I gain more end game and I gain with each level.

Quints I use 3 Greater Quintessences of Force. Like the glyphs this is some extra AP which will help pick up the slack of you lack of early game AP. Again a flat AP could be used this is just my personal preference.

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Eve is remarkably item dependant. She can turn into any of her several variants due to her item dependancy. For this were gonna start off tanky.

The first item I grab is Cloth Armor and 2 health pots and 1 mana pot. The reason I get this is because most of the time I'll be fighting a AD champ in lane. With rune and this armor I'm quite tanky early game. However don't get cocky Eve is still squishy. The health pots are used mostly because as early game harassment I still get focused alot and a pot can save me while retreating.

The second trip back hopefully I have enough to outright buy a Chalice of Harmony if not I buy a Meki Pendant and Amplifying Tomb if possible. Then I'm back out in lane.

For my third trip back is solely dependant on how well I'm doing in lane. If I'm getting harassed and forced to play defensively I rush Chain Vest or even Thornmail if I can afford it. If I'm doing well I get Boots of Speed or Boots of Mobility if able. The Thornmail gives huge DEF and returns 30% damage back to my enemy which typically the enemy has atleast 1 AD carry which is always nice to smack them back with some damage. Or if I'm doing well Boots of Mobility allows me to roam alittle and gank lanes that need some help.

Fourth trip back is time to start going on the offensive. I rush Lichbane as soon as possible. If I saved enough to outright buy it great if not I ALWAYS get Sheen before building the rest of it. Sheen is a great item since after I break stealth and hit the enemy with my E it doubles my attack damage for extra damage. Since Lichbane gives AP MR and adds my AP to my attack damage its the first real offensive item I get.

Fifth trip is usually building either Morello's Evil Tomb or Rabadon's Deathcap. Since by this point either I'm incredibly fed or just level'd by laning the deathcap gives me more AP along with my rune build and masteries and a nice 30% more. Morello's is really nice since lower cooldowns mean I'm using E more and Q is going off at an impressive rate. Snagging a blue buff along with Morello's for that sweet 40% means a Q is going off every 2.6 seconds.

Last Trip is the deal breaker, either I'm fed enough to lose an item or I have bought which ever item I didn't buy in the forth trip. If I'm super fed and doing overly well I may drop the Thornmail for a Rylai's Crystal Scepter or a Guardian Angel. Depending on its effectiveness. I always make sure to keep a round of elixers on late game especially Oracles if I'm doing well.

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Eve's Strengths and Weaknesses

*Long Stealth Time
*Extremely Mobile
*Slows and Reduces Armor/MR
*Steroid Ult along with heal if a champion is killed

*Very low sustain
*Relies heavily of stealth
*Lack of Escape Mechanic
*Easily Countered
*Mana Hungry

Now her pros are rather nice but her cons are more of a damper to her. Now we fix two of these quickly with the first 2 finished items. Thornmail gives her defense to keep in lane and Chalice of Harmony gives some MR and restores mana so your not starving of mana. Unfortunately you'll be picking off most enemies as her so you need that stealth and the only way to counter this is to counter-ward or oracles which becomes costly. Close Ranged is a huge disadvantage making you have to endanger yourself meaning don't fight in team fights unless you can confirm a kill and you have your team with you.

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Early game ALWAYS goes one of two ways. Your hiding in the bushes an enemy face checks you and your teammate you either get the enemy almost dead or you get a kill. Or your lane mate is pushed hard and since your still alittle too squishy all you can do is focus them focusing your lane mate and smack them with E for some harass or luckily grab a kill and hug that turret. You will almost never really get into the fight until you have you W and you're about lvl 4. Also your passive gives 50% reduced minion damage meaning you don't need to fear them and if no enemy is around after you get your chalice feel free to spam it for farm.

Mid to Late game. At this point your lane mate should know your play style and assist you in doing what you do best and grab that kill. If your roaming you just wait patiently and come in with the hurt. You're team should by now realize either A you're fed and to be feared or B if they coordinate well with you kills just fall in their laps.

The enemy may try and counter you. Remember you need to focus hard early to mid game counter-building. That means the whole team not just who your fighting. If that means you have to adapt this build for the situation fine. You want to try and get your team to help you snag blue buff as often as possible. Remember you are not unstoppable but you can be fearsome. A fed Eve is still scary. With high AP and counter builds you can thrash most enemies. If your not as fed as you want just work with a team occasionally check for mispositioned enemies and if you can destroy them or alert the team for a gank.

I realize this isn't the best guide or even the best build for eve but I've tested it I've seen my new build being picked up by other players and it seems to be working.