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ninja udyr-time to snowball

Last updated on April 17, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Movement speed udyr

Hi guys,
this is a guide to one of the powerfullest low elo and generally carries.
A guide to movement speed udyr!
As I saw the new jungler item with the ability giving you more damage with your clear, i thought about taking a champ which has just very high movement speed to clear the jungle faster, because when you have this item the time to clear is not the thing it´s just on the time you need to come to it.
So i chose udyr and made an own build for him only on movement speed and: first game 28/5.
The enemys just began flaming me as they lost a 1vs5: noob champ...op build and whatever...
And not only you can carry so hard with this build and solo baron at min it´s very fun too running around the map under 10 sec :D

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You could start with boots but this is the normal start i prefer. Take the Trinket what you prefer at begin as well but take sweeping lens in each way in mid game.
feral flare is new core item in jungle i think and with udyrs speed SO
Blade of the ruined king, trinity and etc. are just aggressive item which give you movement speed and that´s what you wanna build.
When you are behind i would rather buy randuins or banshees then statics or Mercurial Scimitar.
These Items can help you sustain in Teamfight, but thats not i want to show in this would just be an option if your feeding or your team.

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Ability row is maxing q first and then e.
But skill w one time early on to have sustain in jungle in early levels.

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I think it´s very obvious what masteries i took.
Fleet of Foot is very important on a movement speed champion and swiftness to lower your slows. The rest is just for sustain and jungle clear.

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Movement runes are needed for a movement building way i guess.
Magic resist per level just cause there are no really great other glyphs and that don´t let you get bursted down by an ap-***isine.
Ad and armor are required for jungling perfectly.

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So this is the importants chapter and it would be good for you to read this if your not a pro player and maybe better then myself.
So this guide is about a movement speed Udyr.
You basically just wanna take kills counter jungling and splitt push like hell.
Because in a real teamfight you will get focused hard and you could loose this easly.
But with this build and the right way to play you won´t let it come to it!

Start at blue to take the buff, which is just required for udyrs high mana costs.
Then take every creep camp and continue to red.
After red you have three options: Gank or counter gank if you can see enemy jungler,farm your jungle or counter jungle which i do in the most cases.
Cause only a Warwick could maybe kill you in jungle without help of others.
So take enemy creeps and kill enemsy jungler maybe.
When you have you´r wriggles lantern try to build the stacks up fast and take every creep camp you can. Counter jungle is very nice at every situation and ward some brushes in enemy jungle. Try to kill enemy jungler everytime you CAN! When you do this well your enemy jungler will be 3 levels behind or more and instarhitted by you and he will just keep on flaming and you´r enemys will loose to it.

Help other lanes killing enemys to feed your allies, so they can stay the teamfight without you while you´r backdooring or pushing.
The importants thing is just: do the things quick.
Then you are like a ninja and you are your enemies one step ahead.
i would like you to comment my build and my spelling, because im not english and my english is simply not the best.
Good luck at playing :)