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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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No meta no problem: Jungle Nasus

Last updated on July 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Nasus is a champion basing on DPS and some tankiness. He is one of the most powerfull late game champions if you farm correctly with his Q. But because he is normally played top he can be easily countered early game by a Renekton or Teemo. The idea of having Nasus jungle is to get him away from where he can easily be countered and to give him a more reliable playstyle. To make this even more reliable this uuses a jungle route that does not require any buffs. This makes you incredibly hard to predict and counter. Besides all of this Nasus is still such a succesfull jungler that in lower ranked play you can go WITHOUT SMITE. This can give you a very heavy late game / teamfight advantage against the other jungler.

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For starting Items your probably going to want to get standard jungle items of a hunters machete or cloth armor and some health pots along with a mana pot if you plan to jungle for long periods of time. Later on you can get quill coat followed by spirit of the ancient golem. Combining this with the health items you will get massively increases your tank capabilities later on. Now you want to get a ravenous hydra to increase your split/teamfight presence along with your clearing speed. This also gives you massive health regen combined with your passive lifesteal can make it so you can play a bit more aggresive. Now you can get swiftness boots to make your chasing / clearing / backing etc potential drastically. Now you can set yourself up for some items that really bring on the GG. First off your probably gonna want warmogs armor. This massively increases your health and health regen making you much harder to kill than you already where. (which was pretty hard mind you) Now that your defense is pretty well set up you can get a Blood Thirster to make you deal TONS OF DAMAGE with your Q and AA along with giving you a large amount of lifesteal. Finally you can finish off your build with a boot enchant (usually furor alactricity and homeguard work best) and Frozen Mallet to make you basically impossible to kill and unless you have large resistance to slows its almost impossible to run from DAT NASUS! if the game has lasted this long you should have somewhere between 175/350 stacks depending on how fed you got and hiow quickly you got the full build. So this basically makes your Q deal about 500 damage per shot which later on can be pretty devastating combined with your armor shreding from your E. This basically at this point gives you enough burst and cahse to take down the squishys and enough sustain to take out those tanky jerkwagons.

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These are fairly common runes and work quite well on Nasus as they give early game power making him more reliable early game. This also helps him farm with his Q early on which helps him get slightly ahead especially later on.

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For masteries you probably want to have either tanky health and armor along with AD and some cooldown reduction to help you stack your Q. These are pretty standard tanky although you could easily go for a more aggresive 21 / 9 instead. It doesnt really matter as long as you hit some key points.

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When your farming your uually gonna want to throw out your E to lower the resistance of the targets you plan on farming then following up with some AA and finally to finish them off a Q. sometimes in the jungle though such as at the wraith camp your going to want to target the weaker minions with your Q earlier just to get stacks.

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Creeping / Jungling

Your going to want to do a non buff farming route of wolves, wraiths, golems, wolves etc. This causes you to be near every lane at some point making it relatively easy to gank your lanes with relative frequency. Along with this since you dont get buffs your farming is accelerated giving you a level advantage and if a gank fails you dont give somebody on the other team a buff that could seriously harm that lane.

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Team Work

In a teamfight you basically play the same way as a tanky front liner. You wait for an oppurtunity then slow somebody on the other team who is overextended and you bash there face with your Q after placing an E centered slightly behind them to maximise your damage and grind the armor of the rest of the team if they try to engage. If it all breaks out you want to Ult run into the middle of there team and just cause havok and blow peoples faces off with your Q and AA.

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Pros / Cons

Very tanky/Very damaging
High teamfight potential
strong late game
good chasing capabilities
Highly Unpredictable

Usually lacking in either offense or defense early on
item dependant
need to farm well with Q

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Now that you know all the basics to playing Nasus as a beast bruiser/tank jungler you can go shred up solo Que (no pun intended) But remember 1 of the reasons this works so well is its hard to counter. So if someone is stealing your buffs feel free to say hi to them in chat. Because you really dont have to care.