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League of Legends Build Guide Author Badmedic

No one lives on LeBlanc's watch

Badmedic Last updated on January 6, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Badmedic and I decided to work on a LeBlanc build as my first build because in my opinion she is one of the most unique and fun characters to play as currently, and there aren't many builds for her out on Mobafire. In this build I'll show you how to use her the way she was meant to be used with her spell combos and look absolutely sexy doing it. Hopefully this build could help you people who are thinking about buying her and/or just need a build! Enjoy

Table of Contents
1. Pros/Cons
2. Runes and Summoner Spells
3. Core Item Build
4. Early/Mid Gameplay
5. Late Gameplay
6. Tips Against Individual Champions
7. In Conclusion

1. Pros & Cons

- Excellent burst damage capabilities
- Very strong early/mid game
- Good escape mechanisms
- One of the best solo-mid champions
- Flexible spell rotation
- Great at taking out single targets

- Effectiveness tends to fall a bit late game
- Difficult to learn and master
- Less effective in team fights than many champions
- And of course.. she's teh squish

2. Runes & Summoner Spells

Marks: Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Seals: Greater Seal of Vitality
Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
Quintessences: Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

All my runes are pretty normal for casters, and while taking the standard Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration I feel like taking Health per level is more beneficial since you won't often be running out of mana as LeBlanc. The choice is of course up to you, I just prefer taking a little extra survivability.

As Leblanc, I like to take Ignite and Flash. Ignite is always helpful in finishing off enemies retreating with minuscule health in team fights, or finishing off your laning opponent if you're waiting for cooldowns, ect. As a rule, I always make it a goal to take a spell for escaping or catching up to dying opponents, and flash is great for that. However, Ghost is perfectly viable as well for that role, so it's a matter of personal preference. Exhaust is a great choice for LeBlanc as well, and again it comes down to personal preference which spell you pick.

3. Core Item Build

The reason I've only chose 5 core items is because these are all that is most essential for LeBlanc; the last item is purely situational or up to personal preference. Great items to choose from include Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Deathfire Grasp, Abyssal Mask and Void Staff. The only reason I don't suggest Lich Bane is purely that in your spell rotations as LeBlanc, it can be difficult to make use of its passive due to how quickly your spells usually need to be cast. Since this is the factor that makes the item so awesome, so personally I think it's better to take one of the other items mentioned above.

Sidenote 1: In all honesty, at least half of my games end before or right when I finish my Archangel's Staff, and few out of the many games I've played as Leblanc have I actually gotten to starting my last item. While it isn't negligible to ignore planning for a last item, it doesn't often reach that point in games. I find it's dominate quickly or be dominated quickly with LeBlanc kiddos.

Sidenote 2: If you aren't very confident while approaching the point of getting Mejai's, or just are a downright opposer of stacking, go ahead and go for your Tear of the Goddess and follow the rest of the build. You can always grab Mejai's at any time if you start to get rolling a little bit more, or you can just not get it at all and take two of the items listed above.

4. Early/Mid Gameplay

Now lets get out of all the boring stuff and dive straight into actual gameplay. As LeBlanc, you want to almost ALWAYS take the solo-mid lane. I know that's not really all too reasonable to always get the lane, but you should go for it. The discrepancy between your effectiveness in solo lane rather than a dual lane is just huge (you aren't useless in a dual lane, but still).

Take a rank in Sigil of Silence and buy a Mana Crystal and two Health Potions, as you'll probably need them, since LeBlanc can be easy to harass from the get-go. It's a good rule to just to simply stay back to avoid being prone to said enemy harassment at Level 1, however when you reach level 2 you can now return the harassment as you grab a rank in Distortion. Your basic harassment combo is Q + W + W. Basically cast Sigil of Silence first for a bit of initial damage, and Distortion in to activate the mark, dealing some gnarly bonus damage plus the damage from Distortion, and then backing up to your original position without your enemy to even be able to react. Considering how Distortion's cooldown is relatively lengthy, you can't spam your harassment too much; this is why mana isn't actually that big of an issue for LeBlanc (it's not advised to harass with Sigil of Silence alone).

Often times, most solo-mid champions are either too cocky, or too afraid that recalling to heal will sacrifice their tower's oh so precious health, so take advantage of that when they reach to 30-40% health from your harassment. Get Ethereal Chains at level 4, which most definitely helps in their inevitable attempt to escape when you go in for the kill. Just be sure whatever combination of abilities you use to ALWAYS activate Sigil's mark. Silencing helps immensely with chasing and the damage the mark provides is essential when aiming to kill.

Now that you've hopefully attained first blood, or at least first kill in the solo lane, you can type /all sup sup? I'm just kidding though, don't actually do that, no one likes a LeDouchebag. But you can at least smile to yourself, noting that yet another person has underestimated LeBlanc's power.

Once you go back, you should be able to pick up your Catalyst the Protector, which helps incredibly with laning (due to gaining health back from leveling up),and possibly your Boots of Speed. Another option is to upgrade your Mana Crystal to Tear of the Goddess first, which is great because reaping the benefits of it's passive early is always good, and it is much cheaper than Catalyst is early game. Getting this before your boots and Mejai's isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I find that more mobility and benefiting from early stacks are more important, considering LeBlanc's early-mid game dominance.

Keep up the good work and soon you'll reach level 6. This is when your highest damaging spell combination comes into play:

1. Ethereal Chains
2. Sigil of Silence
3. Mimic
4. Distortion
5. Ignite, if available, or even necessary

First off, it's worth mentioning that you'll want to almost always copy Sigil of Silence for your ultimate for maximum damage to a single target. Start with Ethereal Chains slow the target (who is most likely running away from you at this point), and the Sigil of Silence if casted in time will add a mark that the second attack of the chains will trigger, causing a silence AND a snare AND extra damage. Quite epique I might add. Now your Mimic will be of Sigil of Silence, which when casted next will add another mark. Distortion in to trigger the mark finish the face wreckage that you served. Now watch as the opponent QQ's in /all chat. /satisfaction.

Nothing really changes much in laning phase from this point out, harassment stays the same, so do it often, and gank judiciously. After purchasing Tear of the Goddess (if you haven't already gotten it), finish your Rod of Ages, and then following with the completion of Archangel's Staff usually will mark the end of mid game.

5. Late Gameplay

Late game, as mentioned in the Pros/Cons, is LeBlanc's main weak point, due to the majority of fighting being team based and LeBlanc naturally excelling at devestating individual targets.

Your goal in team fights is to target those squishy carries and bring them down as far as possible by popping in with Distortion and throwing spells in whatever rotation is most effective, and getting out within the 3 seconds that are allowed with Distortion. If that doesn't kill said carry, it's up to you to decide whether to give chase, depending on the outcome of the fight at hand. It's very possible that your greed could attract several enemy champions and end up with a dead LeBlanc, so it is often to your best advantage to let him go, but of course, the call is yours. But either way, you've removed a carry from the rest of the fight which can aid your team drastically.

Speaking of "whatever rotation is most effective", one of the most unique things about LeBlanc is that despite that your greatest damage dealing combination is pretty much set (aforementioned), the order of her spells truly depends on the situation, bringing in a lot of player judgement to the table. With more time as LeBlanc, you'll discover more and more how to use her various spell rotations effectively based on the situation at hand

Now that doesn't sound so bad right? The only thing is that when the team sees you pop in to fight, you will most likely be focused to hell, and you can take quite a load of damage for being in there for 3 seconds to cast your spells. The good thing about your passive ability is that it can often be the indicator of when you need to get out of that fight. Not to mention how hilarious is can be when people focus and use their ultimates on the fake LeBlanc because they don't see you.

In short, knowing when to get in and out of team fights is essential to playing LeBlanc correctly, which wraps this section up. If the game even goes this late, build towards Rabadon's Deathcap and finally whatever item will benefit you best.

6. Tips Against Individual Champions

Even though LeBlanc dominates the solo lane a majority of the time, I thought I'd include tips on some of the champions that in my opinion can give you the most trouble in your epic quest to eventually win the lane.

Anivia is generally the champion I have the most trouble laning against because of her CC and lane control. Try and wait to harass until after she casts Flash Frost (and it's always a good idea to keep moving to make it difficult to hit) as that can set you up to take quite a bit of damage, especially because of Frostbite. Not to mention that Rebirth is annoying as hell. Once she goes into the egg, it would be wise to just leave her be unless you have help from a friend, because more times than not your spells will all be on cooldown from using them to get her into the egg into the first place, and you won't be able to kill her again. But now as you go in again, she won't have an egg to hide in and therefore Anivia will be a sad panda, or cryophoenix if you prefer.

Heimerdinger is a difficult champion mainly because of his H-28G Evolution Turret and how they help him so much with dominating the lane. He is not difficult to kill with the right amount of harassment, but can still be a force to reckon with. A general rule is to never recall right next to your tower with low health, as he has a skillshot and his Hextech Micro-Rockets that enables him to easily dive the tower in return for your life. Just back up and take it easy buds.

Kassadin can be a challenge to lane against, because of his potent damage output, and the fact that these damage dealing spells can silence and slow you. The main problem comes in the fact that his silence can be easily shot off and can stop the return part of your Distortion's cast. Try to stick to harassing after he's used the silence (on you most likely, so once you're free to cast). Plus his blink is much cheaper than yours... -.-

Kennen is also difficult to face on occasion because in most builds he will have quite a bit more defensive capabilities than you (especially if he buys a Doran's Shield first), not to mention he is one of the best pokers in the game. Try to stay behind minions so he has to obviously go around them to use Thundering Shuriken, making it quite a bit easier to dodge. Always make it a goal to back up when he starts using his Lightning Rush to go through minions, because if he tags you with a mark, most often he will follow up with Electrical Surge, which can set you up for a stun, which = more damage, which = bad.

Kog'Maw is just plain annoying. Especially once he hits level 6, because his ultimate will be his main harassing tool by that point, so at that point you need to keep moving around often. Also watch when his skin folds turn red, because that means he's activated Bio-Arcane Barrage, which adds damage and gives his auto attacks exceptional range. Oh and if you get the opportunity to kill him, and if you think you'll be lowered in health significantly in the fight, it is a good idea to either save some sort of use of blink, whether it be Distortion, Mimic of Distortion, or Flash to get away from his body if you do kill him. Icathian Surprise deals incredible damage if you stay in range of Koggypoo's body.

Swain is very troublesome. Move around a lot, especially when he advances a bit, because he will probably use Nevermove, which often sets up his full rotation which can annihilate your health easily. Harass like usual but keep moving otherwise, as it is good to get a kill on him before he obtains Ravenous Flock as it will be immensely harder to kill him. You will most likely need to use your highest damage combo already explained in order to take him down, and Ignite is good to cast on him while using his ultimate to reduce his healing.

Vladimir is very very difficult to face. It's hard to harass because he can Transfuse his health back, but keep doing it anyways, as your damage should be higher than his healing, even though he can use it more often. Just try not to let him transfuse you while not harassing. Killing him early game is definitely good, as he gains a lot of his power when mid game comes about. Don't hesitate to bring a friend into the fray to help kill Vladimir as it is often necessary. I hate Vlads </3.

7. In Conclusion

Well guys, that's my build for LeBlanc! She's really great fun, so if you like mages and you're considering buying her, go for it. She's definitely different from most other champions and is great fun to play. If you have any questions/comments, please post them below, otherwise ratings are good too. Thanks for reading!