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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mystic

Nocturne - Be Positive *Updated*

Mystic Last updated on March 21, 2011
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**** NOTICE ****
This is my first post/build on mobafire, so plz only constructive trolling thanks.
Just going to give a very brief guide on how i like to play nocturne. I will go over the following:

- Runes, Masteries, etc.

- Early game playstyle

- Level 6

- Mid to Late game playstyle

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Match History

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Pros and Cons


    Early gank potential
    High DPS
    Long Distance Ultimate
    Splash for great and easy farming
    Great chase/escape capability

    Targeted in team fights
    Missing duskbringer is critical
    High mana requirement

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Runes and Masteries

Classic armor penetration, attack speed, and dodge runes is what i use. There is definitely a better way to layout the masteries and runes, i am just too lazy right now to think through it, considering this is my first build post.

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Nocturne Playstyle and Items

- Level 1. - Alright so you got your Long Sword and your Health Potion and you are ready to lane! Yes, i prefer lane-ing with Nocturne, preferably solo, but with a teammate is ok, you just have to share minions, (or not). Anyways, the first skill is Shroud of Darkness. "Wait hold up, i would rather start with Duskbringer!" First off, spamming duskbringer early game is a huge waste of mana, and plus, you mainly want it for early game ganks, but with this build, you wont need it for a level 1 gank. What you want to do is block those spells as best you can while you last hit those pesky minions. What i do, is fly around while my partner goes ahead and does work. Why? Because you're squishy, thats why! Meanwhile, you are maybe hitting a minions or two last as long as you are out of gank range, and whenever Umbra Blades is charged up go ahead and smack those minions once and then bounce, and repeat.

- Level 2. - Ok, so you got level 2, go ahead and learn the mighty Duskbringer. If you were smart and brought Clarity then feel free to harass the enemy squishy. Eventually they will be getting low on health due to the duskbringer hits and will be a little more passive. Take this opportunity to be aggressive. When groups of minions show up, line up that duskbringer to hit the mage and melee minons all in one line, attempt to place yourself in between the mage and melee minions and swing those umbra blades. This will bring them down to nearly no hp (or kill them), and now you have shown who is boss in your lane.

- Possibility - Ok so everything isn't going as planned, and you have either gotten early ganked or they are super aggressive and you are pushed back to your turret. Don't you worry that little heart. Just be PATIENT. Stick behind that baby and harass with duskbringer some more, they will take the hint and back off, plus, how many health potions did these guys bring anyways?

- Level 3. - Cool so you got them on the run, turret hugging and scared. Please keep your eye on Mid. Once again, you are squishy, and peeps dont call mia. Go ahead and level that Duskbringer again, and keep up the harassment

- Level 4 - Alright, here is whats awesome about nocturne, he's got AWESOME ganking potential at level 4 after finally learning Unspeakable Horror. If mid is having a hard time, go ahead and pick up some Boots of Speed and either a Long Sword or a Dagger and make your way to the grass on either side. When they have pushed up enough, hit unspeakable horror on the way in and then duskbringer and hopefully your teammate joined in when you called the gank and boom, theres kill number one. It doesn't always work that way but the majority of my experiences are having a noob call mid when they have no idea what they are doing.

- Possibility - Your buddy has got mid on lockdown. You gotta continue with the grind on the lane. It's all good, go ahead and level up Duskbringer again at level 5, and proceed to your Paranoia at level 6. Now the true ganking begins.

= Level 6 to Mid Game = By now you have picked up Berserker's Greaves and the beast The Brutalizer and you are already and terror machine. Go ahead and use your best judgement for ganks at this point, and be wary of traps. I have seen countless nocturnes ult in to a champ only to have their buddy chillen in wait. What i like to do is try my best to create as much minion pressure as possible, and with the technique i mentioned earlier, ( Duskbringer to Umbra Blades ), you can whipe out whole groups of minions in 3 seconds and then dip out like their minions weren't even there. Feel free to move between lanes, assisting your teammates with ganks but PLEASE don't ult into the middle of a battle, scope out the rumble from a safe/ult distance and when you find those squishies on the outside just sniping your tanks, jump the hell in and ruin their day! If you manage to just cripple them, be extra careful with the chase, once that duskbringer wears off, back up, back up, back the F*CK up. Chasing without it right into their turret is a death sentance. Plus, once it wears, they get way confident and more than often cast a skill on you and its over.

= Mid to Late Game = They are on their heels man. You got minions stacked up at every direction, they are scrambling to farm, you are taking out turrets, and you are just getting started! By now you have picked up a Guinsoo's Rageblade and perhaps the mighty The Black Cleaver.
- Edit - Between Having a B. F. Sword and Dagger , if the damage intake is just too much and you want to stay in battle longer, i recommend grabbing a Vampiric Scepter, and then proceeding to the black cleaver.

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= Patience, Patience, Patience my friends. =
Alright, after the cleaver, i would suggest picking up some magic resist considering you will only have about 60. Then go ahead and purchase some more items based on the gameplay so far, and which side the game is leaning towards. You are smart cookies, i trust you will make the right decisions..... right? read those ganks guys, just be smart and dont go all crazy berserker, remember, you are not a fighter, you are an assassin. Anyways, that's how i play Nocturne. Feel free to comment, troll, whatever. No matter what i will pick out what information i can from your suggestions and edit the build accordingly. Have Fun!