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Nocturne, gg before it starts

Last updated on April 17, 2011
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Nocturne Build

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The main reason why i get a wriggles lantern is that its a very good item to get early on for the life steal a bit of atk damage and minion crits which helps jungling when the enemy solo is near the turret bezerker boots for obvious reasons :P and the earlier you get the B.F Sword the better you become and more lifesteal easy jungle around lvl 4-6 early blood thirster for atk damage stacks and lifesteal phantom dancer so Umbra Blades recovers faster faster lifesteal and movement speed along with 30% Crit Chance which is pretty great for noc also get another blood thirster for the same reason and they DO stack then an infinity edge just to be a more **** to the enemy if they havent surrendered yet which whe i play they surrender before i can even get my first PD and then seel your boots for another phantom dancer giving you around 90% crit chance making you very unkillable unless your fighting rammus poppy and other armored champs health champs are great against noc cuz he will just take all of it for himself...Greedy basterd lol

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Laning on 3v3's

If possible no matter who your fighting With as nocturne 3v3 always take solo lane top this is giving you the early game fed advantage as nocturne is great early game unlike other champs giving you the opertunity to get fed and get the double kills waiting for you at bot lane. Also playing nocturne on 3v3 be sure to chase alot do not attack the champion when you minions are at the turret where you could possible die instead while your minions are pwning face at their turret simply jungle with your lantern and remember to effectifly use wriggles lantern's ward it will be useful and map awareness and jungle while your minions are at their turret gives you the advantage of buffs, extra Xp and gold, and being able to come from behind like that legit pro status

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Ability order

alot of people think im stupid for not grabbing Unspeakable horror a bit early yes it would help in chasing BUT maxing out your Duskbringer and Shroud of darkness gives you the laning edge jungle atk speed etc. Grabing your ult at the lvl for abvious reason of course but they did nerf the range on it so use it wisely and also nerfed Unspeakable horrors range and leash range making it not as good as it was be sure to use Shroud of darkness correctly when fighting and you know there are cc or slowing champions snare etc. be sure to use it as you fly in with yoour ult to stop them and let your rapeface auto lifesteal attack do the work and dont forget about Duskbringer to increase movement speed and atk damage very useful