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League of Legends Build Guide Author vladiguy09

Nocturne Nightterror

vladiguy09 Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Introduction :)

Welcome to my second build, this build will be for Nocturne the Eternal Nightmare. This build is meant for one of two things, as you can see from my summoner spells and skilling order, I didn't make this build for the jungle. However it can easily be switched just a little and be used for that purpose. I will write this for the purpose of laning and then move into jungling here and there to explain both routes since a real nightmare comes from anywhere unexpectedly. As you move through this note, this build takes caution and time. It is very expensive but when complete terrifying.

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For the runes I have gone with attack speed damage and armor pen. Other good looking rune setups for Nocturne are straight armor pen, or armor pen with some attack speed. However you wish to do it, armor pen is a must for early game killing.

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Skill Sequence

For the skill sequencing I didnt spend much time looking the actual levels or when to get each skill. The concept is what matters. Q, W are most important if you are going for the straight kill route with your ult here and there. dont worry about E until you must or one point in it for the added fear over time. Worry most about Q and use W to hit faster.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells there are a few good choices. IMO ghost and ignite are best. Some think that Ghost on nocturne is useless since if you hit an enemy with Q They leave you a ghost trail. I say your stupid. If you iss or if you dont have enough time to kill before they escape your trail you miss out. Ghost is a good security blanket to make sure the kill is good. The other important choice to make is full jungle or not. If you choose to start with the jungle then you need Smite for sure.

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Pros / Cons

Pros to my build-
Moves lightning
Hits hard
Life steal over 40%
Good stopping power
Good map presence and ganking potential

Expensive build
Squishy early game
relies on teammates
low life

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Creeping / Jungling

This is where I will explain any type of jungling you may wish to do. If you choose this route I will suggest a little different build. Rushing wriggles lantern instead of blood thirster. Here is the reason, a good jungling is all about speed. The life steal will help you immensely. Grab a cloth armor and 5 Health Pots rush through to wriggles lantern and then boots. Follow rest of build as normal switching to blood thirster when the teamfighting begins. Start with the blue golem and some help then wolves followed by wraiths, followed by small golems, and then carefully move into enemy jungle killing wolves wraiths and little golems until you can safely get the red golem buff. At level 6 start to gank and make the nightmare real.

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If you choose to lane, which I suggest in some situations depending on team. If there is some squishy champs or trouble champs choose to lane. You have an amazing harass skill. Your W is what it is all about. Rush to get grass top or bottom first. After you are there prepare to get first blood with your teammate. When the enemy is about to step into your grass shoot W and hit em with all you got. He will prolly **** himself and try to run after the first hit. Chasing is gorgeous with Nocturne. After this stay back and heal with his passive. When you have harassed enough mark your target and move in with a teammate or your jungler. This kind of play will last until the team fights. around level 13 you should be farming well enough to be about 2 phantom dancers in, and have your thirster, work on Phantom dancer three, and be ready to pounce on a fight to seal the deal or save a teammate. If you are with a TF mark someone and both of you jump them at once. Death awaits all in this nightmare. Late game and later mid game is when you should shine most. Push towers and farm like crazy. Dont worry about using W skill for farming and for moving around faster. Move through the jungle clearing it out occasionally. Keep jumping in on fights and if someone chases you enough, let them turn and kill them and continue to haunt the rift as people try to stop you.
Remember, it is all about farming and snagging kills early, the faster you get your build done the more kills you will get. It is a snowball effect and you will feel the greatness of the build as you peak. Go haunt the fields my friends!