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Nocturne the assassin of the shadows

Last updated on March 17, 2011
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Welcome to my first guide. This guide is about Nocturne "The eternal Nightmare.
Nocturne is an assassin like champion so you have to be ready to gank gank gank gank. I'll explain latter how to do it right.

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Pros / Cons


    -Nice assassin (great potential to success in ganks)
    -Nice chaser (with you Q and E)
    -Your ulti is really good to confuse the enemy team if well used (nice to get a tower down real quickly
    -Don't forget to use W (great spell to escape from abilities like nunu's slow or kassadin silence
    -Great in 1vs1 fights

    -You're a bit squishy and that problems is not completly solved by banshei's
    -Your ulti can be great for ganks but it can put you in troublesome positions
    -Not so good in team fights (worse if you keep getting tragetted so stay away from the start of the team fight and pop in to kill a low enemy)

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The runes are exactly the ones i said in the top of the guide. You need the extra armor to help you jungle. Cooldown reduction is always helpfull and the armor penetration are the standard marks for any non crit (like shaco, gangplank and trynd) melee dps champion.

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The masteries are also shown in the beginning of the guild. They are chosen in a way for you to take as much profit as you can from jungling. 17/3/10

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Now about items. You start with cloth of armor and 5 health potes to help you jungle. Then follow the exact order as i picked in the top of the guide and try to just go to base if you have money to buy at least one of those items cause with your passive you can stay in lane or jungle with no problems. (Of course if you're really low and have no mana just go to base else just farm farm farm the best you can).

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Hope you like it here are some of my scores: