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Nocturne General Guide by crany

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author crany

Nocturne The Eternal Nightmare of Enemies

crany Last updated on August 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Nice to meet you!

First, I'd like to apologize because of my english. There will be many mistakes but i hope that you will understand to my text.

I decided to write new guide for nocturne cause i dont see him ingame as often as i wish. This guide is for more skilled players who can well analyzed situation and dont go 1vs3.

In this build Nocturne is really squishy until you buy Frozen Mallet, but nocturne is not hero for fighting like jax, going 1vs3 etc., its silent killer, who brings panic into the enemy lines and divide targets then killing them one by one.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer Flash and Exhaust.

Flash very usefull for catch faster enemies and place Duskbringer on them again and slain them. On the other hand Ghost makes the same but especially in the begin of the match thanks Flash you can escape much easier through forest, rocks etc. Yes, Flash has bigger cd than Ghost, but sometimes Ghost will not save you your life cause of slow efects, but when you blink through textures thanks Flash your life will be saved, slow will fade away and you can escape.

Shorter cd of Ghost but waiting for respawn + give gold to the enemies. Or bit more waiting for Flash but keeps gold in pocket, huh?

Second is Exhaust, yeah here could be Ghost, but i prefer Exhaust cause you can slow enemies and hit them with you cooperates together, but with Ghost you are only one faster and your cooperates will stay far behind you, and if help will come to your enemies you will be alone and without help. So choose Exhaust.

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In this chapter i will describe why i choose these 6 items.

I started with Vampiric Scepter a lot of people say to me it's a strange decision but i don't like be pushed and stand near our turret, i love when i put pressure on the other team and have last hits and more golds. So thats reason why choose it. Bigger lifesteal + Umbra Blades means keeping you HP on high even when enemy tries to push you. And Nocturne is a great hero cause on 2. lvl you can easily get First blood i will show you that way in a chapter Skill Sequence. A lot of people buy Doran's Shield but this is too defensive item for me and lifesteal is better for me then regen hp, also Doran's Shield is useless for future items, but Vampiric Scepter is used for Wriggle's Lantern.

Then you'll be on a line and after buy Phantom Dancer it's simple your passive Umbra Blades activate after 10 seconds but one auto attack shorts it for 1 seconds. Simple more autoattacks, more Umbra Blades. So this is time for Phantom Dancer. Try to kill creeps and gain more golds then the others. Sometimes go to the jungle and kill Wraiths or Wolves etc. Phantom Dancer is great also for its Critical chance, which will be very important in late game.

After that you are supposed to do some ganks and acquire more golds than your enemies and here comes big decision Youmuu's Ghostblade or The Black Cleaver when against you are no high HP champs or armor buy Youmuu's Ghostblade, but when against you is team which is full of high hpes champs and heavy armor buy The Black Cleaver, first for its armor reduction, much bigger then with Youmuu's Ghostblade and second you will activate for a while, you maybe kill one tank with help and what next, you are out of cd and you are lost. So if you are against heavy armored team, buy The Black Cleaver.

This depends on the step before if you bought The Black Cleaver buy Youmuu's Ghostblade and if you bought Youmuu's Ghostblade buy The Black Cleaver.

Now you should be on lvl 12 - 14 it's right time to make decisive step. Buy Wriggle's Lantern. And again many people says to me, you are mad. I will explain. When your team has no Teemo and other type of heroes and you have no control over the map, you can place very important ward, which helps you control other team, finish someone who escaped with low HP. Or just simple control Baron. Is has also great lifesteal, which with you attack speed and damage is welcome. And in the end makes you less squishy with its 30 armor.

And last item, some of you buys for example Infinity Edge or Last Whisper but i prefer Frozen Mallet and reason is simple when you reach 18 and probably you have 18 when you are buying this sixth item, enemies will only growth against you, they will do more dmg and not every escape will by easy. In late game is also important not kill but survive, for deffending inhib etc. So thats reason why i buy Frozen Mallet, gives you what you didnt have all game long = HP's and slows your targets, also very usefull!

There is so many other variations but this built is usefull againt tanks, dps or casters. Also many players buy Banshee's Veil but as i said you are not hero who is fighitng 1vs3 and if it happens Banshee's Veil will not help you too. Your skill Shroud of Darkness is enough for cover one enemy ability and then slain him, why the other one? You are supposed to be killing machine, not a tank. You will avoid one enemy ability and then with brutal dmg kill him, why have ability + item for avoiding, you will lost cca 20% attack speed or 40 attack damage or 10% lifesteal... By avoiding one spell. So don't buy Banshee's Veil. You have Shroud of Darkness that's enough.

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Skill Sequence

As you can see, major spell (Behind Paranoia OFC) is Duskbringer. Is makes you faster and have no collision with creeps.

Most often Skill Sequence is this: Duskbringer (Q) - Shroud of Darkness (W) - Unspeakable Horror (E) - and auto attack ---- This is without cd on Paranoia because almost everything start with Paranoia like this

Paranoia (R) - Duskbringer (Q) - Youmuu's Ghostblade (1,2,3,4,5,6) - Shroud of Darkness (W) - Unspeakable Horror (E)

Maybe you are asking why first Shroud of Darkness and not Unspeakable Horror and thats simple, when you see the enemy you want to scary him and will fire the most powerfull spell or control spell. Everyone does this, cause thats natural, AAAAh HE WANTS TO KILL ME, I HAVE TO SCARY HIM, HERE IS MY THE MOST POWERFULL SPELL, GET OUT! you will avoid it and he will be lost, without his spell or cc will be in panic, and you will slain him.

Dont forget activate Youmuu's Ghostblade it is also very important for surprise.

First Blood - Duskbringer (Q) - Unspeakable Horror (E) and auto attack, then again Duskbringer (Q) and with Exhaustion on him you will slain almost everybody.

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In the end Nocturne is one of the most powerful hero. You can kill almost everyone when you have similar items and similar runes masteries etc.
You have to keep in your mind that 1vs3 is not your style of fighting and it is better sometimes use Duskbringer for ecsape and not for damage.

This guide was made for fun and it is based on my experiences.

I will work in this build and makes him better and better by time. Thanks for reading.

Good luck to everyone!


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