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Nocturne Build Guide by HalcyonCode

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HalcyonCode

Nocturne, The Nightmare

HalcyonCode Last updated on September 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my guide for Nocturne, The Eternal Nightmare. Nocturne I think gets played too often as a straight damage assassin, which is his role in the game, but after you've ulted and killed one person you're pretty much done in a fight with most builds. Nocturne is extremely strong and extremely resilient to damage due to his own passive spell shield and the passive lifesteal. You can play nocturne either one of two ways. Jungle, or lane, both are good, but I recommend jungle. The reason why is sure you can lane him but he loses his element of suprise when that ult comes down it is sheer terror for your opposing transforming even the most experienced players into blind mice. Jungle give you more surprise and in my opinion its just better.

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The runes I take are my standard runes, namely cause I just don't have enough rune pages to go through and make one for every character I play. So these are my standard AD runes. You can change them up and replace the seal with armor and the blues with scaled mr. But I just prefer to keep them like this. Yes, I am poor -.- but that is beside the point

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Summoner spells

As with all junglers I take smite and flash, any other spell than flash and you are wasting your time and your teams time playing in my opinion. Flash has numerous uses where as the other summoner spells are only good for one or two things. Just take flash, K? MOVING ON!

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There are several paths you can take.
1. Take the enemy wraiths smite the big one, then go to your wolves, then your wraiths, then golem, go b blue buff+ full clear.
2. Start at your own wraiths clear everything except red and blue go b, then full clear.
3. Start at your blue, have someone leash it for you, then go through the enemy jungle followed by your own- this is only suggested if they have no jungle if they do just go in and place an aggressive ward in their jungle.
Numerous other variations exist but I prefer 1.

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Item sequence

Okay the way I play I don't go b until I have used all my pots and cleared as much jungle as I can. By this time I generally have 700 so I get my madreds instead of boots. After that you should have enough for a ward or two health pots. If you want to catch their jungle off gaurd take the ward. If you want to play it safe take two health pots. Once you get back to jungling go for blue, then full clear including red. After the full clear you should be level 6. Now after your first gank and another full clear you should have enough for wriggles and tier 1 boots. After that you can decide what to do but me, I get merc treads. magic resist and reduced time on all cc? whats not to like not to mention nocturnes attack speed is already pretty good. Now my build requires you to be able to get kills or assist. 9/10 I never complete it because the other team surrenders. It is rather costly but well worth it. also works wonders if you have no true tank. The buy sequence and everything is listed above. NOW I have one thing to say. ALWAYS BUY WARD IS YOU HAVE EXTRA CASH! THEY HELP IMMENSELY! -.- I've played so many games where we had no ward coverage.

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Okay now when to gank? Well check to see if any lane is overextending. The check their hp and your allies and make sure you can survive the ensuing brawl that will occur. I generally go for top to give them a breather now since I make sure they overextend before I even move that way they won't know I am coming even with wards. So you can do it one of three ways.
1. Pop ulti go in with q then e and be ready for a spell thrown at you with w. now they will inevitably flash and if you can time your leash with fear right you won't have to chase them with your flash. If you are unfortunate enough to not be able to do this then you have to decide can I kill them or do I b? This is up to the player.
2. Hide in brush go in with q and e and then ulti when they flash- this is by fare the better way if you can manage it.
3. hide in their brush near turret- REQUIRES THEM TO BE GREATLY OVEREXTENDED- then either go in with q and e or ulti.
When you have done your first successful gank go back to jungle for a bit then head bot. ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR LANES!
I've seen too many junglers miss opportunities because they were busy clearing jungle.

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Know the role you need to play

Well my build does considerable damage and can blow up a squishie and then some. It is stil necessary to know what your team needs. If they are low on damage output I suggest you build more damage than sustain items. If they needed a tanky intiate. Then this is the perfect build, plus lets face it, tanky dps is just so damn good. Always remember though YOUR JOB IS NOT TO GET AS MANY KILLS AS POSSIBLE! Your job is take out their carries. I've seen too many nocturnes waste their ult on a tanky dps when a carry was right there! Well thats pretty much all to my build. Have a good time and happy hunting