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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Nocturne The Rape Wraith

Last updated on December 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey aspiring Nocturne players.

My name is Sir Gabesalot and this is my guide detailing how I choose to play Nocturne. I have over 500 games under my belt and I must say I am quite skilled with Nocturne. So whether you are new or old to the game I hope you can get something out of this guide.

This is my first guide by the way and I would like constructive critisism on it. Not just down votes and trolls.

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So you guys know. This is just a guide, not the holy bible of nocturne. You may wish to experiment with your own builds or have your own idea how he should be built. I am just going to detail a few things that have worked for me in the past.

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PRO / CONS!!!!

PROS!!! :)

+ All skills useful
+ Good Damage
+ Great Ganking Potential
+ Awesome Chaser
+ Fast
+ Great Farm
+ Fun
+ KICK *** ULT!!!

CONS!!! :(

- Squishy
- Easily Kited
- Can be reliant on a responsive team
- Be Careful
- **** Dance

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Umbra Blades - This ability is a wonderful farming tool, mixed with Wriggles Lantern and you can farm like a beast. It is also a good sustain if you aren't getting kited too hard in lane.

Duskbringer - Your bread and butter chasing/harrassing tool. This thing is handy as hell. Also good for taking down minion waves. Max this first

Shroud of Darkness - This ability is hard to remember at first. But, this thing is the bomb when you time it right. Forget Karthus' Ult or that nasty Mummy, just pop this and keep cruising. Also the passive Attack speed bonus is seriously useful. Max this last.

Unspeakable Horror - This ability is only really useful for the fear. But, boy is it handy just stay with them when you pop it and don't be surprised if they waste their flash just to avoid it. Max this second.

Paranoia - The real reason you chose to play Nocturne and a seriously nice ability. This skill really shines if you choose to jungle. With, no one knowing when your going to descend from the skies and eat their face they have to play extra careful. This ability though needs to be used carefully though. Nothing can be worse then using it on a lone champion only to get ambushed. It's all about choosing your battles and knowing when to back off. Level this when you can.

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Smite and Ghost seem to do the trick for me. This is mostly a jungle build so Smite is important. Also Ghost just adds to your chasing and ganking, which is really handy.

Other handy spells could be Flash, Ignite and Exhaust It is all a matter of personal taste though.

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The best runes by far for nocturne in my opinion. The seals and glyphs make him just that little bit extra durable, which is handy and the armour pen is well armour pen. Everyone likes armour pen. (except tanks and AP :D)

My build is primarily for jungle more than anything, but there are other viable options as well. The extra armour is really to avoid a humiliating death by golems. Other options include Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Crit Chance/Damage or Cooldown Reduction. I will let you experiment with what combination you want.

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I chose primarily offensive masteries, because nocturne is a primarily offensive champion. There is no real way around or any in depth explanation. But, I would aim for Attack Damage, Attack Speed and Critical masteries. I could imagine the defensive tree working but, I find it doesn't suit my tastes in regards to nocturne.

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A typical fight one vs one should go something like this. Pop Shroud of Darkness and assault your enemy, Use Duskbringer on them and then Unspeakable Horror in quick succession. Pop ghost for extra speed and auto attack as much as possible. Use Paranoia to clean up if they get away on low health. Of course, use Paranoia on any low health targets and be ready to run if you get ambushed. Use Duskbringer to harrass and don't attack if the entire team is mia. Be aware of who is on the field before you attack.

Remember: the key to being a good asassin is map awareness.

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If you can get a leash start at Blue. Let your leash attack first and pop Duskbringer on the Golem. Be wary of ganks as you are very prone to being killed during this fight. Most teams don't gank blue when Nocturne jungles as he usually starts at wolves. Try to position yourself so Umbra Blades hits all the mobs. But, don't worry too much if you can't. Pop a Health Potion as soon as you begin fighting and keep spanking it and finish it with Smite.

Next Kill Wolves, cast Duskbringer and Unspeakable Horror on the main Wolf. pop another potion if you feel the need.

STOP check middle lane. If the enemy champion is low health and staying in the lane now is the perfect time to gank him. otherwise continue.

Next Kill Wraiths, Similiar to wolves.

Next Kill Golems, Focus down little golem first then get big one.

STOP Do you have potions left? Are you above half health? No? Go back then. Yes? Continue on...

Next Red. Focus the Lizard down and make sure you Duskbringer him whenever you can and pop fear as much as possible. Then hit him with Smite to finish him.

Head back and spend gold.

Check for possible ganks. Making use of bushes.

Rinse and repeat Jungle route.

Make sure you jack the enemies buffs whenever possible. But, don't stray to long if there is an enemy jungler. Make sure you Ward buffs if you have the spare gold. Your Wriggles Lantern should be sufficient. Keep a careful eye on dragon and try to get it when possible.

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This section I will run through my buy order.

At the start I get cloth armour and 5x Health Pots
the first thing I rush is Madreds Razor the attack damage this thing offers is nice and really and I mean REALLY bolsters your farming. Rakes in the gold with it's passive, add in Umbra Blades and you can wipe out entire minion waves with a mere few attacks.

Okay now that you have your shiny Madreds Razor you have a couple of options.

1) Rush further and upgrade it into Wriggles Lantern

2) grab some speed with Beserkers Greaves.

Either option is viable and you may find yourself prefering one or the other as you practice with nocturne. Wriggles Lantern is important for it's life steal and it is a free ward on the field at all times, however Beserkers Greaves. is extra speed and attack speed, handy for getting those last hits. Either way build both as soon as possible.

Next is where we bring out the pain. There are 3 options here.

1)Your fed and you are loaded with gold, grab a B.F. Sword

2) Your not so fed and want some quick damage, build The Brutalizer Don't get this unless you really need the extra damage.

3) You are a speed freak and love to crit, Steal a Zeal

The first option is the best in my opinion because it gets that massive gold sink out of the way and lets you build for long games, though if it is a quick game you may not see that Infinity Edge so building The Brutalizer or Zeal can be handy. Cool down reduction is very useful for Nocturne so I would recommend The Brutalizer.

This is where I would begin work on Infinity Edge at the same time spend your left over gold on getting that Zeal, but don't worry about Phantom Dancer until you finish Infinity Edge

After that finish Phantom Dancer and move onto Banshees Veil. This will make you nearly immune to CC if you time your Shroud of Darkness right.

After that build Youmuu's Ghostblade, but by now the game is usually over.

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Nocturne is a great champion and often underestimated when compared to the likes of Xin Zhao, Akali or Tryndamere, however given half the chance and a skilled player he can be a deadly force to be reckoned with. Please, try my build and tell me what you think. Thank you for taking the time to look at this and see you on the fields of justice.