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Nocturne Build Guide by BooSan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BooSan

Nocturne: The tankiest of all assasins

BooSan Last updated on February 14, 2014
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Hello and welcome to my first guide featuring Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare. It's my first guide, but I'll do my best to share my knowledge and hopefully show you few cools things. I'll be really grateful for your opinion on the guide. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

What are yours associations with Nocturne ? Terrifying shadow, living nightmare, the personification of fear ? If yes, than you're right. Coming to the rift, I never really liked Nocturne's gameplay. I had a feeling that he lacks damage to snipe an important target. So I build more damage which turned him in to CC venerable glass canon. Then I tried to build him more tanky, well... Can't remember if I sniped adc on my own once. If you had similar feeling, then you might want to keep reading.

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S4 jungle and Nocturne

In the 4th season much changed on the Summoners Rift. Riot put more focus on support's and jungler's income. You probably experienced it on your own already. If not go and play some LoL !!!
Coming back to Nocturne, Riot gave him (and every jungler) new, cool tools for farming, killing and making your enemies piss their pants when their wards run out. The one change which is in my opinion the most important, is Spirit Stone line of items. Few patches ago instead of flat regeneration (which wasn't all that amazing) Spirit Stone got a percentage based 'life steal' and 'mana steal'. This means that old Nocturne who was always like 'Why do I even give blue to my midlaner ? I need mana to be efficient in farmnig and ganking...' is finally gone !!! Farming and ganking is now much more user friendly, since you can do whatever you want (including fearing wraiths :3) and not give a fig about mana problems.
What is more, bonus gold generated thanks to Conservation passive gives you the extra kick and allows to build more greedy. It results in much smoother and rewarding gameplay. Coz what is best than blood of your enemies on your blades and hearing lamentations of n00bs ?

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Why bother playing him ?

First of all Nocturne is extremely rewarding when played correctly. Secondly he has really cool lore and the idea of shadow-nightmare with kick *** blades and amazing voice over strikes the right note. Thirdly he is fairly strong even without good and well coordinated team. What is bad in sniping enemy carry and living to tell the story ? Last but not least: people sometimes panic when their screen turns dark and they loose vision of allies. Thus they make stupid mistakes.

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When to pick Nocturne ?

The answer is simple. When you want to have fun killing literally everything. Ok, ok. Enough jokes. If your team lacks initiation, Paranoia is one way to go. Thanks to Umbra Blades he has fairly ok sustain and nice AoE clear. Strong ganks and disruptive team fights are also worth mentioning. He's hard to kill due to natural tankiness and Shroud of Darkness and he provides a lot of damage. Sweet. Let's now jump to Summoner Spells.

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Summoner Spells

Since you're going to be jungling Smite is a must have. No arguing here.
Flash is an amazing Summoner Spell. It allows you to chase, escape, close gaps, get over walls. I highly recommend taking it, gives you a lot of utility.
Situational pick. If you want to be sure that your target goes down, or you're afraid of for example Tryndamere, then why not ? Just remember that you'll have no reliable escape mechanism.
It's a MUST KILL 'EM ALL spell. Sure, it provides nice damage and amazing hp degen, but well... I'm not a big fan of Ignite on Nocturne. If you're afraid of overfed Dr. Mundo or Swain why not spend 1900g on Executioner's Calling ?

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I prefer flad AD. What could also work is Greater Mark of Armor Penetration. I don't recommend Greater Mark of Attack Speed since with Zeal, Blade of the Ruined King and Shroud of Darkness your attack speed will be high enough.
Nothing to say really. Armor protects you from junglecreeps and enemy champions auto attacks.
Since you will often be in the middle of havoc it's wise to protect yourself against vile magics. Weather you use Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is a personal choice. When it comes to my rune page I prefer scaling magick resist. By the time I become afraid of mages my runes give me more magick resist than the flat ones.
AD ! AD everywhere ! Nothing like boosting your right click damage and giving a kick to your spells.

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Getting the masteries in order

My masteries of choice are these. I use them on every more aggressive jungler. The only exception is Kayle and Zed. Without going into details: 21/9/0.
1st tree gives you kill potential, clear speed and cool down reduction. An interesting mastery is Dangerous Game . In close fights it might allow you to escape with a sliver of health. Later you can type on all chat: 'calculated' C:
2nd tree gives you basic survivability. Nothing revolutionary here. Since Nocturne isn't too tanky before you hit your 'Team fight core' you can try 9/21/0 with improved tankiness. When it comes to defensive tree I'm never sure if I pick correct masteries. Maybe you can propose defensive masteries for tanky Nocturne ? Be sure to leave a comment ;)

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Now it gets serious. Itemssss

To be done. I'm posting it just to get some feedback and usual stuff. Right now I have winter brake on my university, and I have a lot of free time. So yea, if you want to see more, why not leave a comment ? Btw. English is not my native language, so feel free to correct me. More chapters coming soon. shout out to cow321 whose art is in these guide. Here's his deviantart
Peace !