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Not big surprise.

Last updated on December 24, 2012
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On-hit Onslaught Twitch

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On-hit Onslaught

Despite having 'Ambush' as a skill, the way Twitch surprises his enemies best is with 'Expunge' and it's extra burst of damage when the enemy assumes they have properly timed their getaway.

Sacrificing the hard-hitting damage items, this build looks instead to hurt more enemies more by spraying them with debilitating effects. The most important part of this build is the hurricane item, which slaps poison ticks on extra targets so that Expunge hits for more damage.

Naturally the next item boosts your defense: Frozen Mallet. Additionally it has one of the deadliest on-hit effects in the game, a slow that prevents enemies from escaping as quickly as they'd prefer. As soon as the victim does outrange your basic attack, you can slow them down with 'Venom Cask' in order to catch back up and put them in range of your ever-slowing basic attacks again.

Executioner's Blade is far cheaper than Infinity Edge and limits the effectiveness of life-gaining and life-stealing effects, making Twitch's presence in a teamfight more formidable as his constant barrage weakens the staying power and support potential of the enemy.

In my experience the Maw of Malmortious has proven it's worth time and time again with it's killer combination of attack damage AND resistance. It WILL save your life.

I leave the last item slot open because we all need versatility to handle the surprises our opponents throw at us. Wriggle's Lantern is another all-around good item, increasing armor, sustain, and damage for a relatively low cost. Blade Of The Ruined King has also been extremely popular with it's damage and life-steal combination, though.

I hope you give the build a shot with no bias and enjoy it. Thank you for reading.


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