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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brotician

Not your typical Shaco

Brotician Last updated on May 30, 2011
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This is my first build and whether you like it or not, I could care less. All these builds on this site are just suggestions so just try it out, rate it if you think it's viable and move on. Everyone views Shaco as the archetype that he is labeled under; "assassin". So what is an assassin exactly? Well as gamers have come to believe it is a type of character or in this case a champion that is designed to show up in an instant, take someone out or at least take them near death and then disappear just as quickly as they appeared. However, what I love about League of Legends is that it is not your typical game and because of this we can take advantage of the system and turn our assassin archetype champs into much more. For instance, why settle for a Shaco that can't take for **** dmg and rely on his ult to bail himself out of trouble when you can first get Warmog's Armor and then Atma's Impaler. Stupid you say? Why? I just got over 1k health and with Atma's I just got armor and crit chance which is something that a AD Shaco needs, right? See where I'm going with this?

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Pros / Cons

>Much more survivability than your typical Shaco
>Literally a tank killer because you'll nearly almost always survive the one on one fights you pick as a stealth champion
>Your loss in damage is insignificant. (Endgame I was dishing out 700-800 dmg crits with this build)
>Throw your opponents off
>Still an assassin archetype champ which means you are still somewhat squishy (Don't bite off more than you can chew)
>Small sacrifice in top damage

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I'm not going to sit here and make this build all nice and pretty. Beyond the fact that I don't know how to add in icons and what not, I'm more than sure that experienced players will be checking this build so I will use that to justify my lack of knowledge, but if I make a future build I will put in the time and effort to make a better informed and cleaner build. Start by building Warmog's Armor. I personally go with the health regen item that is req because being a stealth character you will be more on the defensive early game anyhow (unless your opponents are complete tards). This will require to go back to base less than you normally would without sacrificing your exp gain because of having to avoid enemy champs. After I get the two cheapest items for Warmog's I then get my boots. My personal opinion, always get Boots of Mobility. I mean, you're an assassin and what do assassins do? They seize opportunity. I want to get to the weak champ A.S.A.P. and these boots will do just that while you're stealth protects you. Next, finish building Warmog's and begin building Atma's. Though some will disagree, Shaco actually has a very good natural AD and you wont sacrifice kills as long as you're playing smart which we'll get into strat further into the build. After getting Atma's, you now have good survivability. Oh wait, did I mention your clone gets that survivability? How annoying, right? :) At this point I would either get Phantom Dancer or Infinity Egde. This depends on the enemy champs. If you're constantly killing mages and the team only has like one Tank (if that) then get Infinity Edge to kill faster. Otherwise, get Phantom Dancer to dish out dmg faster. If the enemy team has two champs you want to keep in mind you're an assassin and you want to dish out the most dmg in the least amount of time. After those next two items either get the Bloodthirster or the one piece of armor that causes you to revive. Again, if the team you're playing has two tanks or if they're not noobs, get Bloodthirster you can survive your assault. If you're kicking ***, then get the item that causes you to revive because they will hate you.

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Skill Sequence

Me personally I use the bushes unless the other team has a smart Teemo. If they don't I time my stealth to benefit me and to throw the enemy off. When Evelynn and Stitch stealth, they don't jump a distance. Shaco does and this is where you need to capitalize because if the enemy is near a bush you should walk the entire length of it and just before you break the stealth of it you use your stealth to appear right behind them. This method is good because your enemies will fear their terrain even more than they already do. Sometimes I let them follow me into a bush just to appear right behind them. Shaco is a jester of sorts and should be played as such. Basically play mind games with your opponent. Even if your team is losing I guarantee you'll have your enemies taking the time to check every bush they pass. After stealth I use the Shiv and Poison to slow them down if I do chase, but I will not chase too long. The Jack in the Box should be used for jungling and also to confuse the enemy. I love having an enemy champ follow me into a bush, I drop a box and then stealth right behind them and begin my onslaught. As for your ult? If you're fighting a worthy tank, I'd pop it, but if you run into more than one champ, pop it and target the weakest one. The fact you and your clone have much more survivability because of this build will piss the enemies off to no end.

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Summoner Spells

I roll with heal and clarity. Heal because with boots of mobility I'm moving fast enough without the use of Ghost or Exhaust on a chasing enemy champ and I Clarity because if they see you have no mana and go to attack it is funny as hell to pop it, stealth and whoop some ***. Again, you have the survivability to trick enemies into thinking you're defenseless so let them fool themselves into a false sense of security.

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Team Work

The best part of being an assassin? The fact that you get to gank for your teammates so they can continue to push their lanes. Your survivability only aids in this effort so gank for your team and plan ahead if need be. Not everyone is a gamer or a veteran to LoL so help everyone, not just yourself.

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This is a simple build with no pretty pics and I'm sorry for that, but this build does work and def throws people off. My last score was 19/9/21 and that is the most fun I've had with Shaco. I've followed other builds and experimented, but when you fix a stealth char with that much more survivability it will definitely discourage the enemy team.