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Now ive got a Fire in my Belly!

Last updated on March 15, 2012
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Best Mid, aint gonna lie. If your playing anyone else you might aswell uninstall the game.

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Why bother spending all that IP on one character better when you could buy loads of them and suck at all of them!

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I go 24/6/0 making sure to pick only the ones with cool looking icons

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First you start off with 3 Dorans Blades so you can go 3 sword style on their ***es, then you eventually trade them in for 3 Zeals which you then turn into 3 Phantom Dancers because by then you have 6 Swords, I mean come on whos going to mess with you at that point. But every awesome fire baddass needs some cool threads aswell so buy yourself a Warmogs because Green is in this year. Then your going to need a Pimp Hat, every fire mage needs a Pimp Hat, if you dont then you mights aswell go play some other ****** because only good champions can handle the Pimp Hats Glory, so buy yourself a Abbadons Death****. The Final item you need to buy is some cool shoes, sadly the shop doesnt stock Addidas Sneakers and there isnt a footlockers for miles so i guess some boots of mobility will have to do.

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Skill Sequence

Just level your Dragons Rage duh.....

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Summoner Spells

Cleanse because the *****es dont go for guys who smell like Hobos and Ignite because fire + fire = moar dead ****

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Well... Were waiting...