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Now you see me and now you are Dead !!!

Last updated on September 14, 2010
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hi my name is awsome O 3000

this is my twitch build (also good for any other dps champ)

it's my first build so i hope you can use it correctly...
(sorry for the missing runesetup it didnt work :S, use armor penetration runes)
twitch is a squishy murdermachine.

<<<<< skills >>>>>>

to start of twitch has this really handy passive :
poison, it is really nice for the food that wants to run away.

then you have ambush :
ambush is nice for ganks and it gives you +AS wich is even nicer.

then you have debiltating poison :
this is one really fine skill when used correctly. the more poison the slower youre enemy goes.

expunge :D :
expunge is besides youre ultimate your nr 1 skill.
it does some nice damage early game when the enemy is fully stacked with poison.
its nice to finish of with and you can KS like a mofo when u have it at lvl 5

spray and pray (ulti):
this is a teamkill ultimate late game, the + AS and the poison to everyone in its path is murder. its also nice for farming large groups of creeps.

<<<<< summoner spells >>>>>>>
as summoner spells i choose mostly for heal and teleport
heal is really usefull early game and teleport is usefull for ganking and helping out your team mates ( i mean KSing the hell outta every one :D)
no need for ghost because you have a speedy f***ing gonzalez as twitch after this build.
and you dont really need ignite because poison finishes of nice most of the time.

<<<<< items >>>>

start of with vamp cepter.
it is much better then a dorans item because you can make a thirster of it later in game.

when you have around 1000 or 1500 gold blue pill back and buy boots of mobility and a dagger. if you have easy opponents lane until you can buy both boots and zeal.
dont buy malady because you will get AS and lifesteal later on.

when you have 2200 go back and buy Phantom dancer.
this is one hell of an item for twitch the movementspeed and + crit strike are really handy early mid game.

when you have the money buy the black cleaver or blood thirster.
i prefer BC because 12 x 5 = -60 armor.
this will not only help against tanks but squishy heroes are grapejuice with this item.
i would recommend Blood thirster when u need lifesteal for more rapid healing.

if you dont have a tanking enemy team who has wards + oracles you should get this far in a game.

if you for some reason own those noobs with this build you can go for ghostblade or IE

do you have the money buy IE, the extra crit hits + 80 AD + 20% crit strike is worth it.

hope it works for you guys as good as it works for me :).