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Shaco Build Guide by Kenichikenichi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kenichikenichi

Now you see you see my boxes

Kenichikenichi Last updated on October 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Greetings summoners.I am someone who summons Shaco to the field of justice a lot.I decided to make a guide since I want to help some people who wanna try Shaco and indeed AP Shaco is fun to play.

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What you need to know about Shaco.

Shaco is a champion who can farm hard compared to other champions.Its easy to last hit with your "E" as AP shaco but this also means you can last hit once every few seconds,when you need your it for harrass.Someome will say,hey man what are you talking about?do you want shaco in early game ti spam E?Have you not played this champion before?And the solution is simple.When the game starts you MUST-MUST-NEED TO-HAVE TO-YOU WANT TO DO SO- take blue buff.When match starts you grab your book and 1 mana potion and hurry to blue buff.You set your boxes and it dies in 5 seconds.Another guy will say:What if we have a jungler?And the answer is:He will take enemy jungle.The problem is that what if both teams have junglers?Yeah that is a problem then -that will happen rarely I ensure you,you will ask if the jungler really needs blue-someone junglers just pass it to me- and then you have to let them have it-which means you dont buy a book but you buy mana potions,yes...a lot of mana potions.You give up your early 20 abillity and get mana potions-your abillity will be useless if you go OOM-be sure to ask your mate to pass you a few creeps and you can harrash your enemies a lot.Shaco above all is a squishy champion so you have to attack someone only if you are sure you can kill him.

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How you will deal damage with Shaco

And here is the important part.You have various ways to assasinate-help team-set traps.First of all jax in the box is a "free" ward so you really want to use a couple to protect your lane from ganks.Then you always need to set up 2-3 boxes at bushes that your minions are next to so you have a "retreat point".A retreat point is something you run to when they come to take you down.Its something you hug like you would hug a turret.They come,they get feared and damaged-you and your partner in addition to boxes damage can score an easy kill.Now lets talk about early game with 1-2 fast kills ,mid game and end game.What shaco does is having perfection to his movements.You spot a squisy champion with half health or a b it more,or you harrass him to that much.What you do if you are sure to take him down is Q-auto attack E-auto attack and even a W-auto attack or if he starts fighting back and can do some damage R(ulti)-auto attack.The purpose of that is that you use a spell-getting sheen effect(a seriously important item) so you deal double damage-then in end game with lich bane you do incredible damage.So this is actually when you have sheen and lichbane,without it all you can do is boxes-E and ignite when you take someone focused down with your partner.Also you can use Deathfire grasp to deal a quite big amount of damage.

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Shaco can escape.

Shaco is one of the champions that I get low deaths on.Once in a game marked by a defeat I have a score of 20/0/17.What you need is to think like an assasin.When you have Q and flash and you well use them,its hard to die.There are some rules.1) you never Q to jump in a team fight-its like you give away your way to escape 2)you ALWAYS use your E,dont keep it to killsteal,its your way of doing damage and has low cooldown.ALWAYS use it ,E-auto attack and if u get somone low hp and u wanna kill him,jump in with Q-auto attack and flash back.Boxes can CC so you escape away many times.

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Shaco is in disavantage.

There are many cases where shaco is in disavantage.Let me give you an example.They have a ward,they have teemo or they have evelyn,twitch and whatever that is stealthy.You really dont like stealthy champions since you are the one who rules in stealth.Then what do you do?Of course you buy oracles.You get your boots,your sheen and oracles.You need oracles to destroy mushrooms-other shaco boxes-see stealthed people so you are the only one who can ambush them and make them feel inferior.One more of shacos HUGE disavantages is silence.If you get silenced and focused its over.Silencce means you cant stealth,you cant attack and you cant flash away.Try to avoid enemy champions silencing you,if you want to 1 versus with 1 with someone try to abuse fear of boxes so he cant silence you-attack and run.Remember surviving to kill later is something important for assasins.

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Shaco being fed.

And there you have the good luck being in a game with an early double kill.You have blue-which means you lane at 2lvl and you do 2v2 with 2lvl 1lvl versus 1lvl and 1lvl.You win this fight cause you had 2 boxes set,cause you used E to slow and cause of ignite.Now it means that if u have a few minions you should be 3 level.Then you go right away at mid,even if u get enemy at mid to half health it will be a great possitive for your mid player to keep his farming up.Then you go B,be SURE to buy early sheen,ignore boots at that point or buy them-if u got a lucky kill-assist at mid and go back to lane.Be sure now that u have advantage to keep it-keep spamming E and so.

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Things will get hard at a point in mid game.

There will be a point where you will end in your lane out of mana and feeling useless.The thing u dont want to do is going back cause you exp.What you do?you set 2 boxes at the bushes-you go and push minions-if they attack you,you run to bushes and kill them like that-or you just clear their minions.Which means you and your laner will FAST,and I mean FAST will go for blue,then you go back in lane and dominate.Remember when shaco has blue early game and mid game hs is trully AWESOME harrasser kai assasin.

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AP runes.Magic penetration and mana regen.Thats pretty much what you should do,but its totally up to you,you can go full AP,you can go more for mana regen,penetration,whatever you like.Though flat quinte for AP are the reccomended,seals for magic penetration and then AP or mana regen

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This concludes my shaco guide.I would appreciate comments and feedback.Its the first guide I made.I worked a bit hard for it so I need your support and ideas to make it even better and help new players that wanna look into shaco.Enjoy playing this you see you dont :)